Tuesday, October 31, 2006

No On Prop. 85!!

No on Prop 85

R.I.P. Brad Will

For Oaxaca...

...And all other oppressed people around the world.
El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido!
In solidarity.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Oaxaca Under Attack

The struggle in Oaxaca began May 22nd when the teacher's union went on strike, demanding the removal of Governer Ulises Ruiz, among other things.
Today, Oaxaca is in a state of emergency, with the people being brutally repressed by the bastard, Ruiz.
This weekend, the goverment sent in it's federal police & rightwing paramilitaries to attack the peaceful, protesting people of Oaxaca. Armed with teargas, bulldozers, helicopters, tanks, & high-powered weapons, they face off against The People, armed with nothing more than sticks & molotav coctails.
The APPO (The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca) are defending their barricades against the brutal police & paramilitaries.
In at least one instance, around 300 police were forced to back down from advancing on a barricade by close to 1,000 protesters.
The killing of protesters & innocent bystanders has began.
Sadly, IndiMedia reporter & NY documentary filmaker, Brad Will, was killed by gunshots fired from rightwing paramilitaries while reporting & filming from the scene.
Brad's video camera was running the entire time he was shot. To watch this video, CLICK HERE. Warning: Disturbing footage.

Brad will be greatly missed, but we are forever grateful to him for his courage to be one of the few journalists willing to risk it all for the world to see & hear Oaxaca's pain & oppression.


" At this moment, 5:15 in the afternoon, the people of Oaxaca are heroically resisting the brutal aggression of the federal police (army in police uniform), which is taking over the city of Oaxaca, with teargas and pepper spray, bulldozers, helicopters and tanks.
Radio University is in danger of being taken over in the same manner, although it is protected with barricades. In many cities throughout the country, mobilizations in defense & solidarity with the Oaxacan popular movement are taking place.
Detained companeros are being taken away in helicopter. There are house searches and violence in the city and surrounding area. The delinquent and criminal governer of the state, Ulises Ruiz, refuses to step down. There is confrontation in the Technological University because of the people's resistance, and numerous injuries from gases.
We emphasize that the resistance is a peaceful resistance of the masses.
We reiterate our call for solidarity from the sister chapters of In Defense of Humanity, and all people of good will. We ask you to protest at the embassies and consular offices of Mexico in your respective countries, against the repressor Vicente Fox."

Mexico's Lower House of Congress has called on Ulises Ruiz to step down from office!
They voted overwhelmingly in favor of a motion calling on Ruiz to step down.
PRI members of the Chamber of Deputies failed to support Ruiz, with most abstaining & a few voting against the motion.
Still, confrontations between state police & protesters contine.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pic Of The Day

Bush Bullshit Before Elections

Does Bush actually think he can pull one over on the American people with his sudden awakening on the Iraq invasion??
Yes, I believe he does. Why? Because the American people have proved time & time again that they are apathetic, fucking sheep too concerned with listening to their I-Pods than listening to the truth & the state of the world!

How obvious can Bush be by suddenly acknowledging what a fucking disaster his Iraq War is?!

13 days before elections in which his Republican party has a real & imminent threat of losing control of the House &/or Senate!

I don't know about any of you, but I am deeply offended that Bush would assume he could fool ME into buying that load of elephant shit!!

Bush has done nothing for the good of this country, so why would he now? His only concern here is making sure his Repug party keeps it's power. He has not 'seen the light' or even awoken from his unjust war slumber. In fact, right after stating he wasn't satisfied with the progress in Iraq & that he was "changing tactics", he ended with...

" Absolutely we're winning.", & that we should not think about withdrawing!

So, if you choose to believe Bush & follow him like a sheep to this country's slaughter, go for it.

As for me, I refuse to buy into his bullshit & will be sure to let him know November 7th!!!

Thank You, New Jersey!!

