Wednesday, July 12, 2006

LAPD Brutality Press Conference

The NLG (National Lawyers Guild) & ANSWER L.A. will be filing multiple lawsuits & complaints against the LAPD for their disgusting conduct during the anti-MinuteKlan protest in Hollywood, Ca July 8th.
The press conference Tuesday outlined the reasons, including unprovoked beating of peaceful protesters & not allowing us to have a constitutionally-protected protest on the sidewalks of Hollyood Blvd., as well as statements from those most seriously beat & arrested.
The NLG has been very succesful in the past in sueing the LAPD for their conduct during the 2000 National Democratic Convention riot & were instrumental in forcing a consent decree upon the LAPD, as well as millions in financial damages.
To listen to audio from the press conference Click here
Thanks to Politics In The Zeros for the audio link!

Also up is a new video showing the police brutality from a new angle. It shows the LAPD clubbing the girl trying to tape & document the event, a person in a wheelchair being knocked over, officer on bike deliberatley smashing into the 2, other officers beating them as they fall to the ground & continue beating them while lying on the sidewalk helpless. Screams from a woman of "he's mentally retarded!" can be heard, as well.--Notice the officer who tries to stop another officer from unlawfully beating the people. This clearly shows the out of control, violent rage most of the LAPD displayed that day.

Here is the link: