Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Police Testify Beatings/Rapes In Atenco Committed On Orders From Above

Mexican media has been reporting that the brutality by goverment & police against the citizens of Atenco, Mexico early last month, where more than 200 citizens were arrested, beaten, raped, & tortured, was carried out on orders from their superiors.
Despite massive efforts by officials of the federal goverment, President Vicente Fox, & State of Mexico Governer Enrique Pena Nieto to stonewall & deny responsibility for the crimes, as well as committing new crimes to cover up those committed on May 3rd & 4th, the true facts are coming out.
The front page of Mexico's largest newspaper, El Universal, reports: " At least 50" of the state troopers that participated in the police raid on San Salvador Atenco May 4th have testified that their brutality on that day was carried out on direct orders from their superiors.
The State Police Chief, Rogelio Cortez Cruz, directed the raid & gave specific orders to brutalize the citizens & enter homes without search warrants. He ordered the troopers to "break the mothers" of the citizens, to "fuck them all" & do so indiscriminately. The troopers also testified that they got the same orders from police radio. At least 50 state troopers have testified to this in written statements.
The police, who themselves, are under investigation for the brutalities, rapes, & tortures also named the Assistant State Police Chief, Remedos Estrada Colin, as confirming the orders from above.
El Universal says that almost 90% of the police under investigation have said that both commanders were 'explicit' in their orders to beat, punish, & repress any citizen in their path, & to enter private homes.
Wilfredo Robledo, State Police Commissioner, has tried to explain away what he has called " excesses" on the troopers as isolated acts by a few rank-&-file cops.
The initial effort by police to deny the disgusting actions has turned into finger-pointing amongst them.
Whether the troopers were acting on direct orders from their superiors or just tossing the blame their way, makes no difference to me. These acts on innocent citizens, including 47 women, is beyond disgusting.
May justice prevail.