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage today, entitling gays to the same rights as heterosexual's.
The court gave lawmakers 180 days to rewrite the marriage laws to either include same-sex couples, or create a new system of ' civil unions' for gays.
Justice Barry T. Albin said, " Although we cannot find that a fundamental right to same-sex marriage exists in this state, the unequal dispenstion of rights and benefits to committed same-sex partners can no longer be tolerated under our state constitution."
The decision passed , 4-3.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pic Of The Day

Tan Nguyen: Campana de Hipocresia

Most people haven't heard of Tan Nguyen, not even the people who reside in Orange County, California, where Nguyen (R) is running for Congress. But those of us heavily involved in the immigration movement do, especially now.
I first learned of Nguyen from the anti-Mexican organization Save Our State (S.O.S.). Not only did he post on the S.O.S. website forum, showing great interest in S.O.S.'s anti-Mexican rhetoric, but back in July Nguyen's campaign manager, Ryan S. Flynn sent S.O.S. a letter introducing his candidate & asked S.O.S. for help relating to Nguyen's campaign. An S.O.S. member that goes by the name "minuteman111" posted on the site's forum that they were "helping out Tan Nguyen in Orange County's run for Congress in the 47th district", & also inquired about an up-coming anti-immigration rally held by S.O.S.
Nguyen, a raging hypocrite, seems to favor racist, anti-Mexican organizations to help his campaign because he also has been snuggling up to the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR). Yeah, the same one who's founder, Barbara Coe, has referred to immigrants from Mexico as "illegal barbarians who are cutting off heads and appendages of blind, white, disabled gringos", & that said Mexican immigrants are "savages".
In fact, the recent letter sent out on CCIR letterhead to 14,000 Hispanic Orange County residents warning them that going to the polls in November could result in their deportation, actually traces back to Nguyen & his campaign, not CCIR.
After an investigation that had State officials searching & seizing property from Nguyen's campaign offices, the letter led them to believe it was not written by a Spanish speaker due to it's grammatical errors.
It read, translated in English, " You are advised that if your residence in this country is illegal or you are an immigrant, voting in a federal election is a crime that could result in jail time, and you will be deported for voting without a right to do so. At the same time, you are advised that the goverment of the United States is installing a new computer system to verify the names of all new registered voters that vote in the October and November elections. Anti-immigration organizations can ask for information from this new computer system."
According to the Orange County Register, "The bulk mail permit used to send out the letter was sent by a Huntington Beach-based company named Mailing Pros. Nguyen's campaign used the company for five different mailers this year, with several highlighting immigration issues, according to campaign finance disclosures. Christopher West, who owns the company, said he was interviewed for 2 hours by investigators from the State Attorney General's office. He would not publicly disclose who hired him, although he gave the information to investigators. West said he had no idea any laws were being broken when the mailer was sent."
Also, it reported, " According to campaign finance disclosures, Nguyen's campaign also has contracted with the Burbank-based Political Data Inc. for data sorts from the Registrar of Voters database. Records show the company purchased an Orange County voter database in September, which could show address of every foreign-born voter in the county, the target group of the mailer."
Nguyen has, of course, denied any responsibility for the letter, stating that an employee of his did it without his knowledge.
Even his own Republican party members call foul. O.C. GOP Chairman Scott Baugh says, " I've learned that Mr. Nguyen was involved in expediting that mailer. I've had conversations with the Attorney General and folks involved with the mail house. He called the mail house himself and told them to expedite the mailing."
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has called the letter racist & urged the Calif. Attorney General to prosecute anyone responsible.
The letter was an obvious attempt by Tan Nguyen & his supporters to intimidate & scare Hispanic voters from going to the polls. The letter had this distinct sentence, " You are advised that if your residence in this country is illegal OR YOU ARE AN IMMIGRANT, voting in a federal election is a crime that could result in jail time, and you will be deported for voting without having a right to do so."
If you are a legal immigrant, it is NOT a crime to vote! This statement in the letter is a false, racist intimidation tactic, used when one is in fact a racist against a particular race (in this case,Mexican), &/or is struggling in a campaign, &/or relies on dirty tricks to keep certain people from voting. In this particular political race, Nguyen is up against Loretta Sanchez (D), an experienced politician who is for Amnesty. Things are starting to click, huh?!
Recipiants of the letter that happen to be legal & longtime registered California voters are pissed, & rightfully so. The letter violated 2 California laws. One bans the use or tactic of coercion/intimidation in an effort to prevent a person from voting; & the other makes it illegal to challenge a person's right to vote on fraudulent &/or spurious grounds, knowingly.
Nguyen & his supporters claim that anti-Mexican racism is not their thing. Really? Could have fooled me.
Not only has Nguyen's Senior Advisor, former O.C. Republican Party Chair, Tom Fuentes, battled for the failed Prop.187, but he has a history of trying to supress Latino votes. In 1988, Fuentes ordered uniformed security guards to be posted at polling locations in heavily Latino-populated neighborhoods! The guards displayed bilingual signs that warned non-citizens not to vote. The Chief Deputy Secretary of State said their presence was "unlawful intimidation of voters" & had them removed.
Nguyen also, as I stated earlier, has ties to an organization called a "Trojan Horse" for white supremacists & Neo-Nazis by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Save Our State (S.O.S.), in which members post things such as, " It is our Border Patrol's duty to start shooting (Mexicans crossing the border illegally), call up the troops from Huachuca & Marine fighters from Yuma. Human wave attack!!! Everyone with guts in Az. should lock & load, even civilians get to shoot in all all out attack in their territory." And, " I say Nuke Mexico and be done with it. AFTER the wall is built, of course." And in the spirit of Halloween, " We might not be able to check the legal status of illegal aliens at the polls, but we sure can ask for proof of citizenship of all Trick or Treaters before we give them any candy."
And although CCIR denies knowledge of the Nguyen letter, they had him speak to their group a year ago, proud that Nguyen supported the Minutemen.

