Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Minutemen Cast A Swastika Shaped Shadow

The recent immigration debate has given birth to an important movement that echoes the civil rights movement of the 1960's & 1970's. At the same time, the movement has reinvigorated the politics of protest that has been so lacking in the Left these days. The eruption of this movement dosen't just come from the outrage of the estimated 11-12 million undocumented immigrants at being made scapegoats by politicians & racist vigilantes, but by the sense of their importance to the US economy.
There is no doubt that the mass protests across the country have already made an impact. The day after the April 10th protests, Republicans Dennis Hastert & Bill Frist announced that they would propose legislation that would drop provisions making undocumented workers felons. This was the odious key provision if HR4437.
But with all the positive things coming out of the immigration movement, there also comes an atmosphere of open season on immigrants supported by a bipartisan consensus on the militarization of the border, the "war on terror", & an unflinching commitment to Corporate America.
This sort of racist atmosphere has brought attention to the truly vile, Minuteman Project.
Founded by right-wing extremists Jim Gilchrist & Chris Simcox in April of 2005, these vigilantes, many of them armed, have pledged to keep watch on the US side of the US/Mexico border, to detain anyone crossing the border illegally from Mexico & to notify the Border Patrol of their location.
But all in all, their "patrols" have either been covert vigilante actions of questionable legality (they've even talked of setting up "sniper posts" along the border on their web forums-coincidental or not to a series of at least 19 "unexplained" murders of Latino immigrants by gunshot wounds in the Arizona & New Mexico deserts) or have been orchestrated media stunts aimed at conjuring up racist, anti-Latino sentiment.
Looking into the background & political affiliations of the Minuteman Project's leadership, as well as the activities of it's membership, not only shows the true colors of these pigs, but discredits their cause.
The Minuteman Project's director, 56 year old Jim Gilchrist, was once quoted as saying he envisioned a future where America would be host to "neighborhood armies of 20 to 40 going out and killing and invading one another" if immigration continued. He is also a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens http://www.cofcc.org & the California Coalition for Immigration Reform http://www.ccir.net. Both of these organizations are considered hate groups. The Council of Conservative Citizens opposes "race mixing" & has close ties to the neo-facist British National Party, while Barbara Coe, president of the Calif. Coalition for Immigration Reform refers to Mexicans as "savages" & she claims to have knowledge of a "secret plan" by the Mexican goverment to invade & annex the American southwest. Truly these people are not dealing with a full deck.
Chris Simcox joined forces with Gilchrist only after suffering a mental breakdown after the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks. He used to restrict himself only to bizarre answering machine messages that demanded the caller recite the Constitution before leaving a message. He has since left his family & home in Los Angeles to embark on an anti-immigration crusade. In late 2001, his ex-wife filed for sole custody of their child, citing "sudden, violent fits of rage", instances of child abuse, & paranoid outbursts.
The idea of holding vigilante patrols along the Mexico border is not new. The KKK did it in the 1960's & called it the Ku Klux Klan Border Patrol. In the 1980's the KKK did it again & called themselves, what else? The Minutemen.
On April 2nd, the Minutemen held a protest across the street from the US Border Patrol headquarters in Naco, Arizona. Prominent among the demonstrators were 2 men who confided that they were members of the Phoenix chapter of the National Alliance http://www.natall.com-- the largets neo-Nazi group in America. Their website calls African Americans "negroes" & advertises for those little Nazi bitches "Prussian Blue", who sing songs entitled, " Aryan Man Awake", & "Blonde hair, blue eyes". One of these pigs sat in a lawn chair the whole time holding a sign with arrows depicting invading armies of people from Mexico--a sign identical to National Alliance billboards & pamphlets.( see above pic)
The presence of Alliance members was not a surprise, & there were more likely more than that pair. Alliance official Shaun Walker told a reporter, " We're not going to show up as a group and say,'Hi, we're the National Alliance', but we have members...that will participate."
In fact, National Alliance pamphlets were distributed in & around the predominatly hispanic community's just 2 days before the Minuteman Project got going. Their little pamphlets read, " Non-whites are turning America into a Third World slum. They come for welfare or to take our jobs. Let's send them back home now!"
The night of April 3rd brought armed vigilante Minutemen camped along Border Road in Arizona, with watch posts set up. There were about 150-200 rotating anti-immigration militants wearing cheap, plastic, hand-made "Undocumented Border Patrol Agent" badges.
