Tuesday, June 13, 2006

South Central Farm Eviction

Police Swarm South Central Farm To Forcefully Evict Supporters!

This morning around 5am, the LAPD & L.A. Sheriffs stormed the South Central Farm in complete riot gear, arresting supporters & protesters as they went along. Police were seen beating protesters with clubs near the railroad tracks, and 2 supporters of the farm were taken away in ambulances. Shortly thereafter, large trucks carrying bulldozers drove in but were blocked by around 100 farm supporters. Darryl Hannah & John Quigley held their ground & remained in the tree in full support of the farm. Around noon, an LAFD hook-&-ladder fire engine was brought in to pluck Darryl & John from the tree, & arrested right after.

There have been an estimated 45 arrests made so far. The sheriffs broke into the lockboxes that supporters were using to lock themselves down.

Despite the millions raised & donated to save the farm from the money hungry, capitalist pig Horowitz, he never responded when the total amount needed was gained & offered to him for the farm. My personal opinion is that some big business (Wal-Mart) has offered him much more, & he dosent have the balls to go public with this. Although many, including celebrities, have raised awarness about this vital farm, it seems that capitalism & greed has stomped out the dreams & safehaven of many families in the L.A. area. Horowitz has said he plans to bulldoze the farm & replace it with a warehouse, despite the obvious fact that this area is infested with abandoned warehouses.

Now the legal battle begins. The farm was orignally given to the farmers after the Los Angeles riots, & sold by the city behind their backs, "indian-giving", as it is sometimes called. The battle in the courthouse will soon wage, & we can only hope that justices prevails.

Unable to get to the farm due to a massive riot police presence, I stand in solidarity with the South Central Farm & everything it stands for, as well as the good, brave men & women who stood their ground & were arrested today. I ached to get in there & block the bulldozers from tearing down the farm, but the entire block was pushed back, & many supporters were blocked from getting in.

Here is a video link to a local news broadcast of the eviction: 20123@kcbs.dayport.com'>http://www.cbs2.com/video/?id=href="mailto:20123@kcbs.dayport.com">20123@kcbs.dayport.com