Saturday, May 27, 2006

South Central Farm Update:

So far, no evictions!!! Word is, after the holiday weekend, possibly Tuesday, there could be some police action. Until then...
There's a big concert tonight at the farm featuring Aztlan Underground, Bombachente, Kanari, Xochisoneros, Cihual Tomali, & others! Help support 'The Other Campaign' & the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle & The South Central Farm!!
The Green Party of California has joined the celebrities, tree-sitters, & farmers at the farm to help save the nation's largest urban farm!
The "Tent-City" is growing!!! Gathered at the farm include Joan Baez, Daryl Hannah, Laura Dern, Ben Harper, former Santa Monica mayor Michael Feinstein, among others!
Food & supplies are much needed & appriciated, such as, paper, pens, poster board, sunscreen, batteries, biodegradable soap, & food, food, food!
I plan to bring supplies over, & so should you!
The South Central Farm is located at 41st & Alameda--For more info go to