Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Securing The Homeland??

This nasty-ass with the smirk on his face is, Brian J. Doyle, deputy press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. He has been charged with using a computer to seduce a child after the police posed as a 14 year old girl & struck up sexual conversations with him. He not only sent "her" pictures of himself, like the one above, at the DHS headquarters wearing a Homeland Security pin on his suit & a lanyard that says "TSA"! ......IDIOT! But he also sent "her" porno movie clips & instructed "her" to perform sex acts while thinking of him & described sexual activities that he wanted to have with "her".
This douche revealed his real name, who he worked for, & offered his office & goverment-issued cell number to the "girl"!...IDIOT!
Doyle has been booked into the Montgomery County Detention Center, where I'm sure he will be warmly welcomed.
I would like to thank the current administration for hiring yet another schmuck, & making the American public feel oh-so-safe!!