Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mexico Election Fraud Resembles 2000 U.S. Pres. Fraud

Today the Electoral Court of the Federal Judiciary named Felipe Calderon as the president-elect of Mexico.
Andres Manual Lopez Obrador stated that he will never recognize Calderon's victory, & vows to create a parallel goverment that is currently being drafted with the new Constitution of Mexico which he & his supporters have said is due to Mexico needing a "radical transformation".
This fraud of an election closely resembles the presidential election here in the United States, where the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Bu$h by creating legal loopholes.
In Mexico, the TEPJF tossed out entire precincts where fraud was suspected. The court in Mexico says that they will only recount votes to confirm the result. In places where the recount is not in line with the result, then they simply throw out the entire precinct!
So ass-backwards it makes my head spin! Democracy my ass!
Obrador & his supporters vow to block Congress from taking power December 1st. And if the recent protest that stopped Vicente Fox from giving his final State of the Nation speech is any indication, there will be much action December 1st!
In the plaza of Zocalo, thousands in the protest camp chanted, " If there is no solution, there will be revolution!"
"Taking up arms is the only way", said Angel Sinsun. "They'll never give us power with peaceful resistance or with negotiations."
The people of Mexico are not sheep, unlike a majority of those of the United States. Expect some serious action, for Mexico is teetering on the edge of revolution.
The White House congratulated Calderon on the election, calling it a "free and fair election process"!!!!
Typical, coming from the mouths of fraudulant members of the United States goverment, who sponsor & support crooked right-wing leaders everywhere.