Sunday, June 04, 2006

Constitutional Ban On Gay Marriage Serves Only To Divide Nation

This week's planned Senate vote on a proposed constitutional amendment to prohibit gay marriage is not only homophobic & bigoted, but will serve only to divide this nation more than it already is.
Proposed constitutional amendments require a two-thirds majority--67 votes-- to clear the Senate. Back in July 2004, when the Senate last considered the gay marriage ban, it's supporters scraped only 48 votes together. The supporters of this disgusting ban may do better this time around, but will hopefully not get enough votes they need.
Looks like "The Decider" needed to muster up support from his right-wing-nut buddies after disappointing them much too often, & pulled this old idea from outta his holy ass!
This not only pacify's Bush's religious bible-thumpers, but encourages a turnout this November from conservative cheaters, I mean voters!
The only bait the Republican's have come November is this gay marriage ban, & their so-called border security shtick. It may reel in Neo-Cons & the religious-wrong, but only deepens the GOP image of intolerance.
In a time where world war is much closer than you choose to think, violence in this country & abroad is rampant, political corruptness rears it's ugly head all too often, & children all over the world are dying of starvation unnecessarily, the best the GOP can come up with is banning gay marriage? Why do they obsess over who people choose to sleep & have relationships with? Why are they constantly bringing sex & reproductive rights into their target?
The Center for American Progress is set to release a survey that underscores the importance of religion & morality in Americans lives. The survey demonstrates again that the moral issues people today are most worried about are very different than the ones the GOP are flinging around. It asked Americans to name the most serious moral crisis in America today. At the top of the list, 28% cited " kids not raised with the right values". Next came corruption in goverment & business, followed by greed & materialism, people too focused on themselves, & too much sex & violence in the media. ONLY 3% NAMED ABORTION & HOMOSEXUALITY AS THE TOP MORAL CHALLENGE!!!!
These findings not only show that the GOP has all it's 5 heads up it's ass, but that the Democrats are not hitting the mark either with their ideas, & broad approach of reducing poverty, etc,etc.
George Bush is threatened by gay marriage. There is no other reason for his obsession. What's the matter, George?? Are you scared we may do marriage better than you straight-folk?? Afraid your alarming divorce rates will have more of a spotlight shined upon them once "the gays" marry?
Listen, we could not possibly fuck up marriage anymore than you have already done! In fact, I guarantee we would take marriage more seriously than, say, Britany Spears did, among many others! An hours long marriage? And that's the "sanctity" you are trying oh-so-hard to protect????