Yet again, another "Border Security" politician drives a wedge between races, dividing this country. Nguyen has chosen to use illegal scare tactics to intimidate Latino voters from going to the polls, where no doubt they would vote for Loretta Sanchez(D) instead of his hateful ass!
Hopefully Tan Nguyen will get the message November 7th!

Stupid Bush Quote

" One of the things I've used ON THE GOOGLE is to pull up maps. It's very interesting to see that. I forgot the name of the program, but you get the satellite and you can--like, I kind of like to look at the ranch on Google, reminds me of where I want to be sometimes."
------Like out of touch with reality? Why travel to the ranch for that? Your doing that just fine in Washington!
"The Google"? Kind of like "The Internets", right? Someone needs to buy this man one of those computer learning CD-ROMS I see repeated over & over on late night cable! Fuck it, I'll spend the $ 10 bucks & send it to him myself----for the good of the country!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Quote Of The Day

" In neoliberalism, history recycles itself in order to deny itself and provoke repentance. The new politician is also a historian, but in the opposite sense. For him, only the present has any value and the past has to be seen as responsible for everything bad that occurs."---Subcomandante Marcos

Revolutionary Of The Week

Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange was born May 26th, 1895 in Hoboken, New Jersey. At 7 years of age she developed Polio, which she survived, but became disabled in her leg & foot.

Lange took an interest in photography, & studied in New York City, where she apprenitced in several New York photo studios. In 1918, Lange migrated to San Francisco & opened a successful portrait studio. She lived in the Bay area the rest of her life & married the Western painter, Maynard Dixon, & had 2 sons with him.

When the Great Depression hit, Lange turned her lens from the studio to the streets. She captured the true face of the unemployed & homeless, which led to her employment with the federal Resettlement Administration (RA), later called the Farm Security Administration (FSA).

In 1935, she divorced Dixon & married agricultural economist Paul Schuster Taylor, a professor at Berkeley.

From 1935-1939 Lange's work for the RA & FSA brought the plight of the forgotten, mostly sharecroppers, displaced farm families, & migrant workers to the public's attention. The photos she took were distributed free of charge to newspapers across the country.

Lange on the story behind the photo "Migrant Mother" (pictured above), " I saw and approached the hungry and desperate mother, as if drawn by a magnet. I do not remember how I explained my presence or my camera to her, but I do remember she asked me questions. I made 5 exposures, working closer and closer from the same direction. I did not ask her name or history. She told me her age, that she was 32. She said that they had been living on frozen vegetables from the surrounding fields, and birds that the children killed. She had just sold the tires from her car to buy food. There she sat in that lean-to tent with her children huddled around her and she seemed to know that my pictures might help her, so she helped me. There was a sort of equality about it."

In 1941, Lange was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for execellence in photography. After the attack on Pearl Harbor she gave up the prestigious award to record the forced evacuations of Japanese-Americans to relocation camps in the American west. This photo assingment added a new dimension to her work with the racial & civil rights issues it brought forth. "What was horrifying was to do this thing completely on the basis of what blood may be coursing through a persons veins, nothing else. Nothing to do with affliations or friendships or associations. Just blood."

As the Library of Congress wrote, " Lange quickly found herself at odds with her employer and her subjects persecutors, the United States goverment." Lange's attempts to use her camera lens to expose the social impact of the mass incarcerations at the camp's conflicted with the authorities. The military was suspicious of her, & she was even called before the War Relocation Authority on 2 occassions for alleged misuse of her photographs. The Wartime Civil Control Agency impounded most of her internment photographs, refusing to release them until after the war. Today, her approx. 800 photographs of the internement camps are available in the National Archives.

