Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bush Has Optimistic View Of Iraq War, Yet...

...Suicide attacks have hit an all-time high this week, making it the worst week for attacks in Iraq.
Can we impeach this son-of-a-bitch already???

Revolutionary Of The Week

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jennings

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jennings (1830-1901), a 24 year old school teacher from New York, set out on July 16th, 1854 to go to the First Colored Congregational Church on 6th St. & 2nd Avenue where she played the organ.

Lizzie waited for the bus on the corner of Chatham & Pearl. To get around New York in 1854 often involved having to ride a large horse-drawn carriage for a fee. But for black New Yorkers like Lizzie Jennings, it was not so simple.

Manhattan may have been home to the nation's largest African-American population at the time, but trying to ride the bus with whites was a different story. Some buses had large signs that read " Colored Persons Allowed", while all other buses without signs were governed by an arbitrary system of passenger/conductor choice.

According to journalist Jasmin K. Williams, "Drivers determined who could ride." She added that NYC bus drivers , "carried whips to keep undesirable passengers off." At Jennings church, there was a current movement for public transportation equality with the Rev. J.W.C. Pennington.

On July 16th, 1854, though, Lizzie Jennings decided that she would take the bus without the "Colored Persons Allowed" sign. According to the New York Tribune, she next, " got upon one of the Company's cars...on the Sabbath, to ride to church. The conductor undertook to get her off, first alleging the car was full; when that was shown to be false, he pretended the other passengers were displeased at her presence; but when she insisted on her rights, he took hold of her by force to expel her. She resisted."

Jennings, outraged, told the conductor she was " a respectable person, born and raised in this city." She called the conductor "a good-for-nothing, impudent fellow for insulting decent persons while on their way to church."

The Tribune continues, " The conductor got her down on the platform, jammed her bonnet, soiled her dress and injured her person. Quite a crowd gathered, but she effectually resisted. Finally, after the car had gone on further, with the aid of a policeman they succeeded in removing her."

But what the conductor & the police did not know at the time, was that Jennings was well connected. Her father was quite an important businessman & community leader with ties to two major black churches in the city. Jennings, not satisfied with the huge rally at her church the following day, hired the law firm of Culver, Parker & Arthur & took the Third Avenue Railway Company to court. Her lawyer happened to be Chester A. Arthur, who would go on to become the 21st President upon the death of James A. Garfield in 1881.

In early 1855, Judge William Rockwell of the Brooklyn Circuit Court ruled in Jenning's favor. She claimed $ 500 worth of damages, but some jury members had other ideas as to black people's rights. So, Jennings ended up with $ 225, plus $ 22.50 for court costs. Regardless of this, the very next day, the Third Avenue Railway Company issued an order to admit African-Amercians onto their buses, & by 1860, all of the city's street & rail cars were desegregated.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dickhead Of The Week

John Rocker

Ex. Professional baseball player.
Professional Dickhead.
John Rocker appeared on Rita Crosby's show today, wearing this ridiculous t-shirt, going on about his "Speak English" campaign he has started.
He claims it's not about degrading other cultures or nationalities, but to instead "bolster American nationalism and promote pride in the American culture." Really? Then explain these racist & homophobic quotes from yourself, asshole:

" The biggest thing I don't like about New York are the foreigners. I'm not a very big fan of foreigners."

Called an overweight, black teamate a " fat monkey".

On ever playing for a New York team: " I would retire first. It's the most hectic, nerve-racking city. Imagine having to take the 7 train to the ballpark, looking like you're riding through Beirut next to some kid with purple hair next to some queer with AIDS right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time next to some 20 year-old mom with 4 kids. It's depressing."

Ahhhh, what a role model. If not for your kids, perhaps for the kids of KKK members.

When MinuteKlan Attack!!

Due to YouTube having issues today, I am unable to post the video. I have instead posted the link in hope's that you can access it, which I highly recommend you do.

"Minutemen Can't Clown Around" video

On Saturday September 23rd, the Minutemen & S.O.S. members congregated in National City, California (San Diego County), to protest the city's supposed "harboring" of Mexican illegal immigrants.
There was no shortage of opposition protesters, consisting of anti-racism, anti-Minutemen/SOS, & pro-immigration supporters. Among this group was the CIRCA clowns (Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Army-Boredom Patrol sector), fastly growing in popularity for their innovative, creative, & humerous approach to protesting groups such as the Minutemen/SOS.
Dressed as clowns in fatigues, they have implemented the tactic of 'clowing the clowns'. It not only is hilarious, but it's original & actually to the point--even if Minutemen/SOS members fail to "get it"!
I had heard reports that there was an incident where a San Diego Minuteman sprayed CIRCA clown members with pepper spray. So I did a little investigating.
Upon review of SOS's racist website forum, I found that at first SOS members were claiming that it was just water, & that it possibly even came from one of those squirting flowers that clowns wear (even though CIRCA clowns may have not even been wearing those). Other SOS members claimed that the clowns & pro-immigrant protesters "set them up"! But one SOS member had enough brains to discover & watch the video showing the entire incident(s) caught on tape, then actually admit to fellow members that one from their side of the protest did indeed shoot pro-immigrant protesters with pepper spray, unprovoked.
Above is the link to the video of the Minuteman protester, dressed like a biker-dude, wearing a black leather vest, blue jeans, wearing a bandana on his head, spraying pro-immigrant protesters, not once, but twice--without being threatend or assualted. California law states that it is illegal to spray someone with pepper spray if unprovoked, or not in self-defense, & the spray canister must be 2 ounces or less. This man's was clearly more than 2 ounces, plus he used it to assault, not protect himself from one.
The pro-immigrant protesters who were sprayed never assaulted him, nor did they threaten to. It looks as if the man became annoyed with them & sprayed them with pepper spray---TWICE! The man is also seen in the video shaking his yellow canister , getting ready to shoot.
Charges should be brought against this man, identified as Gabriel Pollach, San Diego Minuteman chapter, & I suspect there will be soon!
Here is the video proof. Pay close attention to Mr.Gabriel Pollach, the man with the bandana on his head, black leather vest, blue jeans, & tattoo's on arms. You be the judge. The Minutemen/SOS can say the clowns set them up, can say it was only water, can say it never happened---BUT VIDEO DOES NOT LIE!
Ladies & Gentlemen...Welcome to Minutemen/SOS tactics 101! Come armed to protests & shoot the oppositon in the face with pepper spray when they dont agree with you. These assholes better pray they never spray my loved ones or I at a protest!

