Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Stabbings, Please

Every once and a while, I'll stumble across a post somewhere that makes ME actually drop my jaw, then yell, "Fuck yeah!!". And although JamesRaven over at The Psychotic Patriot constantly delivers that, this particular post, "More Stabbings, Please", is amazing in two ways. First, the actual news story is amazing in that women, lesbians, took back power. Second, JamesRaven holds no punches with his raw, & real writing style--something I truly admire. Here is the post as written by James, sans links that appeared in his original post, due to time. Laziness, actually! Go to his blog to get the entire experience!

" As I read this piece on Feministing, I got more and more angry, so here's the story, and what follows is a rant:

The New York Times had a story recently about an altercation after a man made harassing comments to a group of women walking past him on the street. If you take it from the Times, 28-year old Dwayne Buckle merely said, "Hey, how're you doing?" to one of the women, and then was attacked by the group and stabbed in the stomach with a steak knife.

But unlike the Times, which only talked to Buckle, the NY Daily News interviewed police and others who were at the scene. Turns out the fight probably wasn't caused by a violent response to a "harmless" catcall, but by an anti-gay comment and threat. (The women were reportedly lesbians.)

"He called us [homophobic slur] and he said he was going to f-us all," one of the women said hours later as cops led the seven suspects out of the 6th Precinct stationhouse.

"He spit on us and threw a cigarette," another woman said. "This is a hate crime."

Buckle, though, claims he was the victim of a hate crime.

" It was a hate crime against a straight man by a ton of lesbians," he said. "This is what the world is coming to."

No, motherfucker, assholes like you getting stabbed is what the world's coming to, and you know why?

Because the Republicans are pumping up LGBT hatred to get out the vote, and these homophobic motherfuckers think it's now politically correct to threaten- or actually carry out-all kinds of violence.

More Stabbings Please!

Yes! More of you stupid homophobic motherfuckers stabbed in the guts or the neck like this picture above (pic changed here) is just fine with me!

Yes! But we need to make sure the screaming bleeding dipshit is on videotape crying for his mommy, pissing his pants, and otherwise acting like a wingnut.

Yes! More stabbings, and no I do not give a FUCK if what these women did was a crime.

More Stabbings Please!

These right wing motherfuckers talk about KILLING hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, specifically talking about murdering ALL Muslim children so they won't grow up to be Islamoterrormakemepissmypantists, so you can kiss my freckled ASS if you're squeamish about me calling for more stabbings of homophobic dipshits like Dwayne Buckle.

If there was a long series of events like this, with lots of dumbfucks like Dwayne Buckle-is that a wingnut name or what- bleeding all over the sidewalk with their guts hanging down in front of them, or maybe a web site with tiny ( they'd have to be tiny) chopped-off dicks displayed like hunting trophies, maybe these stupid racist homphobic motherfuckers would think twice about harassing any woman again."---JamesRaven (8/23/06)

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