Lange died October 11th, 1965. True to her belief that the camera could teach people "how to see without a camera", she created images of human dignity & courage in the face of injustice. Not afraid of the consequences of showing the disgusting behavior & tactics of the United States goverment/military relating to WW2 & the inprisonment of Japanese-Americans through her photos, won Dorothea Lange this week's spot as Revolutionary Of The Week.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pic Of The Day

Goverment Targets Bloggers

Growing dissent & lack of support for the Iraq Invasion, as well as for the incompetent President, has led the United States goverment to once again target "enemy propagandists".
CENTCOM announced earlier this year that a team would start "engaging bloggers who are posting inaccurate or untrue information, as well as bloggers who are posting incompetent information."
CENTCOM is infiltrating blogs, websites, & message boards to make sure that people "have the opprotunity to read positive stories". "Positive stories"?? Yeah, like how Iraq is a wonderful success, & how Iraq is now a great, liberated democracy, & my all-time favorite, how the "war on terror" is protecting America & keeping it's citizens oh-so-safe.
So now the US goverment perceives journalists, bloggers & online activists who spit the truth, which is oftentimes negative by nature, as "enemy propagandists". I knew this was coming, but it sickens me all the same.
The White House will target American citizens for propagating information they deem harmful to the interests of the US goverment, then classify them as enemy combatants. This is codified in Section 948a of the Military Commissions Act of 2006.
Goverment teams will work under the direction of the Army Web Assessment Cell, hunting for "documents, pictures, and other items that may compromise security", & then orders the parties to take the "offensive" content offline.
Once again, the US goverment tries it's hand at silencing dissent. How un-American is that??

PROTECT DISSENT!...After all, it is the highest form of Patriotism!

For more info on this, check out Defense Tech

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Minutemen/SOS Attacks Group For Feeding People!

The religious group, Micah's Way, arrived at a Day Labor site in Lake Forest, California to feed hungry Day Labor workers. Watch in disgust as the Minutemen/SOS berate, & harrass them as they set up a table & offer food for everyone, including the Minutemen/SOS!
This is just one example of the disgusting behavior of these racist groups, caught on tape. Imagine what is NOT caught on tape!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Quote Of The Day

" The implementation of neoliberal policies in Mexico and Central America and border militarization in the U.S. have combined in the last two decades to force displaced migrants to cross the U.S.-Mexico border in more remote areas, where they are subject to extreme exposure and a host of other geographical dangers. While Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) promotes this program as a policy of "prevention through deterrence", it is, in reality, a death sentence for many immigrants crossing the border. Since it is not intended to halt the flow of migration so much as rechannel it through less visable routes, the results have been horrific. Over 4,000 migrants--men, women, and children--have perished crossing the border since the inception of border militarization in 1994. The death toll continues at an increasing rate. Over the last fiscal year, 460 people are known to have died on the border. That far exceeds the previous record of 383 in fiscal 2000. This does not include the unknown number of missing or those injured while crossing."---Justin Akers Chacon

Pic Of The Day

Gilchrist Walks Out Of Debate On Democracy Now!

From Democracy Now!

"The anti-immigration group the Minutemen Project announced yesterday that they are seeking to strip Coulumbia University of federal funding for what they say are violations of their civil rights. Last week, student demonstrators disrupted a speech by Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist who was invited to the school by the College Republicans.
Over 20 students stormed the stage after Gilchrist came to the microphone and two students unfurled a banner reading, "No One Is Illegal". On Friday, Columbia University President Lee Bollinger issued a statement that read in part: " The disruption on Wednesday night that resulted in the termination of an event organized by the Columbia University College Republicans in Lerner Hall represents, in my judgement, one of the most serious breaches of academic faith that can occur in a university such as ours."
Bollinger has vowed to launch an investigation into the student's actions. But a press conference on Monday, the students claim that they were assaulted. They point to a video taken by a reporter from Univision. They say it depicts a member of the Minutemen kicking a student in the head.
Yesterday, Democracy Now! was to have a debate/interview with both Jim Gilchrist of the Minutemen, & Karina Garcia, student organizer from Columbia University. But after Karina Garcia delivered a well-spoken, articulate, & well-thought out rebuttal to Gilchrist, he shut down, refusing to speak any longer due to legal issues. This was strange & cowardly, seeing as he did this right after Garcia told of the Minuteman caught on Univision's camera kicking in the face of a non-violent demonstrator!
Garcia was calm, cool, & collected as she recounted what went down. But Gilchrist walked away like a coward after obviously being beat in a debate, & that speaks volumes.
For the entire transcript of the debate/interview in which Gilchrist walks out, click HERE

So, Your Living In A Police State!

