Sunday, July 02, 2006

GOP Uses War As Election Weapon, But Shoots Blanks

The 'Idiot in Chief' says that Democrats want to " wave the white flag of surrender" in Iraq. Cheney accuses them of "defeatism" in the "war on terror". House Republican leader John A. Boehner thinks that Dems are advocating "special privileges for terrorists".
Republicans are running out of election weapons, so it's only fitting for them to quickly reach for whatever's in their arsenal--only they forgot to check the chamber, this weapon's empty!
I don't know how many polls or how many protests these guys need to hear, but it evidently is not getting through to them that the majority of people in this country disagree with the Iraq invasion, as well as the way the GOP are running this country.
If the Republicans actually listened to the American people for once, they might be able to scrap up some good ideas come election time. That's too much to ask, I know! But once again the GOP pulls the "terrorism" card, & quite honestly, it's all they have left.
Republicans are still convinced that "toughness" still sells. I'm all for being tough, but when it's not even backed up by an ounce of intelligence, then we have problems. All brawn, no brains.
The most pathetic part of all this is where there should be an opposition party lying in wait, ready to pounce--there is not. An opposition party could not have better circumstances than now to counter the Republicans brawn with intelligence. Yet the Dems are still debating whether they should say little & hope the Republicans fail, or actually stand up for what they truely believe in. For me, this is where the Democrats have lost me.
Nancy Pilosi actually made a great statement, " Republicans are resorting to their tired tactics of DISTORT, DISTRACT, and DIVIDE. Instead of actually doing something to protect our nation, such as implementing the 9/11 commission recommendations or hiring more Border Patrol agents, they are doing what they always do: trying to incite fear and attack Democrats. It won't work."
But it's worked in the past, unfortunatley. If the Democrats, or some other opposition party, can't get their ass in gear & take advantage of the eroding public support for the war, increasing violence in Iraq, fucked up healthcare system, White House/Republican corruption, Hurricane Katrina failures, global warming & overall ignoring of the enviroment by this administration----THEN STEP ASIDE & LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN!!!!!!!!!