Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nazi Hag Charged With Theft, Vandalism, Harassment, & A Civil Rights Violation

Conservative, Christian politcal activist, June Griffin, has been arrested for the theft of a Mexican flag from a Dayton business.
On July 8th, Griffin said she noticed a small Mexican flag at a hispanic grocery store in Dayton. She said, " I went in there and there was nothing English in the store. There was one man who could not speak a word of English". She said that she was outraged about the Mexican flag, saying it was an " act of war", & that it "insulted my citizenship".
Ms. Griffin said the hispanic man watched as she tore off the flag from where it was suctioned to the building, & left with it. She said, "Foreigners should learn English or leave!".
The 67 year old nazi hag ran for Congress in the recent election, but is now facing misdemeanor charges of theft, vandalism, & harassment, as well as felony charges for a civil rights violation. She has posted the $ 5,000 bond.
She has said that she will represent herself in court for the trial, which is sure to be an entertaining event. Griffin thinks that since she took the flag in the open, that it was not a theft! WHAT??? This racist bitch couldnt tell her ass from a hole in the wall!
Griffin faces up to 4 years in prison if convicted. If so, I hope the Latina's in prison give her a welcome that she will NEVER forget!