Mr. Gabriel Pollach looks VERY familiar! Remember my post with the video of the CIRCA clowns crashing a Minuteman protest outside a San Diego area Home Depot??? Go back & watch that video, in the very beginning you will see a man who looks awfully like Mr.Pollach, dressed in leather vest, jeans, & bandana on head, confronting the CIRCA clowns!
Looks like Gabriel 'Mace In The Face' Pollach gets around. I hope the Minutemen in San Diego keep him around---it does wonders for the Minutemen's reputation when one of their own blasts pepper spray into the oppositon's face, unprovoked. What a pussy.

Pic Of The Day

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

'Before You Enlist' Video

Boycott Borders Books!!!

Leader of the Minuteklan, Jim Gilchrist, will be appearing at Borders for book signings of his new book, "Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders". Let Borders know that allowing Gilchrist to sign, as well as carrying this vile book, is not going to fly!
Call up the Borders stores that will be having Gilchrist signings(see below) , or just call your local Borders, & let them know that you will no longer shop there unless they decide to cancel the book signings!
I have decided to forever stop shopping at Borders, & buy all my books through smaller, independant bookstores, or through the internet. I will also be making sure that my friends & family stop shopping there as well, even if I have to buy them all giftcards to other bookstores that do not cater to racist organizations or people such as Gilchrist & the Minuteklan!
Please join with me, & many other progressive activists, in Boycotting Borders!

Gilchrist Signings at Borders in S.Calif:

9/25/06--7pm @ Thousand Oaks, Calif --(805) 497-8159
9/26/06--7pm @ Mission Viego, Calif --(949) 367-0005
9/27/06--7pm @ San Diego, Calif --(858) 618-1814

Chavez Calls Out Bush At UN

Hugo Chavez, Presidente de Venezuela, made an amazing speech at the UN yesterday, following the Pres. of Iran's equally important speech.
Not only did Chavez hit the nail on the head when describing our President of Incompetence, but managed to pimp Noam Chomsky's great book, Hegemony or Survival:The Imperialist Strategy of the United States, & make some funny one-liners as well!
Chavez said, " The hegemonic pretensions of the American empire are placing at risk the very survival of the human species. We continue to warn you about this danger and we appeal to the People of the United States and the world to halt this threat, which is like a sword hanging over our heads. I had considered reading from this book, but, for the sake of time, I will just leave it as a recommendation."
He also said, " And the devil came here yesterday. Yesterday the devil came here. Right here. (crosses himself) And it smells of sulfur still today."

