Tuesday, October 10, 2006

5 Things Feminism Has Taught Me:

I've been tagged! For once, I actually like this tag subject! So, thanks to LouiseFeminista over at StroppyBlog, the finest little Socialist/Feminist blog out there! Be sure to check her & Stroppy out!

1.) The feminist/women's lib movement has taught me & other women so much about women's struggles worldwide. It has also given women today the laws & rights which women were denied not too long ago. The 1970's were instrumental for this, & women today would not be in the same position had it not been for our feminist sisters who fought for our rights in the 70's.

2.) Feminism has taught me a sense of unity & comradery. So often in society, women are penned against one another, often times for such petty issues such as men/women, jealousy, etc. This behaviour must be squashed at all costs. In order for women to achieve our goals & take our entitled places in society, politics, & life, we must be united & hold each other up, as well as defend each other.

3.) Feminism has taught me that I, as a woman, am more than capable of standing on my own 2 feet, without any help from the male species!

4.) Feminism has given me pride. I am proud to be a woman, proud to wear whatever the hell I want (everything from "slutty" to "butch"), & proud of my body regardless of what shape it takes over time.

5.) Feminism has taught me that ALL women are beautiful, & ALL women are strong.

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Sidenote: Totally off subject, but, I would like to thank the great writer, blogger, & podcaster, Dave Riley, for the ever-flattering review & link to The Sappho Manifesto over at his blog 'Life of Riley', which also appeared in Yahoo's 'Green Left Discussion'--Welcome all who are stopping in from there! He wrote, " Go visit The Sappho Manifesto for an example of great left blogging. I think her's is one of the best blogs on the left. It's totally in the pocket without an ounce of wankerism. Sappho sets the benchmark as does Eli Stephens of LeftI." Be sure to check out Dave's sites, & take a listen to his podcasts--you'll learn something!
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