Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When MinuteKlan Attack!!

Due to YouTube having issues today, I am unable to post the video. I have instead posted the link in hope's that you can access it, which I highly recommend you do.

"Minutemen Can't Clown Around" video

On Saturday September 23rd, the Minutemen & S.O.S. members congregated in National City, California (San Diego County), to protest the city's supposed "harboring" of Mexican illegal immigrants.
There was no shortage of opposition protesters, consisting of anti-racism, anti-Minutemen/SOS, & pro-immigration supporters. Among this group was the CIRCA clowns (Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Army-Boredom Patrol sector), fastly growing in popularity for their innovative, creative, & humerous approach to protesting groups such as the Minutemen/SOS.
Dressed as clowns in fatigues, they have implemented the tactic of 'clowing the clowns'. It not only is hilarious, but it's original & actually to the point--even if Minutemen/SOS members fail to "get it"!
I had heard reports that there was an incident where a San Diego Minuteman sprayed CIRCA clown members with pepper spray. So I did a little investigating.
Upon review of SOS's racist website forum, I found that at first SOS members were claiming that it was just water, & that it possibly even came from one of those squirting flowers that clowns wear (even though CIRCA clowns may have not even been wearing those). Other SOS members claimed that the clowns & pro-immigrant protesters "set them up"! But one SOS member had enough brains to discover & watch the video showing the entire incident(s) caught on tape, then actually admit to fellow members that one from their side of the protest did indeed shoot pro-immigrant protesters with pepper spray, unprovoked.
Above is the link to the video of the Minuteman protester, dressed like a biker-dude, wearing a black leather vest, blue jeans, wearing a bandana on his head, spraying pro-immigrant protesters, not once, but twice--without being threatend or assualted. California law states that it is illegal to spray someone with pepper spray if unprovoked, or not in self-defense, & the spray canister must be 2 ounces or less. This man's was clearly more than 2 ounces, plus he used it to assault, not protect himself from one.
The pro-immigrant protesters who were sprayed never assaulted him, nor did they threaten to. It looks as if the man became annoyed with them & sprayed them with pepper spray---TWICE! The man is also seen in the video shaking his yellow canister , getting ready to shoot.
Charges should be brought against this man, identified as Gabriel Pollach, San Diego Minuteman chapter, & I suspect there will be soon!
Here is the video proof. Pay close attention to Mr.Gabriel Pollach, the man with the bandana on his head, black leather vest, blue jeans, & tattoo's on arms. You be the judge. The Minutemen/SOS can say the clowns set them up, can say it was only water, can say it never happened---BUT VIDEO DOES NOT LIE!
Ladies & Gentlemen...Welcome to Minutemen/SOS tactics 101! Come armed to protests & shoot the oppositon in the face with pepper spray when they dont agree with you. These assholes better pray they never spray my loved ones or I at a protest!

Mr. Gabriel Pollach looks VERY familiar! Remember my post with the video of the CIRCA clowns crashing a Minuteman protest outside a San Diego area Home Depot??? Go back & watch that video, in the very beginning you will see a man who looks awfully like Mr.Pollach, dressed in leather vest, jeans, & bandana on head, confronting the CIRCA clowns!
Looks like Gabriel 'Mace In The Face' Pollach gets around. I hope the Minutemen in San Diego keep him around---it does wonders for the Minutemen's reputation when one of their own blasts pepper spray into the oppositon's face, unprovoked. What a pussy.