Wednesday, August 30, 2006

S.O.S. Members Personally Attack Sappho!

Have I mentioned how much I love StatCounter?? Well, I do. It has given me yet another reason to love it's service.
Checking some stats today, I noticed that I have been receiving quite a few hits from none other than the racists over at Save Our State (S.O.S.). They have a forum on their pathetic website where they are able to spew copious amounts of verbal diarrhea for all to read. That is where I found, in the "Dissenter Paradise" area of the forum, not only a link to my post here on the Maywood immigration protest, but some really intelligent, mature (sarcasm alert!) comments made about me, my sexuality, & my blog, The Sappho Manifesto. Here are the words of S.O.S. members...

"Great piece of fiction"--referring to my Maywood post, I assume.

" Wow, not only is Sappho a "che" loving, America hating, Mexico loyalist, socialist/marxist, Traitor with a capital "T", to top it off, judging by the content on her pathetic page, she also appears to be a Lesbian. All that, in ONE sweet "little" package."---This obvious homophobic statement was snuggled next to a picture of some Latin woman. The picture made me laugh, I'll give 'em that! I say this because it couldn't be further from what I actually look like! I weigh around 105 pounds, the woman in the picture weighs quite a bit more, no offense to her of course. I guess these ignorant racists have to resort to immature tactics such as this. Sad, really.

" I'd like to see her be a lesbian in the turd (yes, that's how they spelled it) world. Death sentence anyone? Hahahahaha, if she thinks Fred Phelps is the worst thing she's ever encountered with being a lesbian, she hasn't been openly gay in a thirld world country! :) :)"---More homophobic diarrhea from someone who would love to see me recieve a death sentence for being gay. I assume they are suggesting that I should be happy I am gay here, in the U.S., rather than some "turd" world country. I am in fact. I also am not an "America" hater, as they propose. I love this country. That is why I fight so damn hard to expose racist skkkum like this, & join the beautiful people of Mexico & Latin America in defending their rights, & allowing them the opprotunity to live a better life.

" Looking at her blog she has serious psycological problems and should seek treatement."--- This was my personal favorite! Because if this S.O.S. member thinks I need psycological treatment for my beliefs, I guess the majority of the blogosphere needs some as well! An attack on my beliefs here, is also an attack on many leftist American's beliefs as well. Will you sit back & take this rhetoric from Nazi skkkum? I won't. Join me in exposing these racist's for who they really are!

I encourage you all to take a peek at this nonsense at the S.O.S forum.

Also, why you are there, read through all of the forums. This will give you a sense of the racist rhetoric that spews from their mouths & pores. Here is a great example...
" P.S. Do you know why Mexico is a shithole? Because it's full of Mexicans like you!"
And they continue to lie in our faces & pledge that their mission or cause has nothing to do with being racist against people of Mexican descent!!!!
The members of S.O.S. have continuously made racist comments, carried Confederate flags, Nazi flags (as seen in the above pic from their protest at a Day Labor site in Laguna Beach, Calif), & literally hid themselves behind the "patriotic" American flag. But as their forum clearly shows, Patriotism is not what they are all about. This is used to hide thier true racist intentions, & the American people are beginning to see behind the front of all the red, white, & blue these S.O.S. members hide behind.
To make personal attacks against me because I stand in solidarity with my latin brothers & sisters, denounce racism, & expose the TRUTH to organizations such as Save Our State, is pathetic. I know that in Maywood these racists were not only humiliated, but recieved a dose of karma. The local residents of Maywood & surrounding city's did not stand for racists coming into their city to spew hate. S.O.S. was taught a valuable lesson last weekend. Whether they learn it or not, is up to them.
I would like to thank the members of S.O.S. for personally attacking me. Not only has it shown many people your true colors, but it has given me more want, reason, passion, & drive to come after you son of a bitches & expose you for who you really are= RACIST, IGNORANT, IMMATURE, SKUM!!!