Sunday, August 06, 2006

Raise Those Fists!!!

My angst not only about what Israel is doing to Lebanon & Palestine, but what our own goverment is doing to it's own people & to the rest of the world, is not allowing myself to blog today. I apologize, but I would much rather blog with a clearer head, & as soon as that happens I promise to get back on board!
I will, though, leave you all with a tribute of sorts.
This goes out to all my comrades who are willing & able to fight like hell for the causes they believe. Not only are they very intelligent & free-thinking people, but they are strong & courageous.
With these comrades standing next to me in the fight, I have no fear. Thank you all for giving me hope in a world that is truly lacking. Just knowing there are MANY of us brings comfort to this angry activist! Please be sure to check out all of these blogs!----Sappho

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