Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anti-Racist Protestors Outnumber Pathetic Turnout Of Minutemen

On Sunday, around 300-400 pro-immigrant & anti-racist protestors demonstrated against the estimated 100 members & supporters of the racist Minutemen Project in downtown Los Angeles.
The Minutemen called a "Civil Rights" march to began at Olympic & Broadway, which is the historic starting point of immigrant rights & anti-war protests.
As the Minuteasses started their "parade", guarded by dozens of riot police, anti-racist protestors swarmed around them on both sides of the street. Our chants drowned out the Minutemen's, & the many Latino shoppers & shopkeepers joined in the support against the Minutemen.
The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition prepared for the action by passing out thousands of flyers downtown in the days leading up to the protest.
Cliff Ollin wrote on his experiences in the Los Angeles Independent Media website:
" The laughable or pathetic part of the Minutemen "parade" was their tiny turnout: we counted 100-120 people. They had at least 3 weeks to mobilize their people, and only got that tiny number to show up. We had 300 thousand marching along the same route on May 1st."
" The Minutemen/SOS tried to make it a "parade" by having 3 cars go ahead of their pitiful contingent of marchers. They only occupied the middle of Broadway, and at most two-thirds of a block when you count the SUV, the van, and the convertible car with 2 seated ("guests of honor"?) fools in the back seat smiling as people hurled insults at them, which made it a cruel parody of the "tournament of roses grand marshall" car.
" Sunday shoppers along south Broadway mostly just stood there and watched the real aliens walk down the middle of Broadway. It is hard to over -emphasize the tiny turnout of SOS/Minutmen. Unlike progressive marches, where the entire stretch of Broadway from Olympic to First St. is closed off, the cops only had to close Broadway a block at a time as the "parade" crusied by.
" Once the Minutemen has made it to City Hall they crossed Spring, and walked over to the steps where many progressive rallies have been held. Only this time, about 60 police had formed a human barrier leading halfway up Spring and across the intersection of First and Spring to keep protestors away from City Hall lawn."
" The Minutemen appear to have rented about 6 Porta-san restrooms that were placed on the west side of Spring just north of First, across the street from City Hall lawn. We counter-protestors were crowded on that side of the street, on both sides of the Porta-sans, so the Minutemen/SOS would have had to crossed Spring, and walked through the line of about 50 cops, and then pushed through us to get to the restrooms. I bet they were royally pissed off )pun intended) at the Porta-san company. Speaking of "pissed", I and other counter-protestors used the Porta-sans, which were sparkling clean and odor free."
"About a half hour later about 8 Minutemen/SOS people left their minuscule "rally" on the City Hall steps and walked across the City Hall yard to Spring St. to use the restrooms. The 8 or so men and women SOS/Minutemen started to cross Spring to get to the porta-sans, which by then were surrounded by people vociferoulsly shouting "Racists go home!"
" The police and 2 of the Minutemen "security" people stopped the SOS/Minutemen and sent them back to the City Hall lawn. That small victory galvanized the crowd which screamed, "Go away! We dont want your shit!" loud enough for them to clearly hear and feel the resonance of this vicious taunt in their entrails and internal plumbing. Their brains heard the angry protestors at the same time that, a bit further down in their bodies, "nature" was calling them ever more insistently. We won the "batalla de los banos".
After the march reached City Hall, many Minutemen fled the area & the people declared victory over the racist "parade" in downtown L.A.
Protestors left with the feeling of accomplishment & unity against the right-wing criminals who are working with the Bush administration, other politicans, & Corporate Amercia in a coordinated attempt to stop the immigrant struggle for equality.