Wednesday, July 05, 2006

South Central Farm Being Bulldozed!

Shortly before 7am this morning, bulldozers arrived at the 14 acre South Central Farm with LAPD escorts.
Greedy capitalist Ralph Horowitz had ordered the demolition of the farm WITHOUT a permit.
Around 20 farm activists jumped the fence & managed to monkeywrench the bulldozer, forcing it to stop.
There have been 8 Felony arrests, 1 battery on a police officer, & 1 battery on the driver of the bulldozer. The rest thankfully managed to escape police custody.
Do we really need or want another fucking Wal-Mart? The people of Los Angeles, not to mention-The World, need this 14 acres of green space in a city of concrete, freeways, & chemicals. It provided local, organically grown food to many families & the community, a sanctuary & safe place for families & children, education to children, community togetherness, & enviromental needs that spread far beyond just the county of Los Angeles.
Show your support for the South Central farm by emailing Council member Jan Perry at:
Or call (213) 473-7009
Visit the South Central Farmers website