Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mary Cheney Opens Her Mouth...Too Little, Too Late

Mary Cheney, dyke daughter to Darth Vader himself, Vice Prez Dick Cheney, has not only gone against fellow gays by becoming a Republican & never speaking out (till now) against the proposed ban on same-sex marriage--but now she has resulted in name calling & bad mouthing John Kerry & John Edwards.
Mary, Malfoy look-alike, called John Kerry a "son of a bitch", & his old running mate John Edwards a "total slime" for discussing her sexual orientation during the televised debates during the Presidential campaign.
Mary 'Turncoat' Cheney's new book has her describing the proposed ban on gay marriage as a "gross afront" to gay Americans, & she reveals she "almost" quit the Republican campaign after Bush endorsed the legislation.
She said while in the studio audience when Edwards mentioned her sexual orientation, she looked at him & mouthed the words, " Go fuck yourself".
Ahhhh, that's nice. Like father like daughter.
John Aravosis, a Washington gay rights activist, as well as a popular political blogger said, " She is a little late to the party. For the longest time, Mary wouldn't speak. Now she gets a million dollar book advance and suddenly she is speaking. It rings a little hollow."
Cheney stayed silent when Aravosis launched a internet campaign,, pleading with her to denounce Bush.
She shut up when Republican Senate candidate, Alan Keyes, accused her of "selfish hedonism" for living a gay lifestyle.
Now Mary wants to speak out against gay discrimination conveniently after she gets a fat check for her book, & after her daddy's campaign is all over.
Sorry Mary, you had your chance. Your still an embarrassment & your still a traitor.