Saturday, August 05, 2006

"We Shall Remain"

We Shall Remain

Palestinians have no other way
But to remain on their land and stay
Whether alive or dead
We have no choice, this is what we always said
We are like mountains planted in our own land
Alive on it or under it's ground dead
Ready to die for it's holy earth and sand
The question is, to be or not to be
Palestinians have no choice but to be.

We shall remain to defend ourselves, land, and right
For generations we have to keep up the cause
Alive and fight
No matter how much it will take
This will be continuous without any break
Israeli's must listen, open thier minds and wake
We believe it is right now, never too late
Palestinians will never give up nor forever wait
Till we build on our land our own Independent State.

By, Naser Saif