Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Are Palestinian Lives Worth Less?

Quote Of The Day

" Stupid as it is, Power believes that through humiliation, arrogance, and isolation, it can break the dignity of those who give thoughts, feelings, life, and guidance to the struggle for recognition and respect for the first inhabitants of the land, over whom the vain United States has risen."----Marcos

S.O.S. Members Personally Attack Sappho!

Have I mentioned how much I love StatCounter?? Well, I do. It has given me yet another reason to love it's service.
Checking some stats today, I noticed that I have been receiving quite a few hits from none other than the racists over at Save Our State (S.O.S.). They have a forum on their pathetic website where they are able to spew copious amounts of verbal diarrhea for all to read. That is where I found, in the "Dissenter Paradise" area of the forum, not only a link to my post here on the Maywood immigration protest, but some really intelligent, mature (sarcasm alert!) comments made about me, my sexuality, & my blog, The Sappho Manifesto. Here are the words of S.O.S. members...

"Great piece of fiction"--referring to my Maywood post, I assume.

" Wow, not only is Sappho a "che" loving, America hating, Mexico loyalist, socialist/marxist, Traitor with a capital "T", to top it off, judging by the content on her pathetic page, she also appears to be a Lesbian. All that, in ONE sweet "little" package."---This obvious homophobic statement was snuggled next to a picture of some Latin woman. The picture made me laugh, I'll give 'em that! I say this because it couldn't be further from what I actually look like! I weigh around 105 pounds, the woman in the picture weighs quite a bit more, no offense to her of course. I guess these ignorant racists have to resort to immature tactics such as this. Sad, really.

" I'd like to see her be a lesbian in the turd (yes, that's how they spelled it) world. Death sentence anyone? Hahahahaha, if she thinks Fred Phelps is the worst thing she's ever encountered with being a lesbian, she hasn't been openly gay in a thirld world country! :) :)"---More homophobic diarrhea from someone who would love to see me recieve a death sentence for being gay. I assume they are suggesting that I should be happy I am gay here, in the U.S., rather than some "turd" world country. I am in fact. I also am not an "America" hater, as they propose. I love this country. That is why I fight so damn hard to expose racist skkkum like this, & join the beautiful people of Mexico & Latin America in defending their rights, & allowing them the opprotunity to live a better life.

" Looking at her blog she has serious psycological problems and should seek treatement."--- This was my personal favorite! Because if this S.O.S. member thinks I need psycological treatment for my beliefs, I guess the majority of the blogosphere needs some as well! An attack on my beliefs here, is also an attack on many leftist American's beliefs as well. Will you sit back & take this rhetoric from Nazi skkkum? I won't. Join me in exposing these racist's for who they really are!

I encourage you all to take a peek at this nonsense at the S.O.S forum.

Also, why you are there, read through all of the forums. This will give you a sense of the racist rhetoric that spews from their mouths & pores. Here is a great example...
" P.S. Do you know why Mexico is a shithole? Because it's full of Mexicans like you!"
And they continue to lie in our faces & pledge that their mission or cause has nothing to do with being racist against people of Mexican descent!!!!
The members of S.O.S. have continuously made racist comments, carried Confederate flags, Nazi flags (as seen in the above pic from their protest at a Day Labor site in Laguna Beach, Calif), & literally hid themselves behind the "patriotic" American flag. But as their forum clearly shows, Patriotism is not what they are all about. This is used to hide thier true racist intentions, & the American people are beginning to see behind the front of all the red, white, & blue these S.O.S. members hide behind.
To make personal attacks against me because I stand in solidarity with my latin brothers & sisters, denounce racism, & expose the TRUTH to organizations such as Save Our State, is pathetic. I know that in Maywood these racists were not only humiliated, but recieved a dose of karma. The local residents of Maywood & surrounding city's did not stand for racists coming into their city to spew hate. S.O.S. was taught a valuable lesson last weekend. Whether they learn it or not, is up to them.
I would like to thank the members of S.O.S. for personally attacking me. Not only has it shown many people your true colors, but it has given me more want, reason, passion, & drive to come after you son of a bitches & expose you for who you really are= RACIST, IGNORANT, IMMATURE, SKUM!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

More Pics From Maywood Immigration Protest

Pic # 1, The flag flys & refuses to come down.

Pic # 2, Cop in full riot gear, armed with rubber bullets & tear gas. If it dosen't kill me, it dosen't scare me.

Pic # 3, Pro-immigrant side's numbers grow.

Maywood Immigration Protest

In pic # 1, the Mexican flag is raised, & refuses to come down, even for Maywood police!

In pic # 2, the crowd of pro-immigrant rights supporters reacts with cheers as they watch the new flag wave.

In pic # 3, the numbers of S.O.S. members was quite pathetic. Their incredibly intelligent & witty signs were even more pathetic!

S.O.S. Recieves More Than Humiliation At Maywood Immigration Protest!