For the entire speech, which is a must read, Click here

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pic Of The Day

Israeli Stranglehold On Gaza Causing Humanitarian Crisis

From The Socialist Worker. By, Elizabeth Schulte, 9/15/06

" Though hidden from the headlines, Israel's never-ending war on Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza is continuing to take a terrible toll. Since Israel's assault on Gaza began at the end of June, 262 Palestinians have been killed and some 1,200 wounded.
Israel's blockade on Gaza's borders means that food and other supplies are scarce--at any price. "This is the 10th store I approach to buy a single box of powdered milk for my little baby," Tareq Omar told IRIN News after searching Gaza's Al-Zawiya market for food for his 1 year old. " I don't know what to do. I am ready to pay double price for having only one package, but there is none."
With skyrocketing inflation pushing prices to record levels, few Palestinians can afford to but necessities like milk, even when it can be found--some 85 percent of families in the Gaza strip live below the poverty line.
The devastation of the Palestinian economy is the result of sanctions imposed on the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Israeli goverment's withholding of tax revenue following the victory of militant Islamist group Hamas in January elections. An estimated $100 million in aid has been kept from the PA, and hunreds of thousands of state workers haven't been paid for months.
On September 10, PA President Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Fatah, the rival party to Hamas, announced plans for a "national unity goverment" being negotiated with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Abbas said he hopes that the agreement will encourage Israel and the West to lift sanctions on the PA--and reopen negotiations with Israel.
At the same time, tens of thousands of public-sector employess are on strike over lack of pay. Many believe that Fatah is using the strikes to pressure Hamas into accepting negotiations with Israel.
"Fatah in Nablus sound more concerned with fighting Hamas than in resisiting the Israeli's," journalist Patrick Cockburn wrote in Britain's Independent newspaper. "State schools have almost all closed because of a Fatah-backed strike by teachers demanding their pay. The Hamas goverment cannot meet the teacher's demands since it has no money. '"What is the point of putting pressure on a bankrupt goverment?", asked Abdul Rahman Imran.
A previous announcment of "national unity" came at the end of June, with Hamas leaders agreeing to Fatah's push of Israel--although Hamas leaders asserted that they had not altered their position.
Within days of that announcement, Israeli tanks were rolling into Gaza, with Israel using the capture of an Israeli soldier as an excuse for all-out war. Israeli forces kidmapped dozens of elected officials affiliated with Hamas.
Even after it's failure to defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon, Israel's attempt to crush Hamas has not ended--nor has it's war on ordinary Palestinians. On September 10th, a 14 year old boy was wounded by Israeli fire in Rafah.
As Cockburn wrote a few days earlier, "Gaza has essentially been reoccupied since Israeli troops and tanks come and go at will. In the northern district of Shajhayeh, they took over several houses last week and stayed five days. Byt the time they withdrew, 22 Palestinians had been killed, three houses destroyed, and groves of olives, citrus, and almond trees had been bulldozed."
Meanwhile, on September 4, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert authorized West Bank construction projects for 690 new homes for Israeli settlements--in violation of promises he made to pull out thousands of settlers.
The logic of the US-led "war on terror" means that Israel will always have a reason to declare war on the Palestinians and occupy their land.
Erica Silverman, writing for Al-Ahram Weekly from Gaza, said that the embargo would likely last so long as Hams lawmakers still hold cabinet positions and reject the conditions demanded by the so-called Quartet--the US, European Union, United Nations, and Russia.
"Even if the Hamas-led goverment accepts the Quartet's conditions, Israel will not observe the argreement, and nothing will change," Ahmed Helles, a senior Fatah leader in Gaza, who had 10 family members killed by Israeli forces, told Silverman. "The problem is that Israel thinks they must occupy and control this country." "

Monday, September 18, 2006

2 Arrested For Hate Crime Against Day Laborers In Laguna Beach, Ca

Pic from last big anti-immigration rally in Laguna Beach, California at the Day Labor site; hosted by S.O.S. (Note Rebel flag + one Nazi flag w/swastika held next to thug in white tank. Also note Nazi salute.)

On Sunday, 2 men were arrested after assaulting several day laborers at the hiring center in Laguna Beach, California.
Artem Soloviev, 23, & Dennis Kaptilniy, 18, were arrested & booked for suspicion of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, & a hate crime, according to Laguna Beach P.D.
People called the police around 9am to report men driving a black Toyota truck through the day labor site. Witnesses reported that the men pulled into the parking lot & solicited a worker to hire. When the worker rejected the terms of the job, he & a friend nearby were assaulted by the 2 men, who broke one of the day laborers nose. The suspects fled the scene, then returned speeding throught the area with their truck. Witnesses had to jump out of the trucks path as the suspects circled the parking lot, striking 2 workers & metal lunch tables & a chain link fence.

Want to check out what the racist members of S.O.S. are saying about this??? One's like " Rich ie" said: " How do you miss with a car?" And one called "Catpatrol" said: " Sounds like B.S. to me!"
Click here for the direct link & scroll through their vile hate

ABC News Link

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Simply. Hilarious.

The group calling itself the "CIRCA Boredom Patrol" is seen here disrupting the MinuteKlan/S.O.S.'s seige on Home Depot. The racists have been meeting at Home Depots statewide to try & stop day labor workers from getting work to feed their families, or as Bush would say, to "put food on their families"!
Using comedy, the clowns decide that it's time to clown the clowns! Very original & creative, & watching the MinuteKlan/S.O.S.'s reactions is priceless! I also loved how a few of the racists tried to claim that they were some how assaulted by the CIRCA clowns, as the cops looked on. After these ridiculous claims of assault, the cops aren't sure who the real clowns are anymore!! Priceless. Nothing new from the MinuteKlan's side, they always cry wolf similiar to toddlers crying when their sibling hits them, or in this case, dosen't! The MinuteKlan/S.O.S. are a bit pussy-esque, if you ask me.
Here's to the CIRCA Boredom Patrol, with hopes that there are many more clown raids to come!!
CIRCA Boredom Patrol

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bush Speech (Remixed)

Pic Of The Day

Racist Twins Move To "More White" Town, But Not Welcome!

Those 14 year old racist twins, Lamb & Lynx of the no-talent singing duo, Prussian Blue, have moved out of their Bakersfield California town because thier mom & them feel it was "not white enough"!!!
First off, you won't find many cities in California, especially Southern California, that are "white enough" for these Hitler-loving, ignorant, racists. The family has instead, decided to move to the state of Montana.
The twins & their family were not greeted with warm welcomes or friendly neighbors with home-cooked brownies in tow. Instead, the concerned neighbors have posted signs in windows that read, "No Hate Here", & have printed information sheets about the new family & have distributed them around the neighborhood.
The twins & their family have not been seen much, refusing to answer the phone or door for media,etc. But reports are that they have called police to complain about the flyers being passed out about them.
On the racist websites from Stormfront & Libertyforum, racist members have posted pictures & names of some of the neighbors involved in distrubuting the flyers, frightening them.
Maybe there's a double-wide opening up soon in some backwoods area of the deep south for this racist family to live color-free! Or maybe someone could sponsor them in their home for awhile, you know, just until they find a place "white" enough......Any volunteers????