Revolutionary Of The Week

Muhammad Ali

The world mostly knows of Muhammad Ali from his successful boxing career. But what makes Muhammad Ali this weeks Revolutionary Of The Week is the fact that Ali was an anti-war activist & was persecuted for that & his refusal to submit to the military draft.
On June 19th, 1967, an all-white jury in Houston, Texas, found Ali guilty for refusing to fight in the Vietnam War. Ali was given 5 years in prison, even though the average sentence for such a charge was just 18 months!
Ali has his passport confiscated, & was also stripped of his heavyweight title. This led to a 3 1/2 year hiatus from his boxing career at the prime of his life.
All this punishment for standing up for what he believed in.
Ali's refusal to be a tool for the United States goverment's war boosted the anti-war movement that was typically carried out by the white community.
Across the world, people showed their support for Ali. In Pakistan, young Pakistanis fasted. In Cairo, there was a huge demonstration. And in Guyana, there was a picket & rally in front of the US Embassy.
Muhammad Ali said, " Why should they ask me to put on a uniform and go 10,000 miles from home and drop bombs and bullets on Brown people in Vietnam while so-called Negro people in Louisville are treated like dogs and denied simple human rights? No I'm not going 10,000 miles from home to help murder and burn another poor nation simply to continue the domination of white slave masters of the darker people the world over. This is the day when such evils must come to an end. I have been warned that to take such a stand would cost me millions of dollars. But I have said it once, and I will say it again. The real enemy of my people is here. I will not disgrace my religion, my people, or myself by becoming a tool to enslave those who are fighting for their own justice, freedom and equality...If I thought the war was going to bring freedom and equality to 22 million of my people they wouldn't have to draft me, I'd join tomorrow. I have nothing to lose by standing up for my beliefs. So I'll go to jail, so what? We've been in jail for 400 years."
While in exile, Ali said, " I'm expected to go overseas to help free people from South Vietnam and at the same time, my people here are being brutalized, hell no! I would like to say to those of you who think I have lost so much, I have gained everything. I have peace of heart; I have a clear, free conscience. And I am proud. I wake up happy, I go to bed happy, and If I go to jail I'll go to jail happy."
For standing up for what he believed in, regardless of the consequences, Muhammad Ali is truly a Revolutionary.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

America: From Freedom To Fascism

I just recently seen this amazing movie/documentary, & I walked out of the theatre floored! This is a must-see! See that there is no law that states we have to pay Federal income tax on our labor. See how the goverment isnt really run by politicians, but the people who control the money :the bankers. See how the goverment is planning on a National ID Card, due out in 2008. See how the goverment is planning on an identification chip to be embedded into Americans. Stop taking the force-feedings of lies the goverment & media feed you on a daily basis.

Pic Of The Day

The Tale Of The Little Wisp Of A Cloud

Here is a story by Subcomandante Marcos, enjoy!

Once upon a time, there was a cloud who was very tiny and very lonely and used to stray far from the big clouds. She was very little, barely a wisp of a cloud. And whenever the big clouds made themselves rain so as to paint the mountains green, the little cloud would come flying to offer her services. But they scorned her because she was so small.

"You have nothing to give," the big clouds used to tell her. "Your so little."

They made terrible fun of her. Then, very sad, the little could would try to go off somewhere else to make herself rain, but wherever she went, the big clouds would push her aside. So the little cloud went even farther off until she came to a very dry place, so dry there wasn't a single branch growing, and the little cloud told her mirror (I forgot to tell you this little cloud carried a mirror so she could talk to herself when she was alone):

"This is the perfect spot to make myself rain because nobody ever comes here."

The little cloud made a great effort to make herself rain, and finally let out one little drop. That is, the little cloud disappeared and turned herself into a little raindrop. Little by little, the little cloud, now a little raindrop, came falling down. All on her lonesome, she fell and she fell, but there was nothing waiting for her down below. At last, the little raindrop splashed down all by herself. Since that desert was so very quiet, the little raindrop made a lot of noice when she splashed down, right on a stone. It woke up the Earth, who asked:

" What's that noise?"

