Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Marcos Suspends 'Other Campaign' To Stand With Atenco

Since the arrest of members of the People's Front in the Defense of the Land (FPDT), (the one's who defended the flower vendors from being violently displaced by the police of Atenco/Texcoco to make way for a Wal-Mart), as well as members of other social organizations in solidarity with both groups, Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN has suspended the 'Other Campaign'/'La Otra Campana' to stay & fight for the release of the 190 prisoners & demand justice for the brutal attacks by local & goverment police.
In a communique, the members of the campesino front demanded the immediate release of all the political prisoners of the FPDT, & demand that the PRI Governer, Enrique Pena Nieto, be arrested.
They also call for the dismissal of police commanders of Ecatepec, Chalco, Texcoco, & Chiconcuac--all involved in the violent aggression. In addition, they demand the imprisonment of the officers that attacked & raped the detained men & women.
Marcos said the Zapatista Other Campaign, " will continue with our protests & mobilizations in all of Mexico & the world until all the prisoners detained during the police raids in Texcoco & San Salvador Atenco on May 3rd & 4th are released."
After a long march from the Department of the Interior building to the mansion of Mexican President Vicente Fox, Marcos (Delegate Zero) of the EZLN warned, " those from above must release all the prisoners or immediately prepare the jails to throw us all in."
Marcos added that the participants of the 'Other Campaign' "will not leave our companeros & companeras alone. Not in jail, nor in their pain, nor in their struggle. No matter the time it takes, no matter the opprotunity that those above decide & impose. No matter if we are many or only a few. No matter if they attack us or praise us. No matter if they understand us & support us, or if they condemn us & persecute us."
"...let them start making spaces in the prisons, hospitals, & cemetaries because this is not going to be stopped until all the prisoners of the 3rd & 4th of May are released."
With great passion, Marcos said, " Today, like on other occasions, we are called together by suffering. The suffering of seeing our companeros of the FPDT & other organizations, groups, collectives, families, & individuals attacked by the police of the goverments of San Salvador Atenco."
He added that at the march, " we are brought together by the indignation & the anger that is provoked by knowing that, for those from above, women are the spoils of war promised beforehand to the troops in 'order'. The aggression that our companeras recieved & continue to recieve for the simple fact of being women. The desire not just to beat them & detain them, but also humiliate them, rape them & destroy them morally."
Later, his voice cracking, he said, " What women in Mexico, no matter her ideas, can honestly keep quiet? What youth, older person, child, man or woman, can know what it means to be one or the other in Atenco the 3rd & 4th of May & remain immobilized? Who can listen & not feel the same rage & indignation?--Not us, not us, not in the Other Campaign."
Marcos considered that all the rage, pain, & indignation caused by the repression in Atenco will be channeled into organization. " We have just begun; we won't be stopped."