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Quote Of The Day

" The difference between them and all of us is not in the pockets of one or the other, although their pockets overflow with money while ours overflow with hope. No, the difference is not in the wallet, but in the heart. You and we have in our hearts a future to build. They only have the past which they want to repeat eternally. We have hope. They have death. We have liberty. They want to enslave us. That is what this is all about. It is a war. A war against humanity. The globalization of those who are above us is nothing more than a global machine that feeds on blood and defecates in dollars."---Subcomandante Marocs, EZLN

U.S. Dissenters: The Goverments Next Guinea Pigs

Photo #2 taken by Sappho at anti-MinuteKlan protest, Hollywood, Ca.

After reading a great post over at Para Justicia y Libertad! about the goverment testing of their newest "non-lethal" weapon on American citizens, I decided to do some research on this.
The new secret weapon, affectionately called, the "People Zapper", is said to be the Marine's biggest breakthrough in weapons technology since the atomic bomb. The "People Zapper", A.K.A., the Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (VMADS), is a "non-lethal" weapon that fires directed energy into a beam of micromillimeter waves. "The energy, which is like microwaves, causes the moisture in a person's skin to heat up rapidly, creating a burning sensation similiar to a hot light bulb pressed against one's flesh."
Mmmmm, toasted human flesh, served up by the goverment chefs!
Goverment official plans include mounting the "People Zapper" on top of a Humvee, & have even suggested a 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'-model, to mount onto aircraft!
The "possible applications" include, CROWD CONTROL, perimeter defense, & disruption of "enemy activities". The weapon's range still remains classified, but project officials expect that it's range will exceed 750 meters!
Whoever is using this weapon could easily engage a crowd from far. When the beam is waved over a group, people would immediatley experience hard-core pain, causing confusion & driving the crowd to disperse. But if it causes "confusion", how is one to "disperse" if confused & in pain??
It is still undetermined whether or not this weapon poses long-term health risks, because the goverment, of course, has not released this information. Personally, I cant see how being zapped, cooked, & burned by microwaves could NOT have long-term health risks!The "People Zapper" can pass throuhg clothing, by the way.
The human body begins to feel pain at about 113 degrees Fahrenheit, around the temperature of a hot light bulb. The VMAD's system could heat a "targets" skin up to about 130 degrees Fahrenheit in around 2 seconds!!
The health threat varies according to body type & length of exposure. So a 105 pound little shit like me might have the same effects as putting foil into a microwave!! Great, so I guess I'll be on the look-out for the "People Zapper" at the next rally or protest!
And for all you concerned with how much this weapon (that might be used on you at the next anti-war rally) costs: The Defense Department has spent nearly $ 40 Million over 10 years developing this, & budget predictions show another $ 26 Million could be needed over the next 5 years or so!
God, you know how many people that could feed & house? You know how many Hurricane Katrina victims could benefit from that kind of money?
But nooo, the United States goverment would much rather stick it's dirty money into combating dissent among it's citizens! Add another tactic to the goverments sponsored rape & desecration of our Constitution, that already includes surveillance, censorship, & detention.

The U.K. seems to be interested in our goverments newest toy as well. Click here for the article.

The Pentagon's People Zapper

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pic Of The Day

IDF Commander Admits To Israeli Use Of Cluster Bombs & Phosphorous

From 9/12/06

" IDF Commander: We fired more than a million cluster bombs in Lebanon:

" What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered entire towns in cluster bombs," the head of an IDF rocket unit in Lebanon said regarding the use of cluster bombs and phosphorous shells during the war.
Quoting his battalion commander, the rocket unit head stated that the IDF fired around 1,800 cluster bombs, containing over 1.2 million cluster bomblets.
In addition, soldiers in IDF artillery units testified that the army used phosphorous shells during the war, widely forbidden by international law. According to their claims, the vast majority of said explosive ordinance was fired in the final 10 days of the war.
The rocket unit commander stated that Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) platforms were heavily used in spite of the fact that they were known to be highly inaccurate."

" The use of such weaponry is controversial mainly due to it's inaccuracy and ability to wreak havoc against indeterminate targets over large areas of territory, with a margin of error of as much as 1,200 meters from the intended target to the area hit.
The cluster rounds which dont detonate on impact, believed by the United Nations to be around 40% of those fired by the IDF in Lebanon, remain on the ground as unexploded munitions, effectively littering the landscape with thousands of land mines which will continue to claim victims long after the war has ended.
Because of their high level of failure to detonate, it is believed that there are around 500,000 unexploded munitions on the ground in Lebanon. To date 12 Lebanese civilians have been killed by these mines since the end of the war.
According to the commander, in order to compensate for the inaccuracy of the rockets and the inablility to strike individual targets precisely, units would "flood" the battlefield with munitions, accounting for the littered and explosive landscape of post-war Lebanon.
When his reserve duty came to a close, the commander in question sent a letter to Defense Minister Amir Peretz outlining the use of cluster munitions, a letter which has remained unanswered.
It has come to light that IDF soldiers fired phosphorous rounds in order to cause fires in Lebanon. An artillery commander has admitted to seeing trucks loaded with phosphorous rounds on their way to artillery crews in the north of Israel.
A direct hit from a phosphorous shell typically causes severe burns and a slow, painful death.
International law forbids the use of weapons that cause "excessive injury and unnecessary suffering", and many experts are of the opinion that phosphorous rounds fall directly in that category."

