Sunday, July 09, 2006

Anti-Minutemen Protest-Hollywood, Ca

Saturday, July 8th 2006
Photos by : Sappho

On Saturday I attended an Anti-Minutemen/S.O.S. protest in Hollywood, California. The MinuteKlan was scheduled to have a "parade" down Hollywood Blvd in the middle of Saturday tourist traffic.

Everything was going smoothly & peacefully until the LAPD in full riot gear rushed our side of the street & prevented us from leaving the curb as the MinuteKlan were preparing to start their so-called "parade".

From what I saw, & I was front row center, one individual attempted to cross the street up a ways from us, sending the LAPD into a baton-beating frenzy. They whacked their batons at anyone & anything, indiscriminatley. As soon as the crowd witnessed the police beating on a young man & woman, all hell broke loose. We were being beaten left & right, for no reason. We had nothing to do with that one individual who ran across the street, but the police were in the mood to beat people down that day, I guess.

The police were beating on a young woman, so a guy ran up & layed across her to protect her from some of the blows. As they arrested the guy, they continued to beat women, aiming mostly for their legs. We were able to "rescue" this one young woman, dragging her across the street because she was unable to walk after the severe beating she obtained. Her legs were beat to shit, literally.

After this disgusting behaviour by the LAPD, people were very unsettled. The police were preventing us from counter-protesting the MinuteKlan, not allowing us to walk on the opposite side of the street, as promised. A group of us, around 25-30, took to the streets & criss-crossed through Hollywood to catch up with the "parade". We shut down traffic & countered-back to greet the MinuteKlan as they returned. While waiting, some anarchists decided to take an American flag & set fire to it. The MinuteKlan returned, but so did their police escort. This time, the LAPD riot squad circled us & confined us to a small space. I was waiting for more beatings, thinking that was for sure their plan. The MinuteKlan were escorted to their cars, because they would not dare to confront the angry crowd without full police protection--cowardly racists! With the racists off our Hollywood streets, we called it a day.

A couple of arrests were made. Around 5-10 people, mostly women, were beaten by police. One girl's purse was taken by police, never returned.

I have attended many a protest, but this one truly left a bad taste in my mouth. The police brutality was disgusting. Beating defenseless women that were just trying to help their fallen friends off the street is wrong & unprofessional, & cowardly. The police treated us like criminals long before anyone attempted to cross the street. An investigation is underway into the police beatings, which is necessary after what I witnessed. I have no doubt in my mind that the MinuteKlan will try & spin this to their advantage. But I was there, & not one person provoked the police, or attempted to go after the MinuteKlan. The MinuteKlan/S.O.S. can claim they are not racists, but when you hold up toliet scrub brushes & talk about cleaning their toliets---Your a fucking racist! The MinuteKlan/S.O.S. were very immature, & often taunted us with racist slurs & middle fingers. If this is the voice of the anti-immigration issue, it will fail soon enough. They have showed themselves to be the racists we all knew they were prior to this showing--if they keep it up no one will listen to their "message", for it is drowned out in racism.