"It was a raindrop falling," the stone answered.

"A raindrop? That means it's going to rain! Quick! Get up! It's going to rain!" she warned the plants hiding underground from the sun.

And the plants got right up and took a peek, and for a moment the whole desert was covered in green, and then the big clouds saw all that green from afar and said:

"Look. There's a lot of green over there. Let's make ourselves rain on that place. We didn't know it was so green."

And they went to make themselves rain on the place that had been a desert. They rained and rained and the plants grew and everything seemed to turn green at once.

"It's a lucky thing we're around," said the big clouds. "Without us, there'd be no green."

And nobody remembered then the little wisp of a cloud who let out one raindrop whose splash woke up the sleeping ones.

Nobody remembered, but the stone kept the little raindrop's secret. Time passed, and those first big clouds disappeared and those first plants died. And the stone, who never dies, told the new plants who were born and the new clouds who arrived the tale of the little wisp of a cloud who let out a little raindrop.

S.O.S. Leader Runs For School Board

Pic # 1 depicts Joe Turner, founder of Save Our State, in yellow circle, protesting at a Laguna Beach, Calif Day Labor site.
Pic # 2 shows Joe Turner, on left side of pic wearing a light blue short sleeved shirt & khaki or grey pants, surrounded by Nazi flags. Turner claims members of white supremacist groups crashed his protest, yet notice his stance, he's planted firmly next to them, no rush to leave the side of racists. Birds of a feather...

From Los Angeles IndyMedia 10/9/06

" Joseph Turner, a Southern California white nationalist and leader of the anti-immigrant group Save Our State, is asking San Bernardino voters to choose him to guide the education of San Bernardino children in the Board of Education race there. On October 7th, this aspiring educator sent an apocolyptic, white supremacist message to his S.O.S. supporters:

"Our enemies are bloodied and beaten. We cannot relent. Our boot is on their throat and we must have the willingness to crush their "throat" so that we can put our enemy down for good. The sovereignty of our nation amd the future of our culture and civilization is at stake. The United States is a beacon of salvation unto the rest of the world. Our freedoms, our culture is mans salvation. If we perish, man perishes."

Like most would-be despots and cult leaders, Turner does not play well with others. His Board of Education campaign website lumps his school board "opposition", half of the current school board, into a Hall of Shame. Since the website's inception, only one "opponent" merits explanation--the rest just sit there, with Turner's smear on their pictures. His campaign hinges on attacking two school board administrator's whose secretaries completed applications for their bosses' membership in professional organizations, the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) and the Association for Mexican-American Educators (AMAE).

Turner's partner, Alexis Ashley, is also running for school board.

Turner's post-election plan differ from his campaign strategy, and it's not about San Bernardino. In an email circulated to his supporters on September 27th, Turner promised to use a school board seat to target undocumented people through their children:

" Most importantly, I can assure you that I will use my position as an elected school board member to introduce creative and innovative solutions targeting our illegal alien problem. Similar to my Illegal Immigration Relief Act which is now being copied throughout the nation, you can count on me to replicate this strategic model and inititate discussions on ideas that if not persued in our district, will be persued in others."

In a communication to his followers, he was even clearer that continuing his national immigrant-bashing program is his real agenda, and a San Bernardino school board seat is merely a expedient means to that end: " I am going to use the school board as a similar vehicle to propose and initiate ideas for other districts that have the willingness to attack this problem."

Neither education or children's safety are on Turner's education agenda. Turner bluntly promised the San Bernardino County Sun that he would abolish bilingual programs, making education inaccessible for thousands of children. Then he would "aggressively target the policies that aide and abet illegal immigration." According to the Sun, " he also would persue ways to overturn the US Supreme Court decision that allows illegal-immigrant children to recieve free public education from kindergarten through 12th grade."

Turner has already tried to limit schoolchildren's access to emergency care, with a stunt that could have endangered his own child's safety: " One day my son brought home the emergency information card for school at the beginning of the year a couple of years back. It was ugent that we return this card ASAP. I couldn't even read the damn thing because they wanted so much information and each line of text was followed by a Spanish translation. I was furious. So, I fired off a hastily hand-written letter stating that if I wanted to read or speak Spanish, I would take my happy ass to Mexico and that we spoke English int his country. As I am sure you can imagine, I was pretty...er..direct. I concluded by stating that I wasn't going to send back their emergency card until it was in English-only."