For more of this article: click here

Monday, September 11, 2006

Subcomandante Marcos Speaks About The Media

"Lynch Mob" Attacks Mosque

From Los Angeles Independent Media Center:

" Culver City, Ca, 10 September 2006-- Late this afternoon, as much of the world reflected on 9-11, the United American Committee, the Minutemen, and the Coptic Christians of America stood at the King Fahd Mosque calling out, " You kill Jews!" before hanging an effigy of Osama bin Laden on a makeshift gallows in the back of a rented pick up truck.
It was a grotesque, hideous image--a black man in the U.S. performing a lynching-in-effigy. On one level it was a bizarre caricature--the lynching wasn't real, so maybe the black man, posing for the press and agitating his prodominantly white audiance, wasn't real either. At another level, the historical cascade of violence from whites lynching African-American lynching Osama bin Laden--today transformed into a surrogate for all Muslims--was a breathstopping recollection of scenes from a century ago.
The anti-Muslim groups stood the mosque, on the southwest corner of Huron and Washington Streets. Counter protestors had secured the area in front of the mosque before the persecutors-arrogantly flaunting U.S. flags in an equation of religious intolerance and patriotism-arrived. Both groups slowly added to their numbers in what would become a tense stand-off as the adversaries spilled into Huron Street. Heated, near-violent, face-to-face confrontations erupted, at times quelled only by intrepid Christian and Muslim clergy people walking between the groups. A single police crusier and two vacant cop motorcycles sat placidly fifty yards away, at the 7-11 across the street, leaving the Muslims and their supporters to protect themselves from the aggressors.
The United American Committee is headed by Jesse Petrilla, a former UC-Irvine student who made his mark in college by showing offensive drawings of the Prophet Muhammad at the university, the same drawings that sparked riots in Europe. The black man who hung the effigy, Ted Hayes, himself a member of UAC, brought a handful of white Minutemen to back him up. The presence of the Copts, who arranged for the demonstration permit, brought the bloody Egyptian streetfighting between the minority Coptic Church and Islamic revivalists to Los Angeles. The anti-immigrant group Save Our State was slated to appear, but evidently reconsidered.
Against the eighty or so anti-Muslim protestors, stood a hundred and fifty-member alliance of neighborhood religious groups and those who have been fighting in the streets against the rising tide of racism and fascism in Southern California. Hamilton United Methodist Church, the Interfaith Community United for Justice and Peace, the United University Church at USC, Culver City Presbyterian Church, the Culver City Interfaith Alliance, the Culver Palms United Methodist Church, Unity and Diversity World Fellowship, and the Community Call to Action and Accountability of Bethel AME Chruch stood in solidarity and prayer with members of the King Mosque during the demonstration.
As they prayed, the zealots on the opposite corner caterwauled "America the Beautiful".
One church representative said, " Jesus says 'Love thy enemies'". The president of the Culver City Interfaith Alliance added a quote from George Washington: " We give to bigotry no sanction and to persecution no assistance." A spokesperson for the group United University lamented, "What's really sad is that people are learning that living in fear is the way to live." The representatives of the Unity and Diversity World Fellowship went to heart of the issue: " Fascism and ignorance polarizes people," one said.
Meanwhile, other counter protestors chanted, "Brothers, sisters, have no fear--Muslims are all welcome here." They continued, "Black, Latino, Arab, Asian, and White; stop the hate, stop the hate, defend our civil rights!"
Shortly after 5pm, Hayes' pickup truck arrived. A designated "executioner" climbed into the truck bed, and Hayes covered the executioner's face in a black executioner's hood. The unidentified man donned a black bathrobe, and he and Hayes looped the noose dangling from a makeshift yardarm around the 3/4 sixe doll, which was dressed in military fatigues with "Bin Laden" on the pocket and topped with a Bin Laden mask.They hoisted the figure into the air as their supporters cheered and gleefully lobbed shoes at the effigy. Hayes finished the ritual by blowing on what appeared to be a small shofar.

