Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The United States of Duh

I recieved an email from the 'World Can't Wait-Drive Out The Bush Regime' group which contained an excerpt from a letter from a new volunteer/supporter who has traveled around France. I felt it important to re-print here this excerpt from the letter because it describes how the rest of the world views Americans and the current administration we're under. It is sometimes beneficial to people to see or hear views outside this country, from people who are "outside looking in" so to speak. This captures this to the T. I have often wondered why the citizens of the U.S. do not respond like those from European country's, when faced with goverment issues such as unjust labor laws, the threat of outlawing abortion, gay rights, civil rights, war, etc, etc. I understand that many American's feel threatened by the goverment and are afraid of any reprocussions voicing that may incur, but I certainly do not feel the same. Common sense tells me that technically there are more of 'us' then 'them', and Bush's performance polls reflect that. If those polled that are against Bush and his regime actually took their lazy asses out to protest, something could come of that. Take the current anti-immigration protests--hundreds of thousands of immigrants came together, with great organization & numbers I might add, to protest and express their anger over something they feel passionate about. They truly want change, and come together to try and achieve that. We should learn from the immigrant protests, and get together for a common goal--impeach Bush, and get the hell outta Iraq. Because we all know by now, the Democrat's ain't gonna get us outta this one! It's up to the people of this country to speak up when we feel wronged.

Here is the excerpt...
" I travel a lot in France these days, and for a long time I was irritated by the anti-Americanism when it was blindly directed toward me. After all, I thought, French people read the paper enough to know that at least 50% of our population opposses Bush, the war, and so on. Then, at one point, over a beer at a highway gas station bar, an older French man said to me the following (and it's all the more compelling after the news of the repeal of the youth labor law):
" We're not upset with you because we think you support Bush," he told me. " In fact, we know that most Americans that come to France, in particular, don't support him. The point is, if this were happening in France, the vast majority of our students would be out in the streets protesting. Because we believe in political protest, and you don't. That's why your such a dangerous country in the hands of Bush--public opinion dosen't matter in your country, because you don't have the power of protest as a check against your President. Every time we see a picture of your city streets with the protesters missing, we blame America not for it's idiots that support Bush. Every country has it's idiots. Rather, the fact that Bush is still in office is the fault of you--" (he pointed his finger at me)"--you who know that you should be on the streets, and yet you are not."

So they don't really blame the "idiot's" that support Bush, rather the intelligent people that are standing by doing nothing. I happen to agree. We can't rely on "idiot's" , they got us into this mess in the first place. It's up to us--the intelligent, free-thinking citizens who have stayed clear of the Kool-Aide. Don't be sheep and follow the flock of idiots. Your more intelligent than that...right?