Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Welcome ' National Counterterrorism Center' !!!

Yesterday, & today, The Sappho Manifesto had up to 4 total visits from our friends over at the National Counterterrorism Center in Quantico, Virginia. The one posted above lasted 34 mins/48 secs. If you are unable to read the small print from the captured screen photo, here is what it reads:
Host Name:
Location: Quantico, Virginia, USA
ISP: Nctc
Visit Length: 34 mins/48 secs

Now, I'm not too sure why the folks over at the Counterterrorism Center in Quantico have shown such interest in this here small site, but I can assure them, I'm no terrorist!!
I do find it rather disheartening that American citizens cannot express their freedom of speech without being watched by Big Brother. I am almost certain that there are much better things they can do with their time than read The Sappho Manifesto, in which they will only get a screenfull of current news/political stories with an added rant or two from me. Yeah, I hate Bush. Yeah, I hate the Iraq invasion. Yeah, I hate the way this country is being ran & directed. But isn't the majority of the population of the United States?
At any rate, I hope the folks in Quantico have a good time reading this, & have a laugh or two. Big Brother may be watching me, but I in turn are watching them!