Saturday, August 26th, was a great day for a protest. Especially against the racist S.O.S. group! And man, did it turn out to be a doozie! S.O.S recieved more than humiliation this weekend. They walked away, or shall I say, were escorted away, after being largely outnumbered, infuriated after the U.S. flag was "replaced" with the flag of Mexico, & recieved going away presents from loving pro-immigrant protesters...
Maywood, California is one of the most immigrant-populated city's in Los Angeles. The city recently declared Maywood a safe-haven of sorts for immigrants, legal or not. Well, this didn't sit so well with the racist S.O.S. organization. I have posted quite a lot about this group, along with the MinuteKlan, & I am VERY active in participating in making sure this organization dosen't last long.
S.O.S. has been wanting to go back to Maywood after their last protest there turned ugly. I was quite surprised to see the lack of turnout on their part, & more than elated to see their numbers pity in comparison to ours. S.O.S. turned out maybe 40-50 racist pigs, compared to our estimated 300, some say as much as 500 protesters! S.O.S. members arrived to stand in front of a barricade, shouting, & holding up signs such as, " Can you think?", " Is this Mexico or what?", & my favorite, " Shut Up"! Their intelligence is awe inspiring, no?
As the numbers of pro-immigration protesters grew, the S.O.S. grew angry, oftentimes sending in one of their own to "start shit" with pro-immigrant protesters. As this act continued all day, there was a point when some of the members of the pro-immigrant side had enough. They followed a MinuteKlan (he wore a MinuteKlan hat) man who was taunting people with his flag, making him duck into a store, only to be rescued by the police! He won't try that again!
As the Mariachi band played, the racists became infuriated! But the highlight of the day was when a pro-immigrant protester replaced the U.S. flag ,flying above the Post Office, with the flag of Mexico. He was beat in the legs with police batons, yet not arrested. Around 20 cops swarmed the flag pole, trying to take the flag down. As the cops kept trying, the flag only became entangled in the ropes. You could see the cops anger & humiliation rise as the flag stood it's ground, refusing to come down! Someone in the crowd yelled, "How many Maywood cops does it take to lower a flag?", followed by a roar of laughter from the crowd. Even after a Post Office employee tossed a set of keys to the cops, the flag refused to budge, causing the police to give up & retreat in military lockstep! Later, the guy who raised the Mexican flag said, " Both the flag and I got beaten, but we're both still flying. The flag and I are free!"
At around 2pm, the police escorted the S.O.S. members back to their cars, only to find some presents left for them from the pro-immigration fairy! Although S.O.S. promised it's members security for their vehicles, they found that some of their vehicles had slashed tires, some were spray painted, & one's back window had been broken out. Although I don't advocate this behaviour, I will admit, they had it coming to them! S.O.S. & MinuteKlan members are notorious for carrying weapons such as pepper spray, brass knuckles, knives, & even guns to protests involving immigration, calling on using these against the "goons", the nickname used to describe pro-immigrant supporters.
Hopefully now, the owned S.O.S. members will think twice about coming to Maywood, or ANY city in the county of Los Angeles!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pic Of The Day

Check out what it says on the back of this dudes shirt!

Terror Continues In Oaxaca

Tuesday morning in Oaxaca, an armed police caravan shot at protesters, killing one teacher.
Dressed in all black & wearing ski masks, city & state police thugs traveled through the city early Tuesday morning in a caravan of pick-up trucks & motorcycles. The 34 vehicle convoy joined up at around 12:20 am, & opened fire on the recently taken radio La Ley 710. A teacher, Lorenzo San Pablo Cervantes, recieved bullet wounds to the back & was taken to the hospital, but later died.
State Governer Ulises Ruiz described the operation as a "cleaning of the roads", & never mentioned the teacher that was killed.
Police intercepted a vehicle with 2 members of the magisterial police inside, doused it with gasoline, & set it on fire. The 2 occupants escaped with 1st degree burns.
The people of Oaxaca were alerted by radio of the aggressions taking place in the city. Hundreds of people took to the streets, willing to offer back-up to fight or detain the aggressors.
Radio stations that have been occupied by members of APPO, Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca, called for the citizens of Oaxaca not to sleep & join their comrades at the barricades & encampments.
On 2 seperate occassions, police vehicles were surrounded by the townspeople & forced to flee, shooting at the townspeople while they ran.
7 vehicles, 2 of them buses, were burned by unknown people. There are currently 500 barricades in the city that protect the encampments of the teachers & APPO, which were reinforced with more security.
The week began on Monday with armed attacks on the antenna of Channel 9, which had been taken over by women from APPO at the beginning of August, as reported here. As the antenna was damaged useless, protesters from APPO took over 12 radio stations in the city.

Please contact the people who are responsible for this bullshit & let them know that the whole world is watching!

