Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Boycott Borders Books!!!

Leader of the Minuteklan, Jim Gilchrist, will be appearing at Borders for book signings of his new book, "Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders". Let Borders know that allowing Gilchrist to sign, as well as carrying this vile book, is not going to fly!
Call up the Borders stores that will be having Gilchrist signings(see below) , or just call your local Borders, & let them know that you will no longer shop there unless they decide to cancel the book signings!
I have decided to forever stop shopping at Borders, & buy all my books through smaller, independant bookstores, or through the internet. I will also be making sure that my friends & family stop shopping there as well, even if I have to buy them all giftcards to other bookstores that do not cater to racist organizations or people such as Gilchrist & the Minuteklan!
Please join with me, & many other progressive activists, in Boycotting Borders!

Gilchrist Signings at Borders in S.Calif:

9/25/06--7pm @ Thousand Oaks, Calif --(805) 497-8159
9/26/06--7pm @ Mission Viego, Calif --(949) 367-0005
9/27/06--7pm @ San Diego, Calif --(858) 618-1814