Sunday, September 17, 2006

Simply. Hilarious.

The group calling itself the "CIRCA Boredom Patrol" is seen here disrupting the MinuteKlan/S.O.S.'s seige on Home Depot. The racists have been meeting at Home Depots statewide to try & stop day labor workers from getting work to feed their families, or as Bush would say, to "put food on their families"!
Using comedy, the clowns decide that it's time to clown the clowns! Very original & creative, & watching the MinuteKlan/S.O.S.'s reactions is priceless! I also loved how a few of the racists tried to claim that they were some how assaulted by the CIRCA clowns, as the cops looked on. After these ridiculous claims of assault, the cops aren't sure who the real clowns are anymore!! Priceless. Nothing new from the MinuteKlan's side, they always cry wolf similiar to toddlers crying when their sibling hits them, or in this case, dosen't! The MinuteKlan/S.O.S. are a bit pussy-esque, if you ask me.
Here's to the CIRCA Boredom Patrol, with hopes that there are many more clown raids to come!!
CIRCA Boredom Patrol