Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Peace Out, Scotty!

Bush's Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, resigned today after nearly 3 years on the job. He obviously bailed out before he recieved the ax, due to the efforts by the new White House Chief of Staff, Josh Bolton, to try & help pick Bush's ass up off the floor.
Also new, Karl Rove gave up the policy-development part of his job today. His policy role will be taken over by Joel Kaplan, currently the deputy director. White House officials say, " This lifts a burden off of Karl. This will free up Karl to focus on a very broad portfolio."
In all actuality, the resignations & the playing of musical chairs in the White House does nothing but try & spring some new, fresh faces on us in an attempt to get us to forget the current corrupt administration. But replacing cronies with cronies is ineffective. They may be new faces, but they all play for the same team, & wear the same uniforms. The "shakeup" only confirms there are major problems in the not-so-squeaky-clean White House.
Nice try Bush, but no cigar. But if you would like a cigar, I heard Clinton has plenty.