Then Hayes called on the Muslims to denounce Bin Laden and terrorism, claiming, " We love Muslims", and "Today, the American people have justice!" A moment later he pointed to two men wearing kufis and bellowed, " You are terrorists!" Then he pronounced to the Muslims gathered a few yards away, "We are here to make you better Muslims. We believe in freedom."
The counter protestors replied with " No more lynch mobs!" and " UAC, racist slime--being Muslim is not a crime!"
The King Fahd mosque was first targeted by the Jewish Defense League. JDL leaders Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel were arrested on terrorism charges. They had guns, five pounds of explosives, and plans to blow up not only the mosque but the office of an Arab American Congressman, Darrel Issa of San Clemente. Krugel allegedly said on tape that Arabs "need a wakeup call" and the JDL needed to do something to one of their "filthy" mosques.
Worshippers at the King Fahd mosque were shocked. "He's as evil as the other evil people who did damage to innocent lives," one said of Rubin. "The mosque would have been filled with hundreds of people."
Rubin reportedly killed himself in prison; Krugel was murdered while in prison, perhaps by neo-Nazis.
The UAC has links through its communications director to the JDL.
The homegrown terrorists of the UAC chose the mosque because, according to the 9-11 Commission Report, two of the allged Twin Tower bombers had "spent time at the King Fahd mosque and made some acquaintances there" during a two-week visit in January, 2000--eighteen months before the attack.
The report speculates that the alleged bombers made contact with an imam at the mosque, Fahad al Thumairy, but concluded that "we have not found evidence that Thumairy provided assistance to re-enter the U.S. after a trip to Saudi Arabia.
The director of the mosque, Usman Madha, argreed to an interview before the demonstration. When asked about the meaning of this protest in Los Angeles, Madha commented on the UAC, "The protestors should, if they really care about the United States, become part of America and want peace. They should remember the people who lost their lives innocently. They should turn their anger into energy and do something constructive." On the "fatwa" against demanded by the anti-Muslim protestors, Madha explained, " A fatwa is not the domain of a religious insititution," and wondered with some anger, "Why are we obliged to give any sort of statement? Who are they to demand that we do something? A fatwa cannot be given by anybody out there," and he waved his hand derisivley. When asked about being targeted, the director claimed the mosque was the "wrong target". He said it is a "religious institution, not involved in politics. It should not be a target. No religious institution should be. It's hate-mongering."
Madha turned to the question of the allged bombers' presence at the mosque. " Any religious institution--a mosque, church, synagogue, Hindu temple--a person or people can walk in, come and pray and leave, but do they actually tell the people(at the institution) they are going to do something? People who deliver parcels...if they do something wrong, does that mean the Post Office, a goverment agency, is responsible? Somebody could walk in, walk out, and do something crazy. Does that mean the mosque is responsible?"
"Muslims are part of America. All immigrants, and native Muslims, our African-American brothers and sisters, are here to build our lives and this country, not to destroy it. Being here is an immigrants dream. We are as patriotic as anybody, we love this country."
Hayes grabbed his bullhorn and intoned, "The judgement of God is upon you", pointing a long, chilling finger at a Muslim who had debated him.
As the near-battle on the street concluded, one counterprotestor confronted Hayes, looking directly at him. "I've never seen a black man leading a lynch mob before. Let me repeat: I've never seen a black man leading a lynch mob before. I've seen overseers. I've seen Clarence Thomas, I've seen Condi Rice, and I've seen you. You're an overseer, you're a servant of the white man--Uncle Ted, Uncle Tom." Hayes quietly thanked the speaker and turned away.
It was nearly 6pm when the departing UAC, Minutemen, Copts, and their supporters were pursued across the street to the vacant lot next to the 7-11. There, they made plans to burn the effigy at dawn Monday morning at the homeless refuge known as Dome Village in downtown Los Angeles."

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

No One Is Illegal

Justin Akers Chacon on racist vigilante groups such as S.O.S. & the MinuteKlan:

" As individuals, with no sense of collective power, they create enemies more vulnerable than themselves to rationalize their own importance. In their blindness, they rage against sections of U.S. society that are even more oppressed by the same system. The more helpless they feel, the more they militate against immigrants. Ulitmately, by attacking immigrants and creating racial and national divisions in the working class, they increase the power that corporate America wields over all."

" While vehemently denying the racist character of their organizations, they can hardly contain their contempt for the negative effect "foreign" influence is having on "American culture". Their ideology combines racism with misguided economic theories, enabling a broad swath of forces to unite in common cause. During their inaugural expedition along the Arizona border, Gilchrist (leader of the MinuteKlan) let slip what really bothers him about immigrants from Mexico. "It's a silent Trojan horse invasion that is eroding our culture," he told reporters."

" The new racism runs throughout the nativist movements, which under the aegis of "opposing illegal immigration" declare total war on Mexican culture and Mexican people, documented or not. The same groups that have led the debate against immigration have been working for years to overturn bilingual education and multicultural programs, and have underwritten legislative proposals that seek to deny social services to all immigrants."

"But good old-fashioned overt racism is rife in the anti-immigrant movement as well.Barbara Coe, director of the California Coalition on Immigration Reform, regularly refers to Mexican people as "savages". Chris Simcox (leader of S.O.S.) consistently evokes racist stereotypes, alleging that immigrants are "trashing their neighborhoods, refusing to assimilate, standing on street corners, jeering at little girls walking on their way to school."

" The Minuteman Project also generally chooses to ignore the Canadian border and it's sparsely protected 79 points of entry, yet bleats about Mexico's 37 heavily monitored points of entry. Some groups make no effort to hide their disdain for immigrants. The website for Save Our State (S.O.S.) asks, " Are you tired of watching your state turn into a Third World cesspool right before your eyes?"

" The open contempt and the insinuation of the need for violence against immigrants have provided an opening for the active participation of fascist elements. Expressing his desire to take more direct action, James Garret, a "tactical officer" for the Arizona Minutemen, lamented to journalist Peter Lauffer, "We need a revoultion [because] my goverment precludes me from fighting the Mexicans." A member of the California Minutemen, James Chase, urged his followers to come prepared to the July 16th, 2005 patrol in Campo, California, and bring "machetes, stun guns, and baseball bats." This was urged in order "to protect our people against the monster, should they appear."

" Groups adopting the Minutemen mantra are springing up all over, some openly espousing fascist ideology. The Southern Law Poverty Center has documented the participation of the Neo-Nazi National Alliance in Minutemen activities in Arizona. Two days before staged actions, Alliance pamplets were distributed across the Minutemen base town of Tombstone calling for extreme measures against immigration."