1.) Gov. of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz--Gobernador del Estado de Oaxaca:

2.) Jorge Franco Vargas--Secretario de Gobierno del Estado de Oaxaca: &

3.) President Vicente

Revolutionary Of The Week

Augusto Cesar Sandino

Augusto Sandino was born May 18th, 1895 in the Nicaraguan village of Niquinohomo. He was the son of a coffee grower & his mother was one of the employees on his father's plantation.
In 1921, after trying to assassinate the son of a prominent conservative townsman, Sandino fled to Honduras, Guatemala, & later Mexico. In Mexico, he became involved in anti-imperialist, anarchist, & communist organizations, as well as a few religious/spiritual groups.
Sandino returned to Nicaragua after the statute of limitations on his charges cleared, in 1926.
Not long after his return, the Constitutionalist War began when Liberal soldiers in the Caribbean port of Puerto Cabezas revolted against Conservative President Adolfo Diaz. Diaz had recently been installed under U.S. pressure following a coup.
Sandino led a failed attack on the Conservatives near the San Albino mine. He traveled to Puerto Cabezas to meet with Moncado, the leader of the revolt. Sandino, unknown at the time, was denied a request for weapons & a military by Moncado, but after Sandino captured some rifles from fleeing Conservative soldiers, the other Liberal commanders granted him his requests.
By 1927, Sandino was back in the Segovias inciting many local peasants to join his army, as well as staging quite a few successful attacks on goverment troops. Sandino forces played a huge role in assisting the main Liberal army, which was advancing on Managua.
Having recieved funding & arms from Mexico, the Liberal army of Moncado was on the verge of seizing the capital. But, the U.S., under the threat of military intervention, forced the Liberal generals to agree to a cease-fire. On May 20th, the Espino Negro accord was signed, which was negotiated by an appointee of U.S. President Calvin Coolidge. Both sides had to disarm, Diaz would be allowed to finish his term, & a new national army would be established, the National Guard. U.S. soldiers would remain in the country to supervise. After, a battalion of U.S. Marines arrived to enforce the agreement.
After the signing of the accord, Sandino refused to order his followers to surrender their weapons. He returned to Segovias & married.
Sandino issued a manifesto condemning the Liberal's betrayl & declared war on the United States. Later that month, Sandino's followers attacked a patrol of U.S. Marines. The Sandinista's were only armed with 19th Century rifles & machetes, but the Marines called in an air attack, killing close to 300 of Sandina's men. Only one U.S. Marine was killed.
Sandino learned from this mistake & started to concentrate on ambushes & sudden suprise raids other than open attacks. As Sandino grew successful, he renamed his followers, The Army in Defense of the National Sovereignty of Nicaragua.
U.S. Marine efforts to kill or capture Sandino failed due to his extensive knowledge of local terrains & skills camoflauging his movements. In November 1927, U.S. aircraft located Sandino's headquarters, but by the time the Marines arrived, Sandino & his followers were gone.
Having declared his war against the U.S., Sandino saw his struggle as defense of not only Nicaragua, but all of Latin America.
Sandino's main demands were the resignation of President Diaz, withdrawl of U.S. troops, new elections supervised by Latin American countries, & the end of the Bryan-Chamorro Treaty, which gave the U.S. the exclusive rights to build a canal across Nicaragua.
Elections were held under the U.S. military, which Sandino declared unconstitutional.
As Sandino's success grew, he recieved support from the Soviet Union & others. A conflict between Sandino & his foreign representative, Froylan Trucios, cut off Sandino's flow of arms & was isolated from supporters.
After receiving an offer of asylum from Mexico's President Emilio Portes Gil, Sandino left Nicaragua in June 1029.
Although Sandino was not able to secure any outside aid for his forces, the Depression made foreign military expeditions for the U.S. too expensive. In January 1931, the U.S. announced that all U.S. soldiers in Nicaragua would withdraw. Responsibility for dealing with Sandino's forces went to the Nicaraguan National Guard, but continued to be commanded by U.S. officers.
Over the summer of 1931, Sandinista bands were active all over. Sandino met with the new President Sacasa & Sandino pledged his loyalty & in return was granted amnesty & control of a large portion of land, & allowed to settle & farm.
Sandino mangaged to get the size of the National Guard reduced, but on February 21st, 1934, Sandino was kidnapped & executed by the National Guard. The next day, the Guard massacred the inhabitants of Sandino's town.
For his defense of Nicaragua from the imperialistic United States forces, & his fight for fair elections, Augusto Sandino gains this week's spot as the Revolutionary of the Week.

" One does not discuss sovereignty, one defends it with a gun in hand."--Sandino

The Sappho Manifesto's 1 Year Anniversary!

