Tuesday, June 27, 2006

GOP Ignores Real Issues, Focuses On Flag Amendment

Debate on yet another lame attempt by Republicans to circle their wagons around a measure designed purely to score political points, rather than deal with the real serious problems this country is facing, is again raging.
With their Constitutional ban on gay marriage shot down, as well as a repeal of the estate tax, Republicans are once again trying hard to change & reshape the Constitution like Silly Putty.
This time around, Republicans are pushing for a Constitutional ban on physical desecration of the U.S. flag, including flag burning. Approval by the Senate would probably ensure that the measure be sent to the states for ratification. Now that the GOP's have gained 4 Senate seats in the 2004 election, it has made this matter too close to call. The debate continues for another day or two.
Clearly an attempt by the GOP to get more conservative backing for the coming elections, the flag amendment is a ridiculous thing to focus on in such times. While Republicans find this issue more pressing than the total disaster in Iraq, the rising cost of healthcare, the political corruptness in the White House, the sky rocketing college tuition fees, among others, the majority of us in touch with reality feel otherwise.
It's pretty pathetic that the GOP once again are grasping at political straws, but hopefully they will pull another short one out.
This Fourth of July I will wave my American flag, only this time, it will wave upside down.

The Senate shot down the flag amendment today, shy just one vote! Although a close one, the Repugs once again have thier 'bright ideas' shot down, as we watch it wrything on the floor in agony. Freedom of speech & expression will live for awhile longer, while the Republicans go back to the drawing board. There is no doubt that the Republicans will SPIN this to their advantage come election time, & label all Dems/etc 'Flag-burning, gay-loving, war-hating, Commie Liberals'!!! Typical Right-wing bullshit, that we have all come to expect.