Saturday, July 01, 2006

National Guard Not So Willing To Follow Bush To Border

Bush's plan to militarize the US/Mexico border by calling in National Guard troops, dosen't seem to be working out as well as he expected!
The Bush administration promised to put 2,500 National Guardsmen on the US/Mexico border by the end of June, & 6,000 by the end of July. Well, June has come & gone, & July is here!
Bush had asked 50 states to send troops, but so far only 10 have agreed!
Kristine Munn, the spokeswoman for the National Guard said, " It's not a combat priority. It's a volunteer mission, so it's a question of balancing the needs of the Border Patrol with the needs of 54 states and territories, and the balls roll in different directions."
The Governers in the Atlantic-region states say that their National Guardsmen are on flood duty. The Western-region states say they are needed for combating forest fires. And the Southern-region states say they are most needed for hurricane relief.
California's Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger has told Bush that the state of California will not do what the Feds ask. California reps have stated that they cannot send troops to the border regions when they already have 1,000 troops there committed to border control.
Sending tired & weary National Guard troops to "assist" the Border Patrol will not secure the border, nor will it stop the desperate migrant crossers from coming into the US in search of work.
And since no known "terrorists" , or al-Qaeda operatives have ever been caught or known to cross the US/Mexico desert, it seems like a waste of time, money, & resources.
The people crossing the border are poverty-stricken, & only in search of work so that they can feed & support their families. Quite the opposite of the term "terrorist".
Counting on the National Guard to help act out politics is horrible management of resources & money.