The end of this month will mark the 1 year anniversary of this little blog! Man, does time fly by!
I just wanted to thank all my readers, for sticking around to read an angry girl's rants & participating in comment discussions.
I never set out to achieve mass numbers of hits/readers, not do I give a rat's ass about current numbers! It's more about having a place for not only myself to freely express points of views, but for others that wish to do so as well. But I have seen a few hits turn into well over 25,000! Lot's of important discussions have taken place here, & much activism.
I will continue to speak my mind, & encourage all to do the same.
Hell, use your rights before they are taken away!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Stabbings, Please

Every once and a while, I'll stumble across a post somewhere that makes ME actually drop my jaw, then yell, "Fuck yeah!!". And although JamesRaven over at The Psychotic Patriot constantly delivers that, this particular post, "More Stabbings, Please", is amazing in two ways. First, the actual news story is amazing in that women, lesbians, took back power. Second, JamesRaven holds no punches with his raw, & real writing style--something I truly admire. Here is the post as written by James, sans links that appeared in his original post, due to time. Laziness, actually! Go to his blog to get the entire experience!

" As I read this piece on Feministing, I got more and more angry, so here's the story, and what follows is a rant:

The New York Times had a story recently about an altercation after a man made harassing comments to a group of women walking past him on the street. If you take it from the Times, 28-year old Dwayne Buckle merely said, "Hey, how're you doing?" to one of the women, and then was attacked by the group and stabbed in the stomach with a steak knife.

But unlike the Times, which only talked to Buckle, the NY Daily News interviewed police and others who were at the scene. Turns out the fight probably wasn't caused by a violent response to a "harmless" catcall, but by an anti-gay comment and threat. (The women were reportedly lesbians.)

"He called us [homophobic slur] and he said he was going to f-us all," one of the women said hours later as cops led the seven suspects out of the 6th Precinct stationhouse.

"He spit on us and threw a cigarette," another woman said. "This is a hate crime."

Buckle, though, claims he was the victim of a hate crime.

" It was a hate crime against a straight man by a ton of lesbians," he said. "This is what the world is coming to."

No, motherfucker, assholes like you getting stabbed is what the world's coming to, and you know why?

Because the Republicans are pumping up LGBT hatred to get out the vote, and these homophobic motherfuckers think it's now politically correct to threaten- or actually carry out-all kinds of violence.

More Stabbings Please!

Yes! More of you stupid homophobic motherfuckers stabbed in the guts or the neck like this picture above (pic changed here) is just fine with me!

Yes! But we need to make sure the screaming bleeding dipshit is on videotape crying for his mommy, pissing his pants, and otherwise acting like a wingnut.

Yes! More stabbings, and no I do not give a FUCK if what these women did was a crime.

More Stabbings Please!

These right wing motherfuckers talk about KILLING hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, specifically talking about murdering ALL Muslim children so they won't grow up to be Islamoterrormakemepissmypantists, so you can kiss my freckled ASS if you're squeamish about me calling for more stabbings of homophobic dipshits like Dwayne Buckle.

If there was a long series of events like this, with lots of dumbfucks like Dwayne Buckle-is that a wingnut name or what- bleeding all over the sidewalk with their guts hanging down in front of them, or maybe a web site with tiny ( they'd have to be tiny) chopped-off dicks displayed like hunting trophies, maybe these stupid racist homphobic motherfuckers would think twice about harassing any woman again."---JamesRaven (8/23/06)

Stop by The Psychotic Patriot & check out more of James' rantings!

Pic Of The Day

This pic creeps me the hell out! How 'bout you?
From left to right: Laura Bush, Dubya, Hillary Clinton, & Bill Clinton.

Swastika Included??

I wish I could report that this is a joke...
Supporter of the MinuteKlan Project, Texas entrepreneur Ryan Lambert, introduced his 'Minuteman Salsa' on July 4th. Lambert CLAIMS his salsa is made with only ingredients grown here in the United States, which I not only find unbelievable, but it also goes to show that this salsa probably tastes like shit! American salsa?? Who's this fool kidding?!
Lambert also pledges to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this nasty shit to....well, he never really has said EXACTLY WHO will recieve a "portion of the proceeds". Not surprising.
The website, which I refuse to plug here, says, " Keep foreign-made salsa from slipping across the border into your pantry!" The website also states, " Buy Legal Salsa"--next to an American flag. And, " Deport Bad Taste"--next to a Mexican flag.
I wonder how many back-woods, inbred hicks will buy this product actually wishing for a replica swastika to be found at the bottom of the jar?

Mr.Danger Is A Donkey!!

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez tells it like it is. I admire his courage. If only more leaders of other countries could possess huevos such as Chavez!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nazi Hag Charged With Theft, Vandalism, Harassment, & A Civil Rights Violation

Conservative, Christian politcal activist, June Griffin, has been arrested for the theft of a Mexican flag from a Dayton business.
On July 8th, Griffin said she noticed a small Mexican flag at a hispanic grocery store in Dayton. She said, " I went in there and there was nothing English in the store. There was one man who could not speak a word of English". She said that she was outraged about the Mexican flag, saying it was an " act of war", & that it "insulted my citizenship".
Ms. Griffin said the hispanic man watched as she tore off the flag from where it was suctioned to the building, & left with it. She said, "Foreigners should learn English or leave!".
The 67 year old nazi hag ran for Congress in the recent election, but is now facing misdemeanor charges of theft, vandalism, & harassment, as well as felony charges for a civil rights violation. She has posted the $ 5,000 bond.
She has said that she will represent herself in court for the trial, which is sure to be an entertaining event. Griffin thinks that since she took the flag in the open, that it was not a theft! WHAT??? This racist bitch couldnt tell her ass from a hole in the wall!
Griffin faces up to 4 years in prison if convicted. If so, I hope the Latina's in prison give her a welcome that she will NEVER forget!

