Tuesday, May 30, 2006


After 3 years of an unjust invasion & war in Iraq, thousands & thousands of civilian Iraqi lives lost, & the utter destruction of a country that has suffered enough already, the people of Iraq have little sympathy left for the U.S. invaders.
But now the final nail in the coffin has been hammered, the last straw drawn, & another drop of fuel has been added to the fire in the chests of every insurgent.
Haditha: Marines of the 3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment are under investigation for storming at least 3 homes in Haditha on November 19th, firing guns & grenades at unarmed civilians in their own homes, including children ages 1,3,4,5,10,& 14, a 76 year old amputee who used a wheelchair, & the elderly. 5 men, 4 college students returning home for the weekend, & their taxi driver were also killed.
All this in retaliation for a roadside bombing in the neighborhood earlier that killled one Marine.
Investigators have rejected 2 early versions of the events from Marines. First they said that the victims were either civilians killed by the roadside bomb (hard to do when the victims found had bullet wounds from the same type of weapons the Marines carried), then they said that the victims were insurgents they killed in fighting, & lastly they said that the residents were killed inadvertently in a running gun battle with insurgents.
Iraqi civilians are sick & tired of innocent deaths. " We are tired of this news. I dont want to hear about more killings.", said Ismael Abbas, a 37 year old mail courier.
Muhanned Jasim, a local merchant said, " We have a Haditha everyday. We have a Fallujah & Karbala everyday." He no longer has electricity to watch t.v. & hear about the news. The United States can put men on the moon, yet cannot restore simple electricity to Iraq. The United States military/goverment does not want Iraqi's to hear the REAL news, & this is a prime example .
Jasim adds, " We live in darkness. What's the big news about Iraqi's getting killed? We're powerless to change the situation."
Ghasan Jayih, an Iraqi pharmacist said, " Were they the first...Iraqi's to be killed for no reason? We're used to being killed. It's normal now to hear 25 Iraqi's are killed in one day."
It's not normal, though. Innocent civilians, including women & children, should never be used as pawns in retaliation for one fallen Marine, even thousands.
How many more Haditha's will be uncovered? How many more Abu Ghriab's? Because unfortunately, I'm sure there's more.
Here is a link to a video of a little Iraqi girl who actually survived the Haditha massacre. Her family was killed before her very eyes. All unarmed, all caught by surprise.

Tell me, now is she "Liberated"???