Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Base Rally Supports 8 Accused Marines

Scores of protesters are picketing outside the gates of Camp Pendleton Marine base in California in support of the 7 Marines & one Navy Corpsman held there for an unarmed Iraqi man's murder.
The troops are charged with premeditated murder, conspiracy, kidnapping, & other related offenses. The Marines were reportedly on "ambush duty" outside the Iraqi village of Hamandiya on April 26th, waiting to catch insurgents burying roadside bombs. After searcing an accused insurgents home finding it empty, the troops went next door to the home of a 52 year old disabled Iraqi man, dragging him outside. The man was pushed to the ground & his hands & feet were bound. 5 of the Marines allegedly shot the Iraqi man & planted a AK-47 & a shovel next to his dead body to make it appear that they had caught & killed an insurgent planting a bomb.
The Marine squad leader, Sgt. Lawerence Hutchins, then allegedly phoned in a false story to the base & told his squad to lie about what happened.
An investigation was launched, & now the Marines & Navy corpsman were charged after many inconsistencies ocured in the Marines accounts of the killing. They have been held at Camp Pendleton since late May.
Over the weekend, supporters of the Marines have been waving U.S. flags & holding signs that read, " God Bless Our Heroes", & " Liberate The Pendleton 8". An estimated 200 demonstrators shouted their demands of freeing the Marines at passing cars.
One woman, Janis Tubis, even went so far as to say, " I think they should all be freed. It's unjust what's happening to them. They were just doing their jobs."
"Unjust" what's happening to the charged Marines??? What about the fucking "unjust" murder, planting of evidence, & lies to cover it all up, against the innocent, unarmed, disabled Iraqi man??? That bitch dosen't understand the meaning of "unjust"! And since when is the shooting, killing, & planting of evidence on the innocent, the "job" of the United States military??
I can't stand this blind patriotism towards the military when they are accused, & in this case-charged, with horrible crimes! Just because they wear the United States Marines uniform does not give them the ' Get Out of Jail Free Card'.
This is a very serious, disgusting crime, that if convicted, should be given the maximum sentence so as to deter or ensure this never occurs again.