At Station Two, Minutemen volunteers grilled brautwurst & fantasized about murder. Carl, a 69 year old retired Special Forces veteran said, "It should be legal to kill illegals. Just shoot 'em on sight. That's my immigration policy recommendation. You break into my country, you die."
Does he honestly think we should take his "immigration policy recommendation" seriously?? The scary thing is, yes, this racist fuck does. He was armed with a revolver chambered to fire shotgun shells. His shirt read, "American Bad Asses" in red, white, & blue.
And other vigilantes assigned to Station Two were none other than the 2 Alliance dickheads seen the day before in lawnchairs (see above pic). These men, who gave their names only as "Johnny" & " Michael", wore full-body camouflage & were armed with semi-automatic pistols.
They scouted sniper postions, taking compass readings, & drawing maps. "Michael" was caught saying, " I agree completely. You get up there with a rifle and start shooting 4 or 5 of them a week, the other 4 or 5 thousand behind them are going to think twice about crossing that line."
"Johnny", with a grilled weiner in one hand & a cheap night vision scope in the other, scanned the brush in Mexico. His bright idea was, " The thing to do would be to drop the bodies just a few hundred feet into the US & just leave them there, with lights on them at night. That sends the message 'No Trespassing', in any language."
These vigilante assholes have been playing Army in the desert, while the white supremacist & neo-Nazi websites openly recruit for the Minuteman Project. Gilchrist & Simcox have proclaimed that neo-Nazi's,etc are banned from participating & they claimed they were working with the FBI to carefully check the backgrounds of all potential Minuteman volunteers--but the FBI completely denied this.
Gilchrist & Simcox then claimed they were personally checking out each potential volunteer using on-line datbases. Even if this were true, one of Gilchrist's computers crashed April 1st, wiping out the records of at least 75 pre-registered volunteers. As a result, the recruitment turned into a free-for-all, anyone who showed up was issued a Minuteman badge & told where to go to be assigned a "watch post".
At least one member of Aryan Nations was there, & "Johnny" & "Michael" said they were 2 of 6 members of the Phoenix chapter of the National Alliance who signed up as Minutemen volunteers. They said the other 4 arrived seperately in 2-man teams to cover more ground & be less conspicuous. They said they were there to support the Minutemen & recruit new members & to learn about the "Hot spots" for border crossers--& said they intended to return to conduct National Alliance-only vigilante patrols in the fall, "when we have a little more privacy">
You can only imagine what these pigs have in mind.
While they blasted white-power rock music from the racist band Youngblood, they made references to the "14 Words", a white supremacist saying, " We must secure the existence of our race and a future for white children", all while toting a tattoo that reads," Born in the C.S.A." (Confederate States of America).
One said, " The only way I'd be down here is with a bunch of other white guys with guns. Whites are the minority in these border towns, man. They've already been taken over. This is enemy territory."
Pussy's. Probably why Gilchrist & Simcox need towering bodyguards dressed in all black, the Minuteman leaders also wear bulletproof vests. (Simcox is prohibited from carrying a firearm due to his 2004 conviction for illegally packing a pistol in a national park while hunting immigrants).
Although Arnold Swarzenegger praises the Minuteman Project saying ," I think they've done a terrific job. It just shows that it works when you go and make an effort and when you work hard. It's a doable thing. It's a shame that the private citizen has to go in there and start patrolling our borders", the actual Border Patrol officials say the Minutemen were a hinderance because they frequently called in false alarms & set off ground sensors.
When racist organizations get involved in the immigration issue by toting guns & camouflage along the US/Mexico border, hell-bent on "shooting 4 or 5 of them a week"--we have a serious problem. The Minuteman Project is nothing but Nazi vigilantes under the guise of "protecting our borders from terrorists", etc, vying for support by proclaiming they are not racists but only wish to "protect America by doing the job our goverment wont do".
This is bullshit. Don't buy into it. The evidence speaks for itself. Help stop the Minuteman Project by joining in any & all anti-Minuteman protests, writing Congress, & visiting these websites:
Also, write, call, or fax the founder of the Minuteman Project, Jim Gilchrist here:
Minuteman Project INC
Jim Gilchrist C.P.A.-Founder
P.O.Box 3944
Laguna Hills, Ca 92654-3944
24 Hour message line: (949) 222-4266
24 Hour Fax line: (949) 222-6607
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