Monday, June 26, 2006

The Wall Street Journal Sinks To Fox News Level

In a June 23rd article by Mary Anastasia O'Grady in the Wall Street Journal, shots are taken at Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez--calling him a threat to world peace.
The article by O'Grady was about the elections scheduled to take place this fall for 5 non-permanent Un Security Council seats to be held in 2007. One of the seats will be for Latin America, which is now held by Argentina. The 2 countries who wish to fill the opening are Guatemala & Venezuela.
It dosen't take a genius to figure out which country the U.S. will support--Guatemala, of course. Guatemala is a country in which the U.S. has by the balls, & documented reports by Amnesty International shows that the country continues to abuse it's own people. The forced evictions & destruction of homes of indigenous people, sexual & violent crimes against women including 655 murders in 2005, 224 reported attacks on human rights activists, & the stagnant progress by the goverment to seek justice in the many crimes against humanity committed by the Guatemalan military & death squads, are all reasons why this country has one of the world's worst human rights records.
But the Bush administration could give a shit about that, neither could past U.S. administrations. Guatemala is expected to be a close ally in support of U.S. positions that come up for votes in the UN Security Council. As for Venezuela, well, that's a totally different story!
Hugo Chavez has kept his promises to his people, since becoming elected in 1998. In so doing, he's managed to piss off the northern dominant neighbor, the U.S., who has tried 3 times to oust Chavez, & failed.
Bush seems to be having a hard time swallowing the idea of a Chavez-led goverment holding a seat on the Security Council. So Bush is leading a campaign to prevent it, & he's found a follower in The Wall Street Journal.
The Wall Street Journal talks up the Guatemalan goverment by ignoring the horrible record & falsely claiming it's been " accumulating an impressive record of international cooperation on a variety of UN efforts." It also claims one of Guatemala's qualifications for a seat on the Security Council is it's "active role in international peace keeping" !! Anyone with knowledge of recent Guatemalan history knows that The Wall Street Journal is simply full of shit about it's description of Guatemala!
The title of the June 23rd editorial was, " A Vote for Venezuela Is a Vote for Iran". It calls Hugo Chavez a "strongman" in an "oil dictatorship", that leads with values of "tyranny and aggression" who would use his seat & Council presidency to support "hostile states" such as Iran, North Korea, Cuba, & Sudan.
Looks like the Bush administration & corporate America are teaming up to take on Chavez, possibly a move which may serve to help oust Chavez in the future.
The Wall Street Journal proves it's servitude to the U.S. empire by calling Venezuela an "oil diplomacy". But The Wall Street Journal forgets to explain that the so-called "oil diplomacy" is based on the principles of complementarity, solidarity, cooperation, & respect for other country's sovereignty free from the control of imperialist powers like the U.S.. It is the total opposite of U.S.-style capitalism that uses it's one-sided trade agreements to exploit other countries for it's own gain.
Venezuela being rich in oil, has been able to trade with it's neighbors who need it, or sell it to them below market prices--& in return get back products & services they need. The U.S hates this win-win arrangement because it cuts it's corporations & big banks out of the process. Chavez seeks to serve his people, not corporate big-wigs or the U.S.. The Wall Street Journal called this "meddling" & Chavez a "bully". It also claims that "many countries " are "worried" because of Chavezs' "big spending" on weapons, yet ceases to name these so-called countries. Chavez is not doing anything that most all other countries are doing. He has never acted hostile towards another country, nor has he ever invaded another country or even threatened to, yet The Wall Street Journal shows Chavez in this false, negative light.
The Journal goes on to put down the poor countries of the area that currently benefit from the cheap priced Venezuelan oil, & say that they likely support Venezuela for the Latin American Council seat.
The Wall Street Journal has sunk to Fox News level, & continues to bend over for U.S. imperialism & capitalism by spreading false rhetoric, which appears to be an attempt to set up an ousting of Hugo Chavez.