Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Revolutionary Of The Week

Dolores Jimenez y Muro

Dolores Jimenez y Muro was a school teacher born in Aguascalientes on June 7th, 1848. During the Mexican Revolution she was a political radical (socialist by conviction), a poet, an admirer of Emiliano Zapata, & a contributor to left-wing journals, later becoming a large political figure.
She was arrested in 1910 for her activism against the Diaz regime. The following year, she founded Regeracion y Concordia from her prison cell to, "improve the lot of indigenous races, rural people, workers; to unify revolutionary forces, and to elevate women economically and intellectually."
Jimenez was a part of the group that formed the ideas for a "Plan", which helped form the ideas for the "Complot de Tacubaya". The "Complot" was to create a rebellion in order to bring Francisco Madero to power. Asked by the revolutionary leaders who complied the main ideas to put all the ideas together & give them shape, she did. This resulted in "The Political and Social Plan", which was published on March 18, 1911. The documents contained many reforms that included: the need for better working conditions, better wages, maximum hours of work, eductational reform, plus many more.
The document also showed Jimenez's importance & influence in the Revolution, for many of her own ideas were included for the reforms. Her roots as a school teacher showed in her reform to decentralize the Mexican education system. This would allow for schools to be locally funded & controlled, so each school would recieve individual attention. Since Jimenez was in touch with all classes of people, she was able to easily see their needs & problems. This moved her to fight for reforms about the expensive & insufficient housing for the lower classes.
Jimenez's publication of the "Plan" was so impressive that Emiliano Zapata himself decided to use some of her reforms & said that he had a need for such people in his ranks, & he expressed the wish that she & other intellectuals join his cause in the state of Morelos. She joined Zapata's ranks & led a great political life until Zapata's assassination in 1919. Jimenez later died on October 15th, 1925 in Mexico City, Mexico.
Dolores Jimenez y Muro wanted to change the course of Mexico's political & economic fate, becoming essential to the cause she fought. Because of the view of women during these times, it was quite amazing that she became such a political figure that was so greatly admired. She went from obscurity as a school teacher to a political intellectual in the ranks of the great revolutionary, Emiliano Zapata. She was able to earn the respect from high political powers & powerful male figures, & without her, the "Plan" may have never achieved the recognition it did. For this, she has recieved the Revolutionary Of The Week.