Turner's interest in education may extend beyond barring immigrants from public schools. This spring, Turner's group, Save Our State, considered protesting a charter elementary school, Academia Semillas del Pueblo, until one of their members reported that parents were guarding their children. One Save Our State member went so far as to suggest bombing the school. Turner did not moderate the discussion or publicly reprimand the would-be bomber.

Turner left San Bernardino before high school and returned in the fall, in time to re-introduce himself to San Bernardino by dividing the city along ethnic lines when solicited signatures to qualify his proposed Illegal Immigration Relief Act for the November ballot. Although he failed to garner enough supporters, the ordinance would have prohibited renting to or transacting business with undocumented people, it would have required all renters to register their leases with the city, and it would have declared undocumented migrants "public nuisances", subject to "abatement" by other residents.

He is endorsed by three of the city council members who voted for the ordinance, and his boss, California Assemblymember Ray Haynes(R-Murrieta). For the time being, Turner has turned his attention to the education of the children of San Bernardino. But the dangerous dreams he dreams are turning meglomaniacal, from defying the US Supreme Court's ruling on education to his latest pseudo-Tanakhic epistle. He told the Ventura County Star in July, " Deep down, I feel like I've been called to greatness. If not me, who?" The answer will be up to the parents of San Bernardino."

For the story with more links, visit IndyMedia

5 Things Feminism Has Taught Me:

I've been tagged! For once, I actually like this tag subject! So, thanks to LouiseFeminista over at StroppyBlog, the finest little Socialist/Feminist blog out there! Be sure to check her & Stroppy out!

1.) The feminist/women's lib movement has taught me & other women so much about women's struggles worldwide. It has also given women today the laws & rights which women were denied not too long ago. The 1970's were instrumental for this, & women today would not be in the same position had it not been for our feminist sisters who fought for our rights in the 70's.

2.) Feminism has taught me a sense of unity & comradery. So often in society, women are penned against one another, often times for such petty issues such as men/women, jealousy, etc. This behaviour must be squashed at all costs. In order for women to achieve our goals & take our entitled places in society, politics, & life, we must be united & hold each other up, as well as defend each other.

3.) Feminism has taught me that I, as a woman, am more than capable of standing on my own 2 feet, without any help from the male species!

4.) Feminism has given me pride. I am proud to be a woman, proud to wear whatever the hell I want (everything from "slutty" to "butch"), & proud of my body regardless of what shape it takes over time.

5.) Feminism has taught me that ALL women are beautiful, & ALL women are strong.

I now tag: Written Rebellion

Sidenote: Totally off subject, but, I would like to thank the great writer, blogger, & podcaster, Dave Riley, for the ever-flattering review & link to The Sappho Manifesto over at his blog 'Life of Riley', which also appeared in Yahoo's 'Green Left Discussion'--Welcome all who are stopping in from there! He wrote, " Go visit The Sappho Manifesto for an example of great left blogging. I think her's is one of the best blogs on the left. It's totally in the pocket without an ounce of wankerism. Sappho sets the benchmark as does Eli Stephens of LeftI." Be sure to check out Dave's sites, & take a listen to his podcasts--you'll learn something!
Life Of Riley
Ratbag Radio Network

Saturday, October 07, 2006

'World Can't Wait'/L.A. 9/5/06

Pic # 1 : Better view of march going across Hwy 101
Pic # 2 & 3 : Worker's from high atop building show support!

Sidenote: Faux News showed up to film the rally at the end of the march. Faux News was greeted by not-so-happy activists who not only yelled obcenities at them, but drenched the cameraman in something that looked like a milkshake! Faux News hightailed it out of there so fast, they were no where to be found! And the report on t.v. that the Faux crew told afterwards was so far from the truth it made my head spin....but that's what they do best! They claimed that 'The World Cant Wait' march was filled with nothing but criminals & anarchists! Try telling that to the countless number of elderly marchers, war veteran marchers, children marchers, etc, etc.
I'm still pissed I missed the best photo op ever of the Faux News crew drenched in milkshake!! I'm sure there will be more opprotunities!