String Of Gay-Bashing Assaults---Who's To Blame?

On July 30th in San Diego, California's Balboa Park, 6 gay men were brutally attacked after attending the San Diego Gay Pride. As attendees started filtering out of the festival, the 6 men had no idea that they were about to be attacked by 4 homophobic men lying in wait in the bushes. The men were armed with 2 baseball bats & a sharp object, presumed to be a knife.
The 6 gay men leaving the festival were set upon in seperate attacks. Four of them, while walking alone.
Four of the victims escaped with minor to moderate injuries, such as bruises. One was stabbed in the back, & the sixth man remains hospitalized with a fractured skull after being hit 10-12 times with a baseball bat. He will need reconstructive surgery, & recieved a tracheotomy tube to help him breathe.
And again, on August 2nd, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported another gay bashing. This time a group of 15 teenagers made anti-gay statements as they attacked a security guard. The San Diego police have officially called this a hate crime.
In response to these latest gay bashings, mroe than 1,000 people gathered on August 14th at the LGBT Community Center, then marched to the Obelisk Bookstore (where there is a metal plaque commemorating the 1991 stabbing death of 17 yr old John Robert Wear, victim of a gay-bashing) & held a street rally there.
Why, 37 years after the birth of the Gay Liberation movement & countless LGBT struggles, do these violent attacks against gays continue?
I feel that the recent passage of laws prohibiting same-sex marriages in state after state, has sent a strong message to gaybashers & bigots everywhere--that the United States goverment views gays & lesbians as less than equal.
Then you have the influence of religious organizations that have embarked on a crudade of sorts, aimed at making sure gays are denied the same rights as straight people, by shoving money down the throats of politicians everywhere---including Bush.
Also, the influence of the U.S. military should be considered. In the face of political threats, Clinton reversed his pre-election promise to end the ban on gays in the military, instead he instituted the "Dont ask, dont tell" policy that is responsible for witch-hunts against LGBT military members.
And in June, the discovery of a Pentagon document that still classifies homosexuality as a mental disorder appeared. Pentagon spokesmen, Lt. Col. Jeremy Martin, announced that this policy is "under review".
Until the goverment, politicians, & religious groups stop promoting bigotry against gays, we can be sure that more disgusting, cowardly, gay-bashing assaults will continue to take place.

News story link

Israel's Aggression Towards Goat-herders

Israel's IDF aggression on goat-herders.

Pic Of The Day

Picture of Lebanese hanging banner on a destroyed building, courtesy of Israel & the United States.

Revolutionary Of The Week

Abbie Hoffman

Abbie Hoffman was born November 30th, 1936 in Worcester, Massacusetts. Known as the most influential & recognizable American activists of the 20th Century, Hoffman pioneered the use of humor, theater, & surprise to change the world for the better.
Abbie Hoffman started his activism when he became involved in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), & organized the "Liberty House" which sold items to support the Civil Rights Movement in the southern part of the U.S. . He later co-founded the Youth International Party (the Yippies).
During the Vietnam War, Hoffman became an anti-war activist & used comical, theatrical tactics to gain attention to the cause. An example of this was when he helped organize a mass demonstration in which over 50,000 people unsuccessfully tried to levitate the Pentagon using psychic energy!
Hoffman was also responisble for turning many "flower children" into political activists.
On August 24th, 1967, Hoffman led a group that was against capitalism & the Vietnam War into the gallery of the New York Stock Exchange.The protesters threw handfuls of mostly fake dollar bills down to the trader's below. Some trader's booed, but many frantically tried to grab the money. Hoffman said that he was metaphorically pointing out that's what the trader's "were already doing".
Hoffman was arrested for conspiracy & inciting a riot as a result of his role in the protests that led to violent confrontations with the police during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chigago. he became part of the 'Chicago Seven', which included a fellow Yippie, the co-founder of the Black Panther Party, & other radical activists.
Hoffman's courtroom antics recieved much publicity. During the trial, he & another defendant came to court dressed in judicial robes. Another example would be when Hoffman was sworn in as a witness with his hand flipping the bird. At sentencing, Hoffman suggested to the judge that he try LSD, & offered to hook him up with a dealer he knew in Florida! The convictions were eventually overturned.
During Woodstock in 1969, Hoffman interrupted 'The Who's' performance by jumping onstage to attempt to give a protest speech against the imprisonment of John Sinclair of the White Panther Party. He grabbed the microphone & yelled, " I think this is a pile of shit While John Sinclair rots in prison...". 'The Who's' guitarist, Pete Townsend, cut Hoffman off & struck him with his guitar, sending Hoffman tumbling off the stage!!
Townsend later said that he agreed with Hoffman on Sinclair's imprisonment, but disliked him interrupting the performance.
Hoffman was arrested again in 1973 on drug charges with the intent to sell & distribute cocaine. He skipped out on his bail & went into hiding for several years. While in hiding under the name of 'Barry Freed', he successfully helped coordinate an enviromental campaign to preserve the St. Lawrence Seaway.
In 1980, he surrendered to authorites & recieved a one year sentence.
After being released, Hoffman continued to be an activist & a radical journalist, contributing to the radical, Ramparts Magazine.
Abbie Hoffman was found dead on April 12th, 1989 at the age of 52. His death was caused by an overdose of 150 phenobarbital pills. It had been known that he was distraught over his mother's diagnosis of cancer.
Abbie Hoffman's legacy lives on as an activist through his memories, as well as his books, & the 2000 film 'Steal this Movie', based on his life.