" Human rights groups have also documented the participation of such racists as Joe McCutchen, a member of the white supremacist organization Council of Conservative Citizens.Preparing for a border action, he described the immigrants they were there to hunt: " They've got tuberculosis, leprosy. I mean, you don't even want to touch them unless your wearing gloves. So why the hell should we pay our taxes to cure them?" One particpant summarized his relationship to the Minutemen Project in the following way: " We understand why Gilchrist and Simcox have to talk all this P.C. crap...It's all about playing to the media. That's fine. While we're here, it's their game and we'll play by their rules. Once Minuteman's over, though, we might just have to come back and do our own thing."

" Neo-Nazi organizations have also appeared at SOS rallies in California. At a July 16th, 2005 protest against immigrants at the Laguna Day Laborers Center in Orange County, members of the National Vanguard turned out, mixing with other SOS members, carrying an SOS banner and openly unfurling Nazi flags. While some SOS members were alarmed at their presence, SOS founder Joe Turner chastised those who sought to disassociate themselves, stating, " So, if you are in [SOS]...accept this reality[of Nazi's being at our events]. If you cannot accept this reality or feel uncomfortable about it, then it is time for you to bow out and move on to another organization. No hard feelings. No grudges."

" It is no coincidence that the appearance of the Minutemen parallels a general increase of hate crimes against latinos across the United States. Across the South, there has been a resurgence of Ku Klux Klan activity increasingly directed at latino immigrants. Concealing their former identities under the now acceptable Minuteman label, Klan and Nazi groups are finding a new lease on life, and a new target at which to direct their hate and violence."

Revolutionary Of The Week

Dolores Jimenez y Muro

Dolores Jimenez y Muro was a school teacher born in Aguascalientes on June 7th, 1848. During the Mexican Revolution she was a political radical (socialist by conviction), a poet, an admirer of Emiliano Zapata, & a contributor to left-wing journals, later becoming a large political figure.
She was arrested in 1910 for her activism against the Diaz regime. The following year, she founded Regeracion y Concordia from her prison cell to, "improve the lot of indigenous races, rural people, workers; to unify revolutionary forces, and to elevate women economically and intellectually."
Jimenez was a part of the group that formed the ideas for a "Plan", which helped form the ideas for the "Complot de Tacubaya". The "Complot" was to create a rebellion in order to bring Francisco Madero to power. Asked by the revolutionary leaders who complied the main ideas to put all the ideas together & give them shape, she did. This resulted in "The Political and Social Plan", which was published on March 18, 1911. The documents contained many reforms that included: the need for better working conditions, better wages, maximum hours of work, eductational reform, plus many more.
The document also showed Jimenez's importance & influence in the Revolution, for many of her own ideas were included for the reforms. Her roots as a school teacher showed in her reform to decentralize the Mexican education system. This would allow for schools to be locally funded & controlled, so each school would recieve individual attention. Since Jimenez was in touch with all classes of people, she was able to easily see their needs & problems. This moved her to fight for reforms about the expensive & insufficient housing for the lower classes.
Jimenez's publication of the "Plan" was so impressive that Emiliano Zapata himself decided to use some of her reforms & said that he had a need for such people in his ranks, & he expressed the wish that she & other intellectuals join his cause in the state of Morelos. She joined Zapata's ranks & led a great political life until Zapata's assassination in 1919. Jimenez later died on October 15th, 1925 in Mexico City, Mexico.
Dolores Jimenez y Muro wanted to change the course of Mexico's political & economic fate, becoming essential to the cause she fought. Because of the view of women during these times, it was quite amazing that she became such a political figure that was so greatly admired. She went from obscurity as a school teacher to a political intellectual in the ranks of the great revolutionary, Emiliano Zapata. She was able to earn the respect from high political powers & powerful male figures, & without her, the "Plan" may have never achieved the recognition it did. For this, she has recieved the Revolutionary Of The Week.

My Thoughts On Bush's Speech

'Nuff said.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pic Of The Day

Mexico Election Fraud Resembles 2000 U.S. Pres. Fraud

Today the Electoral Court of the Federal Judiciary named Felipe Calderon as the president-elect of Mexico.
Andres Manual Lopez Obrador stated that he will never recognize Calderon's victory, & vows to create a parallel goverment that is currently being drafted with the new Constitution of Mexico which he & his supporters have said is due to Mexico needing a "radical transformation".
This fraud of an election closely resembles the presidential election here in the United States, where the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Bu$h by creating legal loopholes.
In Mexico, the TEPJF tossed out entire precincts where fraud was suspected. The court in Mexico says that they will only recount votes to confirm the result. In places where the recount is not in line with the result, then they simply throw out the entire precinct!
So ass-backwards it makes my head spin! Democracy my ass!
Obrador & his supporters vow to block Congress from taking power December 1st. And if the recent protest that stopped Vicente Fox from giving his final State of the Nation speech is any indication, there will be much action December 1st!
In the plaza of Zocalo, thousands in the protest camp chanted, " If there is no solution, there will be revolution!"
"Taking up arms is the only way", said Angel Sinsun. "They'll never give us power with peaceful resistance or with negotiations."
The people of Mexico are not sheep, unlike a majority of those of the United States. Expect some serious action, for Mexico is teetering on the edge of revolution.
The White House congratulated Calderon on the election, calling it a "free and fair election process"!!!!
Typical, coming from the mouths of fraudulant members of the United States goverment, who sponsor & support crooked right-wing leaders everywhere.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Remember The TRUE Meaning Of Labor Day

