Sunday, July 16, 2006

Israel Says It Targets Hezbollah, But Innocents Pay The Price

Israel continues to kill innocent children in Lebanon. A single strike on a convoy of families trying to flee the carnage in a village near Tyre killed more than 20 people--most of them CHILDREN.
Israeli warplanes are bombing Lebanese civilian neighborhoods in Beirut, killing innocents & taking out an electricity plant.
Lebanon is accusing the U.S. of blocking a Security Council statement calling for a cease-fire.
Israel/US seem intent on trying to wipe out the Arabs in the Middle East.
Israel continues to bomb & attack civilian infrastructures that are vital to the people of Lebanon, such as the Beirut Airport, powerplants, apartment complexes, television stations, roads, bridges, etc.
Although Israel claims it is attacking important Hezbollah targets, the evidence speaks for itself. By bombing the International Airport, bridges, & the main road leading out of Lebanon, Israel traps & punishes the innocent civilians of Lebanon most--not Hezbollah.