" You measure a democracy by the freedom it gives it's dissidents, not the freedom it gives it's assimilated conformists."---Abbie Hoffman

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pic Of The Day

Family Portrait!

President Chavez: USA Governed By Genocidal Mafia That Violates Human Rights!

Domincian Today/Aug.15,06

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez assures that the United States is governed by a genocidal mafia, that violates human rights and does not respect freedom of expression.

Chavez, reiterated that he looks forward to see the U.S. going through a "process of transition towards democracy", which removes from power the "imperialistic Mafia, genocidal and fascist", who, in his opinion, governs that country.

Chavez responded like that to Chief U.S. diplomacy for Latin America, Thomas Shannon, who voiced Washington's desire for the Venezuelan President to "add himself to the calls for democracy in Cuba".

According to Chavez, U.S. President, George W. Bush applies a "tyrannical and dictatorial policy against his own people, he violates human rights, he does not respect the freedom of expression, he persecutes his citizens, he accuses them, he manipulates them, he decieves them".

"In the U.S. there is no democracy governing, in the U.S. an imperialistic, genocidal, fascist and assassin Mafia is in charge", affirmed the leftist President of Venezuela.

"Latin America has undergone like no one else the permanent aggression from the empire, Latin American people have risen to defend their freedom and dignity again", added Chavez.

Also posted at Open Your Minds Eye

L.A. Protest Against Repression In Oaxaca, Mexico

When: Wed. August 16th, 5:30pm
Where: Outside the Mexican Consulate/2401 W.6th St., L.A.

" Mexico is experiencing one of the most explosive political situations in recent history. There is a political crisis taking place at this moment marked by two major events. One is the crisis created by the refusal of the Mexican people to accept the electoral fraud in the recent elections. The other is the crisis in Oaxaca. The latter has galvanized the entire population of this southern Mexican state. The Oaxacan people have suffered decades of brutal oppression and racism.

The recent strike of the teacher's union in Oaxaca has sparked a wave of popular struggle that has brought the entire state to the brink of revolution. The crisis is extending to the entire country and because of that the Mexican goverment has unleashed a wave of repression and executions against the leaders of this powerful popular movement. The governer of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz, has ordered the police to fire on peaceful demonstrators and has ordered the incarceration and the torture of hundreds of workers, farmers, and student leaders

This Wednesday, August 16th,at 5:30pm, join La Otra en el Otro Lado ( the Zapatista campaign in the U.S.), Oaxacan organizations, including the ANSWER Coalition, for an important demonstration to demand the immediate resignation of the governer of Oaxaca and to stop the murdering and the disappearing of the leaders of the movement by the death squads supported by the Mexican goverment."

Support the popular uprising! Free all political prisoners from Oaxacan jails!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Quote Of The Day

" It is outrageous that the one who now wears the presidential sash does so, not by the will of the people, but by the will of money and fear."----Subcomandante Marcos

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Protest/Rally In Support Of Lebanon/Palestine--L.A.

Los Angeles, 8/12/06, Supporting Lebanon & Palestine

August 12th March/Rally Against Israel/US Terror--Los Angeles

Protest Against Israeli Aggression-Downtown Los Angeles

Pictures I took from the August 12th protest against Israel/US terror in Lebanon & Palestine, in downtown Los Angeles. Chose to spend some birthday-time showing my solidarity with Lebanon & Palestine, on this Global Day of Action. The march & rally afterwards was both peaceful & entertaining.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Life Under Israeli Siege

Asma is a student in Beirut, Lebanon. She participated in the refugee relief effort after the Israeli assault began. She just recently left Lebanon, & arrived in New York City with her family. Here, in her own words, she describes life under Israeli rule:

