Monday, September 18, 2006

2 Arrested For Hate Crime Against Day Laborers In Laguna Beach, Ca

Pic from last big anti-immigration rally in Laguna Beach, California at the Day Labor site; hosted by S.O.S. (Note Rebel flag + one Nazi flag w/swastika held next to thug in white tank. Also note Nazi salute.)

On Sunday, 2 men were arrested after assaulting several day laborers at the hiring center in Laguna Beach, California.
Artem Soloviev, 23, & Dennis Kaptilniy, 18, were arrested & booked for suspicion of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, & a hate crime, according to Laguna Beach P.D.
People called the police around 9am to report men driving a black Toyota truck through the day labor site. Witnesses reported that the men pulled into the parking lot & solicited a worker to hire. When the worker rejected the terms of the job, he & a friend nearby were assaulted by the 2 men, who broke one of the day laborers nose. The suspects fled the scene, then returned speeding throught the area with their truck. Witnesses had to jump out of the trucks path as the suspects circled the parking lot, striking 2 workers & metal lunch tables & a chain link fence.

Want to check out what the racist members of S.O.S. are saying about this??? One's like " Rich ie" said: " How do you miss with a car?" And one called "Catpatrol" said: " Sounds like B.S. to me!"
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