Saturday, September 16, 2006

Racist Twins Move To "More White" Town, But Not Welcome!

Those 14 year old racist twins, Lamb & Lynx of the no-talent singing duo, Prussian Blue, have moved out of their Bakersfield California town because thier mom & them feel it was "not white enough"!!!
First off, you won't find many cities in California, especially Southern California, that are "white enough" for these Hitler-loving, ignorant, racists. The family has instead, decided to move to the state of Montana.
The twins & their family were not greeted with warm welcomes or friendly neighbors with home-cooked brownies in tow. Instead, the concerned neighbors have posted signs in windows that read, "No Hate Here", & have printed information sheets about the new family & have distributed them around the neighborhood.
The twins & their family have not been seen much, refusing to answer the phone or door for media,etc. But reports are that they have called police to complain about the flyers being passed out about them.
On the racist websites from Stormfront & Libertyforum, racist members have posted pictures & names of some of the neighbors involved in distrubuting the flyers, frightening them.
Maybe there's a double-wide opening up soon in some backwoods area of the deep south for this racist family to live color-free! Or maybe someone could sponsor them in their home for awhile, you know, just until they find a place "white" enough......Any volunteers????