" Israel is saying that this is an attack on Hezbollah, but in reality, it's the civilians and the infrastructure of Lebanon that are taking the beating. The airport, highways, ports, bridges and roads have all been heavily targeted. The attacks have not spared the Christian parts of the country, where Hezbollah has neither a presence nor support.
Every attack makes it even clearer that Israeli "smart" bombs are being used to collectively punish the entire Lebanese population for allowing the resistance to exist.
The inhabitants of South Lebanon have two options: stay or leave. If they choose to leave, they have two problems: where to go and how to get there. The roads and bridges linking the South to the rest of the country have been targeted and almost completely destroyed by Israeli air raids, making escape almost impossible in some cases.
The same Air Force that releases leaflets warning people to flee their homes has destroyed the roads and bridges that link these dangerous areas to the safer ones. Even worse, it has destroyed whole convoys carrying families that were heeding the advice to leave.
The location of remaining functional roads isn't broadcast or made public, as that would make these roads the next target in the Israeli Army's attempt to isolate the South. Only the natives of each town along the path to Beirut know the functional side-roads and dirt paths remaining and they point them out to the travelers as they arrive.
The travelers rarely arrive to these towns in private cars, as most of the inhabitants of the South are rural people. Those who do arrive in their cars must make large detours to avoid the destroyed bridges and areas under heavy Israeli bombardment. They may arrive in pick-up trucks, families and belongings loaded in the back.
Still others arrive on foot, either because destroyed roads allow for no other form of travel, because they were unable to find any private van to transport them. Private vans shuttle people from one destroyed bridge to the next, where travelers cross the bomb craters to the next shuttle.
Once they arrive in safe regions, mainly North of Dahiyah (the predominantly Shia suburb of Beirut that also housed Hezbollah's headquarters) along the coast and in the central mountain range of Lebanon, they may either seek refuge in a relative's house, a public school, a park or an abandoned house.
Public schools across Lebanon have been opened to house the refugees, each by a local organization. They provide the refugee with basic food, shelter and medical care, if needed. Most refugees are staying in the schools, as they are more spacious and get more attention from groups and organizations than the parks, where the refugees sleep without cover.
As for the refugees who choose to stay with relatives or in an abandoned house, they must provide for themselves, as the relief effort faces much difficulty just in providing for the schools and parks.
The relief organizations are not only operating at full capacity with their members and resources, but they have also taken in volunteers and contributions from inside and outside Lebanon to help deal with the magnitude of the refugee dilemma. University and school clubs, as well as individuals, have mobilized either in coordination with the organizations or independently in order to assist the displaced people.
Despite this national display of solidarity, there is a serious lack of resources to sustain the work being performed. Due to the air, land and sea blockade imposed by the Israeli Army, dwindling supplies cannot be replenished. The distribution of goods internally has been brought to a stand still due to the destruction of vital roads and Israeli targeting of trucks.
Medicines, sanitation products, and fuel are scarce and doctors have started prescribing alternative medications as the main ones run out. Space is also running out as the number of refugees increases. Some private schools have been opened, and hospitals have also been sheltering refugees. Sheets have been put up as makeshift walls in the classrooms to provide families with some privacy.
Outside the schools and parks, activity in the capital of Beirut is normal during the day. Shops are open, and people are busy buying food, candles, and water, as well as filling up their cars with gas in preperation for the day when fuel runs out, which will inevitably come.
Some businesses, however have become useless, as they do not sell necessities, and the owners and workers can be seen spending most of their time on the sidewalks outside. Many workers aren't being paid this month, making money only off commission or tips.
In the evening, activity comes to an almost complete halt, and the streets that are usually choking with bumper-to-bumper traffic become empty. People huddle around the television for the evening news, which has been extended to one hour instead of the usual half hour, in order to cover all attacks, casualties, and political developmemts.
Day and night, the whole of Beirut and other areas near Dahiyah are rocked by the loud explosions of missles being fired out of the Israeli warships docked off the Lebanese coast.
Some Lebanese are fortunate enough to have the option to leave the country, as it descends deeper and deeper into a war that Israel has unleashed on it.
The right amount of money and connections can get a person to Syria, and a Western passport can get a person to Cyprus or Turkey, by way of embassay organized mass evacuations. These evacuations are almost all very uncomfortable and lengthy, as the enormous number of evacuees in the countries surrounding Lebanon have exhausted hotel and airplane capacities.
But while some people have escaped the hellish terror of Israeli phosphorus bombs, bunker-busters, and cluster bombs, most Lebanese are forced to brace themselves and hope that the next U.S.-made Israeli precision bomb dosen't land on them."

