Sunday, July 09, 2006

Police Brutality At Hollywood Anti-MinuteKlan/SOS Protest

Photo #1 shows an elderly woman after being beaten by the LAPD. What is really sad about this is-- this woman had nothing to do with the protest, she simply stepped off the bus just as the beating started, the police beat-the-shit outta her! Poor thing was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. More proof that the LAPD was out for blood, never looking or stopping to realize they were beating innocent women.
S.O.S./MinuteKlan websites & message boards have stated that they had an LAPD liason, who told them what to do & delivered the extra riot police the racists asked for. They were promised protection, while peaceful protesters were not.

Photo #2 shows LAPD beating young woman on the street.

Photo #3 shows LAPD beating & arresting same woman. This woman did nothing to provoke such an attack, as I witnessed this I stood in complete disbelief & total disgust. I no longer respect the LAPD, for they are brutal thugs. A.N.S.W.E.R. L.A. is not a communist organization as the racists & LAPD would like you to believe. The pro-immigration side was the most diverse set of people, including all walks of life. Whenever there is a protest, expect anarchists. But the LAPD should recieve better training & learn to recognize REAL threats when they see them & not beat the shit out of innocent bystanders. Very unprofessional!