Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Christian Colleges Want Exemption From AntiDiscrimination Laws

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"A bill pending in the United States Senate could exempt private Christian colleges from local nondiscrimination laws, allowing them to legally reject gay students.

A proposed amendment to the 1965 Higher Education Act would make it easier for faith-based schools to discriminate against gays.

The amendment to the act, which was originally created to provide schools with the resources to let low-income students in, was proposed by Utah representative Chris Cannon. It would require accrediting boards to consider an institution's "religious and moral goals" during evaluation.

The bill could also prevent accrediting boards from requring adherence to state and local nondiscrimination laws if they conflict with those goals. Many denominational schools have already voiced their approval of the bill, including Brigham Young, Notre Dame, Baylor, and Pepperdine.

The measure passed the House last week and was then sent to committee in the Senate, which also passed it. But before it did, the committee added language to the measure stating that it is, "not meant to allow an institution to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, or disability," leaving out only sexual orientation.

The bill, with the new wording, is now pending on the Senate floor."

Hypocrites! This goes against everything Jesus was suppossed to be about! These people are so ass-backwards, they make my head spin. Discriminating against gays by excluding them from religious college's is exactly what their god would be against. Religion is so corrupt. They teach their followers to hate certain people, yet claim to be so "christian". The church may have a beef with gays. Gays may have a beef with the church. But God has no beef with gays, and gays have no beef with God.
I wonder if Christians abstain from eating shellfish, like the Bible tells them to. I see alot of anti-gay t-shirts, slogans, stickers, etc. I have yet to see a "Boycott Red Lobster" shirt, or a bumber sticker saying, " Christian's Against Crustacean's".
Fucking hypocrites!