Quote Of The Day

" I can train a monkey to wave an American flag. That does not make the monkey patriotic."---Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector in Iraq

Revolutionary Of The Week

Helen Keller

Helen Keller was born June 27th, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. At 19 months old she came down with an illness described by doctors as "an acute congestion of the stomach and brain". This could have been Scarlet Fever or Meningitis. The illness left her deaf & blind, but by age 7, Keller had begun to learn to cope by inventing over 60 different signs so that she could communicate with her family.
At the advice of Alexander Graham Bell, her family travelled to see a specialist & later Keller recieved a great, disciplined, specialized education.
Today's America seems only to know Helen Keller for overcoming disadvantages, & her advocacy for the handicapped. And although this is very inspiring, there was much more to Helen Keller than this.
By 1909, Keller had become a Socialist. Soon after, she became a vocal supporter of the working class & traveled the country to voice her opposition to war. She asked, " How can our rulers claim they are fighting to make the world safe for democracy, while here in the U.S. negroes may be massacred and their property burned?"
As a woman with disabilities, she was patronized by the same media that held her high as a heroine. The editors of the Brooklyn Eagle wrote, " Her mistakes spring out of the manifest limitations of her development." Keller was quick to respond with a quote that was printed in the papers, " So long as I confine my activities to social services and the blind, the newspapers compliment me extravagently, calling me an 'arch-priest of the sightless' and 'wonder woman'. But when I discuss poverty and the industrial system under which we live, that is a different mater."
Keller critiqued the goverment propaganda campaign to get Americans to support the war, & spoke out at such places as New York City's Carnegie Hall in 1916.
Keller joined the famous labor union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in 1912 after she felt that parliamentary socialism was "sinking in the political bog". She also wrote for the IWW between 1916 & 1918.
She urged workers to strike at the heart of America's drive toward war. "Strike against war, for without you no battles can be fought. Strike against preparedness that means death and misery to millions of human beings. Be not dumb, obedient slaves in an army of destruction. Be heroes in the army of construction."
Helen Keller died June 1st, 1968, 26 days shy of her 88th birthday, at her home in Eaton, Connecticut.
* Interesting fact: Helen Keller is credited for introducing the Akita to America through "Kamikaze-go", an Akita dog given to her after her visit to Japan in 1937. He later died, but Keller recieved his brother, "Kenzan-go". By 1938 a breed standard had been established in the U.S.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ani Difranco's 'Reprieve' Out Today

Ani Difranco has released her new album entitled, 'Reprieve'. I've got my copy today & I am elated that once again, Ani's music, as well as her amazing lyrics, pulled no punches. As an example, here are the lyrics to the song " Millennium Theater". You tell 'em!

" Millennium theater
Get out there & buy that water & gas
Ramadan orange alert
Everybody put on your gas mask

First leak it out about the President
Then stand up & shout "Impeachment"
pulling coat tails out from under that little V.P.
before he has a chance to get in the driver's seat

Millennium spectacle
everybody put on a show
slip a little prince in the back door
21st century here we go

Digital whiplash
so many formats so little time
while out in t.v. nation
under darkening skies
The resistance is just waiting
to be organized

Halliburton & Enron
Chief Justice is for sale
Yucca mountain goddesses
their tears they form a trail

Trickle down pollution
patriarchies realign
while the ice caps melt
and New Orleans buys her time
New Orleans buys her time

Ladies & Gentlemen
Welcome to tonight's show
The Millennium theater
asks that you not smoke
please turn off your cell phones
and forget what you think you know"

Court Documents Show NYC Mayor Planned To Ban Rallies During RNC

Internal Memos Reveal The Truth About 'Free Speech' In NYC....

Documents released July 31st by the Partnership for Civil Justice, & reported by the New York Times, revealed that the Mayor of New York, the Commissioner of the Parks Department & other city officials were intentionally depriving civil rights & anti-war assemblies from taking place during the Republican National Convention in 2004. They also reveal that they gave other reasons & rationales to the press, as well as to the public & the courts, for their decision.

In one of the internal e-mails, the Parks Department wrote, " It is very important that we do not permit any big or political events for the period between August 23rd and September 6th,2004. It's really important for us to keep track of any large events (over 1,000 people), and any rallies or events that seem sensitive or political in nature."

The Partnership for Civil Justice (PCJ) brought the first constitutional rights litigation in 2004 against New York City for it's efforts to ban political assembly on the Great Lawn. PCJ has continued to fight the court battle to end New York City's unconstitutional permitting practices, as well as it's illegal use of political discretion to ban free speech events & activities.

The lawsuit was brought on behalf of the National Council of Arab Americans (NCA) & the ANSWER Coalition. This was in response to the city denying their permit application to hold an anti-war & civil rights rally on the Great Lawn in New York's Central Park, August 29th, 2004. The litigation shows that the reasons given for the permit denials were false.

Carl Messineo, co-founder of the Partnership for Civil Justice & the attorney for the plaintiffs said, " Mayor Michael Bloomberg did everything to convince the RNC committee to hold it's election year convention in NYC. These newly released documents now reveal what so many suspected, that the Mayor also was directly involved in the decisions to ban large-scale mass assembly rallies in the Great Lawn of Central Park, the only venue available in Manhattan for such protest, as part of a highly politicized decision-making process."

Help stop the attempt to privatize our public parks & lands & remove them from being a traditional public forum---historically owned & available to the people for free speech use, assembly & protest!!

The right to free speech & assembly is being bought from underneath our very feet!

Visit Justice Online for more info, the actual documents & internal memos, & a chance to donate to defend the 1st Amendment!!