Sunday, August 27, 2006

S.O.S. Recieves More Than Humiliation At Maywood Immigration Protest!

Saturday, August 26th, was a great day for a protest. Especially against the racist S.O.S. group! And man, did it turn out to be a doozie! S.O.S recieved more than humiliation this weekend. They walked away, or shall I say, were escorted away, after being largely outnumbered, infuriated after the U.S. flag was "replaced" with the flag of Mexico, & recieved going away presents from loving pro-immigrant protesters...
Maywood, California is one of the most immigrant-populated city's in Los Angeles. The city recently declared Maywood a safe-haven of sorts for immigrants, legal or not. Well, this didn't sit so well with the racist S.O.S. organization. I have posted quite a lot about this group, along with the MinuteKlan, & I am VERY active in participating in making sure this organization dosen't last long.
S.O.S. has been wanting to go back to Maywood after their last protest there turned ugly. I was quite surprised to see the lack of turnout on their part, & more than elated to see their numbers pity in comparison to ours. S.O.S. turned out maybe 40-50 racist pigs, compared to our estimated 300, some say as much as 500 protesters! S.O.S. members arrived to stand in front of a barricade, shouting, & holding up signs such as, " Can you think?", " Is this Mexico or what?", & my favorite, " Shut Up"! Their intelligence is awe inspiring, no?
As the numbers of pro-immigration protesters grew, the S.O.S. grew angry, oftentimes sending in one of their own to "start shit" with pro-immigrant protesters. As this act continued all day, there was a point when some of the members of the pro-immigrant side had enough. They followed a MinuteKlan (he wore a MinuteKlan hat) man who was taunting people with his flag, making him duck into a store, only to be rescued by the police! He won't try that again!
As the Mariachi band played, the racists became infuriated! But the highlight of the day was when a pro-immigrant protester replaced the U.S. flag ,flying above the Post Office, with the flag of Mexico. He was beat in the legs with police batons, yet not arrested. Around 20 cops swarmed the flag pole, trying to take the flag down. As the cops kept trying, the flag only became entangled in the ropes. You could see the cops anger & humiliation rise as the flag stood it's ground, refusing to come down! Someone in the crowd yelled, "How many Maywood cops does it take to lower a flag?", followed by a roar of laughter from the crowd. Even after a Post Office employee tossed a set of keys to the cops, the flag refused to budge, causing the police to give up & retreat in military lockstep! Later, the guy who raised the Mexican flag said, " Both the flag and I got beaten, but we're both still flying. The flag and I are free!"
At around 2pm, the police escorted the S.O.S. members back to their cars, only to find some presents left for them from the pro-immigration fairy! Although S.O.S. promised it's members security for their vehicles, they found that some of their vehicles had slashed tires, some were spray painted, & one's back window had been broken out. Although I don't advocate this behaviour, I will admit, they had it coming to them! S.O.S. & MinuteKlan members are notorious for carrying weapons such as pepper spray, brass knuckles, knives, & even guns to protests involving immigration, calling on using these against the "goons", the nickname used to describe pro-immigrant supporters.
Hopefully now, the owned S.O.S. members will think twice about coming to Maywood, or ANY city in the county of Los Angeles!