'World Can't Wait'/Los Angeles 9/5/06

Pic # 1 : 'Loose Change' & the 9/11 Truth Movement were out in force!
Pic # 2 : Loved this sign!
Pic # 3 : Tribute to Hurricane Katrina

'The World Can't Wait' Protest/Los Angeles

Pic # 1 : Bush in his jailhouse stripes!
Pic # 2 : The 'Eye In The Sky' over Los Angeles City Hall
Pic # 3 : Crappy pic of march as it crosses over Hwy 101 (thousands marched)

Minutemen Get The Boot!!

On October 4th, Jim Gilchrist and the MinuteKlan organization was set to speak in the Roone Arledge Auditorium at Columbia University in New York. But seeing as the world is beginning to wake up and smell the racism, he was quickly booed, & activists with a banner jumped on stage. Gilchrist's goons were quick to try and rip the banner away, to no avail. The majority of the participants in the auditorium were obviously against the MinuteKlan, and let it be known. Now O'Loofah has his panties all in a bunch over this, claiming it's the 'liberal's' at it again! No, O'Loofah, it's just the American people are beginning to realize that modern day vigilante squads such as the MinuteKlan and S.O.S. are using the American flag to hide behind their racism.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

People Of Oaxaca Facing Immenent Attack

What started 4 months ago as a protest by the people of Oaxaca to demand that crooked Governer Ruiz step down, mainly involving teacher's, has turned into quite a violent & volatile situation.
Many leftist & Indian groups have supported the cause & have joined in with the teacher's, errecting barricades all around the city, & participating in sit-ins. If you are not familiar with the entire situation/story, check out NarcoNews, or check out my previous posts on Oaxaca.
The situation is intensifying, & President Vicente Fox may use force to break up the protests. Not only do the people of Oaxaca need our help, but we need to get this information out. And yes, I am speaking to the countless blogs that have never even whispered one post regarding the situation in Oaxaca! (But here's some blog heroes that do...(Angry White Kid , Para Justicia Y Libertad! , The Unapologetic Mexican)

From Indymedia:
" Dear Friends,
An amazing struggle is now being threatened with obliteration. The people of Oaxaca are facing an immenent attack by the federal goverment which will result in senseless bloodshed...
A terrifyingly tense situation is occuring in Oaxaca with military aircraft flying over Oaxaca's city center Sunday, apparently performing reconnaissance for an eventual attack, and groups of armed individuals violently assualting barricades erected by the popular movement of Oaxaca...
Sunday night a confrontation erupted between sympathizers of the APPO and townspeople aligning themselves with Ruiz's political party, PRI, when APPO members attempted to erect a barricade in the neighborhood of Brenamiel. It is reported that hundreds of people fought in the streets. Three adolescents were gravely injured by the PRI faction.
After 4 months of conflict, the teachers of Oaxaca and the APPO maintain their demand that Ruiz must go; he must resign or be impeached. Ruiz is accused of a bloody wave of repression that began with his arrival to office 2 years ago that has included murder, disappearings and rape of people denouncing his authority...".

From Narcosphere:

" Oaxaca has been subjected in the past few days to acts of random violence perpetrated by the all-but-destroyed governer. The sounds of gunfire and helicopters were heard all night on October 1st. In response, a general response of the citizens of Oaxaca is underway. Apparently federal intervention is on hold once again, despite the immediate circling of a helicopter during the Brenamiel attack."


Small bombs went off on Monday at 3 banks in Oaxaca. T.V. stations showed minor damage & graffiti calling on Ruiz to resign, scrawled on the outside of one of the banks.

For up to date information regarding Oaxaca, please visit NarcoNews

The Pedophile Party Strikes Again!

For the full version of perversion:

Click here

Or visit This site

Or check out my old post entitled, "The Pedophile Party".

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Guidelines For Every Good Little Activist/Radical:

Due to the current administration's attempts at turning dissenting Americans into Enemy # 1, I have placed a VERY IMPORTANT link at the bottom of this post. IT IS A MUST READ!!! Know your rights before the 'men in black' pay you an unexpected visit.

***NEVER talk to the FBI, or other state officials, and don't allow them into your home without a warrant. People have a right to an attorney and should NEVER GIVE ANY INFORMATION other than their names, as required by law, to the authorities.

***Never think that you can outwit them or that you can put them off by giving them seemingly insubstantial information, and never tell them lies. Everything you say can and will be used against you, or someone else. Once a lawyer is involved, the state generally pulls back, since it has lost it's power to intimidate.

***Phones and the internet are essentially public forums in this day and age. Do not say or write anything that you would not want the authorities to find out about.

For much more......GO Here