Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Minutemen Target Children: Their Attack On Academia Semillas del Pueblo

For a month now, KABC in Los Angeles, the right-wing radio station that carries such jems as O'Loofah & Sean Hannity, has focused an unrelenting attack against the East Los Angeles elementary school, Academia Semillas del Pueblo.
The school is predominantly Hispanic & Native American, & teaches the Native American language Nahautl & Mandarin Chinese, instead of the traditional route of Latin or French. It also teaches Tai Chi & Aztec dance.
Doug McIntyre, KABC's morning radio host, has led the attack against this school, wanting to shut it down.
He, & his listeners claim the school is "racist", & called the school "illegals run amok". An informal poll of McIntyre listeners rates the school this way"
Del Pueblo Charter School is:
a.) an honest attempt to educate children: 15%
b.) an enclave for lunatics to perpetuate their world views: 33%
c.) racist: 47%
d.) a form of child abuse: 5%
Even worse yet, & simply ridiculous, McIntyre & his clan view the school as a breeding ground for what they, & only they, call the "Reconquista".
Fear of the so-called "Reconquista"-- the white fear that brown people will reconquer the lands stolen by the US under the mantle of Manifest Destiny-- is the main driving force, the crazy conspiracy theory that drives the extreme right toward extreme immigrant bills.
The Minutemen have jumped onboard of this lunatic-driven bandwagon, calling for the school to be shut down. One Minutemen stating, " saving those kids education really. They are being groomed for reconquista."
One Minutemen supporter wrote an email stating, " I think we should go down there and put that school under seige." Another wrote, " The time for talking is over."
Academia Semillas del Pueblo has recieved bomb threats. After one such threat, Minutemen were seen lurking at a cafe across the street from the school shouting slurs at the Mexican school kids & taking their photos. A demonstration against the school was called by a local group of racists, the S.O.S. (Save Our State). One S.O.S. supporter wrote, " If blood is spilt then we will get it on film and share it with y'all."
The ones targeted by these Minutemen & S.O.S. members are CHILDREN! 250 of them! It is utterly disgusting for grown men to be viciously targeting children.
On seeing an aerial photo of the school, one member of S.O.S. wrote, " That is such a nice picture, I only wish it was from the view of a GPS-guided 500 pound bomb. BTW--is that the school or just the registration offices?"
The bomb threats are currently under police investigation. Investigators from the Los Angeles Unified School District have refuted Minutemen claims that the curriculum & practices of La Academia are "racist" & "anti-white", & also refuted the claims that the school has violated it's charter.
My thoughts are this: Academia Semillas del Pueblo is an elementary school in a predominantly hispanic coummunity, dedicated to providing urban children of immigrant & latin families with an education founded upon native & maternal languages, cultural values, & global realities--just like the school states.
The school does not discriminate against any student based on ethnicity, national origin, gender,etc,etc. In fact, they have hispanic, native american, & black students.
At Academia, in combination with regular elementary school curriculum, a multi-lingual education is taught. The students study a rich curriculum of mulitple languages, & native visual & performing arts. How can this possibly be construed as negative? The children are learning about their herritage, among others.
If you don't like the schools curriculum, DONT SEND YOUR KIDS THERE! It's that easy. Why bitch, complain, & shoot words like "racist" when it has absolutley no affect on you or your white children?
The S.O.S. & Minutemen claim the school is teaching & preparing the children to rise up & "take back" their stolen lands with this whole "Reconquista" bullshit. It is just that, BULLSHIT!
This is just another attempt by radical racists to spread anti-Mexican hate & propaganda. The email statements, phone calls to McInytre's show, & bomb threats show exactly who we are dealing with here...
Fucking nutjobs!!