Labor Day is much more than the first Monday of September that we get the day off of work to bbq or go to the beach. It is a time to reflect on the many sacrifices of the United States workers who came before us, & especially to those who lost their lives in the fight for justice at the workplace.
Only the U.S. celebrates Labor Day in September. Everywhere else in the world, nations honor workers on May Day (May 1st).
Ironically enough, "May Day" was founded by U.S. workers, & taken away from them as a day to celebrate by a federal goverment fearful of the wave of huge demonstrations for an 8 hour work day & massive strikes for justice in the workplace, such as railroads, mines, & factories, that began in 1877.
An action like this may seem quaint now, but the symbolism of May Day workers challenging corporate power still causes fear among the top elite.
Just ask Dubya & the Republican Neo-cons in Congress!
In 2003, Bush proclaimed May 1st as "Loyalty Day", when U.S. citizens should express blind alligiance to our country & it's founding ideals. That same year, Congress designated May 1st of each year as "Loyalty Day".
Bush proclaimed:
" Now, therefore, I, George W. Bush, President of the United States of America,do hereby proclaim May 1, 2003, as Loyalty Day. I call upon all the people of the U.S. to join in support of the national observance. I also call upon goverment officials to display the flag of the U.S. on all goverment buildings on Loyalty Day."
Damn, sounds kinda Hitler-esque to me! This president will do just about anything to deny the real workers of this country their much deserved recognition, rights, & fair pay! This asshole doesn't know the meaning of work! He has had everything handed to him on a silver platter.
Some call May Day the REAL Labor Day. But workers in this country shed their blood & sweat for a day of honor. No matter what the date, they deserve recognition & praise.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Pic Of The Day

The Words Of Gaza's Children

Mohammed Mukhaimar works as a trauma psychologist with the Gaza Community Mental Health Program. Here, he has put the words of children he has met together into this open letter. Originally found at Traprock Peace Center.

" Dear World:

From here...from across the oceans...from Palestine...the land of open wounds, from our hearts and souls...we talk to you.

Everyday, when the sun rises in the morning, and sets in the evening, and the moon appears, we know there is a big world out there, and there we find you.

We share the same sun, the same moon, but our days are not like yours, neither are our nights...we do not know why.

Our days are full of fear and panic, of voices and sounds that you do not hear, full of images and events that you do not see, full of sounds from rockets and air jets that bring death to everywhere.

Our days are full of worries about our mother, father, and sisters, brothers; whom we love and care about. We have fears of losing our house, our small toys and our swing. Fear of having our books and clothes get buried under the rubble.

Hey, the Israeli army kicked us out of our home at 4am two days ago and destroyed everything, and they are staying in our house and using it for snipering...they forced us to leave as fast as we could...We don't know what to was so hard for was especially hard for the children and the older people.

I personally had to carry my grandmother all the way because she couldn't walk. The children were speechless, crying...and the army is destroying everything, and they make many holes in our homes...the windows were down from the rockets they shot...the bullet holes marking the buildings...they are becoming insane...I saw people getting shot, I saw rockets and missiles fall on people, heavy bullets flew over my head, I saw parts of my house falling apart...the situation is so unbearable.

Our days are full of funerals, tragic ceremonies, of children who are my age...our days are full of mothers weeping for the loss of their children and beloved, and of children's eyes searching for those who are gone and will never come back.

Our days are hot and the beach is empty. There is no place left on the sand for our play and joy. Israeli military boats spread death on the sand and have colored the beach sand with blood. The ocean is meters away from our houses, but we are afraid to go there to avoid facing the same destiny of Huda's family (an 11 yr old whose entire family was killed by an Israeli shell at the beach).

We wish that the ocean and the summer be as it used to be, unlike nowadays, the "Summer Rain", as the Israeli army converted it to be.

In our days, we do not play as other children do. We do not go far away from our houses, although it's summer vacation, but there is no vacation while in fear and sadness.

Our minds are full of horrible events about people who die, houses being demolished, cars being shelled, tress being uprooted, and green lands being bulldozed.

Our minds are tired and overwhelmed of images of tanks, helicopters and sonic booms. Our games and vocabularies are only about soldiers and militant groups, jet fighters, drones, F-16's and machine guns. Simple joyful games and words have disappeared.

Our night...(Oh don't remind me). It's dark; there is no electricity ever since Israeli air forces destroyed the power station. We get the lights from candles that melt similar to our dreams and hope.

Our night carries the same events of the day, but it also carries nightmares about soldiers breaking into our homes, burning bodies, red sky, injured children crying, and the most terrifying is that our beloved die of rockets and shells.

In our days and nights, we have many questions, but we have no answers for them.

Why do they kill us? Why do they demolish our houses? Why do they terrorize us? Why are patients prevented from getting treatment? Why people die in hospitals? Why patients die at checkpoints? Why have we been bleeding for so long? Why my father screams a lot and can't laugh anymore? Why my father comes back without candies? Could it be because he has not recieved his salary for the last five months? Why my grandmother repeats the story of her uprooting in 1948, as if it is happening now?

Why the past did not end yet? Moreover, why we recieve the Israeli bullet alone?

Our dreams are simple; we want our days and nights to be like yours; we want our children, nothing more; we want freedom, safety, and life. We want to live in peace.

Do not leave us alone."

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Example Of S.O.S./MinuteKlan Mentality