Tuesday, July 11, 2006

GOP Dosen't Even Want Anything To Do With The MinuteKlan!

"Few Minutes With the Minutemen is Plenty of Time For GOP Group"
By, Bud Kennedy of the Star-Telegram

Bryan,Tx.-" The Texas Minutemen brought their boderline paranoia to the heart of Aggieland this week. A Republican club invited the Wise County based Minutemen to tell about their escapades guarding the Rio Grande. But what they heard was too looney even for Aggies.

When the Minutemen's quirky leader started rambling about:

1.) a secret plan to "merge Canada and Mexico with the United States", the good Republicans in the home of the George Bush Presidential Library started squirming in their chairs behind half-eaten barbeque plates.

2.) When a Minuteman from Dallas started complaining that ranchers can shoot diseased cattle at the border but not humans,

3.) and blamed permissive immigration on the "greedy business people" of America, their Republican host finally had enough and stood to cut off questions.

"Thank you", said Dan Garcia, 29, an Iraq war veteren and now a Texas A&M student. Almost apologetically he told the Brazos County Young Republicans, "Our goal was just to set up a forum where we could hear different opinions." Later he said that the discussion "got out of hand a little too quickly".

"I don't think disease should be part of the issue," said Garcia, a Brownsville native and the son of immigrants from Mexico who earned doctorates. "Some of the things they said, I totally disagree with. As Republicans, we're not Xenophobes. We just want to know who's coming into this country."

It was his idea to invite the Minutemen to draw more people to a meeting when some Young Republicans have gone home for the summer. It worked: Instead of five or six Republicans, the meeting drew 25 guests to C&J Barbeque.

Shannon McGauley, 42, a private investigator from Boyd, leads one of two factions of Minutemen volunteers in Texas. His faction reports to a California man who is affliated with the Bible-preaching fringe political party &,

4.) Who openly opposes allowing any other "cultures" or languages in America besides his own. That part bothered Garcia before the meeting.

5.) In Bryan, thier handouts included somehing about the Trilateral Commisson...

They bristled when McGauley's co-founder and retired Dallas software engineer named Sandra Beene, started talking about..

11.) Shooting "varmints"...

Lesson # 1: Some of these Minutemen don't want anyone of another clor or culture in Texas.

Lesson # 2: Republicans need to be careful about welcoming the Minutemen."