Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Response To The Fuhrer's Speech On Immigration

Showing fear of the power of the people that has exploded on the streets of America in the past 2 months, as well as being torn between his extreme right-wing & racist base, Bush felt compelled to appear on national t.v. to announce his version of immigration reform.
His plans show that militarism is not only his prefered method, but the goal of his administration when it deals with all issues, whether it be the Middle East or the worker's rights struggle here at home.
'The Decider' has called for as many as 6,000 National Guard troops to the US/Mexico border, to supposedly provide intel-gathering, surveillance, & other administrative support. Yet the National Guard troops will still be armed & authorized to use force if they deem necessary.
Democrat Ted Kulongoski of Oregon made a great point when he said that Guard soldiers signed up to fight the "war on terrorism", not to " go and sit on the border of Mexico".
The White House wouldn't say how much the deployments would cost (typical), but did say that it would be paid for as part of a $ 1.9 BILLION request from Congress to supplement border enforcements, set to begin deployments in early June.
Sen. Edward Kennedy said, " The National Guard already is stretched to the limit by repeated tours in Iraq & Afghanistan, as well as from providing disaster assistance in their own states."
In my opinion, sending National Guard troops to the Southern border shows that Bush is treating this area as a war zone where the military will be used against poor, starving people who are only crossing the border to survive, not to praise Allah by flying commercial planes into US buildings or acting out suicide bombing missions!
A precedent is being set here to use military force for domestic law, among other things. With this action & mindset, a police state is eminent.
Bush also called for construction of new high-tech fences, new roads & barriers, motion sensors, infrared cameras, & unmanned aerial vehicles. All of these, I'm sure, will lead to many, many more deaths of immigrants at the border.
I guess Bush's response to people fleeing starvation & hunger is to herd them into even more danger, where many will die, including women & children.
Another Bush idea will be to step up state police measures by training local law enforcement to apprehend & detain undocumented immigrants. This opens the door for the local police to go around demanding immigrants, or anyone who looks like one, to show their papers or this new I.D. Card he mentions, that will likely have biometric info such as fingerprints on it. You think police racial profiling is bad now?? Just wait until this goes into effect. Anyone who is a descendent from Mexico, Central America, or any Latin country will be harassed & discriminated against. Bush is handing racists excuses to harass & discriminate.
In addition, Bush is calling for a Guest Worker Program. Do not be fooled by this! The historical record of guest worker programs shows that the main beneficiaries are rich business owners, not immigrant workers. It is an attempt to make sure these immigrant workers never unionize or recieve benefits of any kind. They would work their asses off for pathetic wages & recieve no benefits, all to be kicked out of this country after a few years, regardless of whether or not they have built families &/or homes. This is EXPLOITATION! According to the goverment, they are good enough to scrub your floors, take care of your children, mow your lawns, but when that's done you tell them to get the fuck out??
As with every political program based on racism, this drive against immigrant workers is based on propaganda, & dehumanizing, stereotypical lies. These immigrants have been uprooted from their homelands by the process of corporate globalization & "Free Trade". This has led to massive unemployment, where millions of workers from Central America, Mexico, & elsewhere have migrated here & are forced to take employment in back-breaking, low-paying jobs that you know damn well no one else would do. So the theory that "they are taking away our jobs" is full of shit!!
Once here (if they live through the desert heat &/or suffocation from the backs of trucks) they work at poverty wages, live in fear of arrest, ICE raids & deportation, are viciously exploited by their bosses who know these workers can't unionize to demand or request protection & fair wages, pay taxes & have deductions taken from their paychecks yet are ineligible to collect any benefits, etc, etc.
Undocumented immigrants pay more than $ 7 billion into Social Security each year, but recieve no benefits from the program. They also pay more than $ 1.5 billion into Medicare each year even though they are ineligible for Medicare.
With the 1994 effect of NAFTA, the results have devastated worker's in both Mexico & the US.
1st, NAFTA prohibits the Mexican goverment from subsidizing agricultural production. Yet allows the US goverment to continue providing subsidies to US agriculture to billions of dollars a year. The result is that US producers are dumping into the Mexican market their subsidized products at prices with which the Mexican producers can't compete. With no jobs, in order to survive, Mexican farmers are left with no other choice: migrate to the US.
Here in the US, NAFTA has sent many good paying jobs to Mexico. Unlike their Mexican counterparts, American workers do not migrate, for obvious reasons.
Corporate America works long & hard to exploit the anger of the US worker to forment racist feelings & attitudes agaisnt undocumented workers & everything foreign, especially against non-European immigrants. This is done to weaken, divide, & maintain political control of the working class.
That is why the US goverment promotes the Bush Guest Worker Program, which amounts to indentured servitude for immigrants. In order to leverage this plan, the right-wing funds & promotes racist groups such as the Minutefucks.
Bush's immigration reform speech was another attempt to divert our attention elsewhere--while his job/popularity polls drop to pathetic percentages, anger over the Iraq invasion continues, indictment of Karl Rove looms, & the all around corruption in the White House continue to taint his presidency.
Bush is grasping at straws. And those straws are the right-wing, racists, & conservative whites that got him "elected" in the first place.