Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Goverment Targets Bloggers

Growing dissent & lack of support for the Iraq Invasion, as well as for the incompetent President, has led the United States goverment to once again target "enemy propagandists".
CENTCOM announced earlier this year that a team would start "engaging bloggers who are posting inaccurate or untrue information, as well as bloggers who are posting incompetent information."
CENTCOM is infiltrating blogs, websites, & message boards to make sure that people "have the opprotunity to read positive stories". "Positive stories"?? Yeah, like how Iraq is a wonderful success, & how Iraq is now a great, liberated democracy, & my all-time favorite, how the "war on terror" is protecting America & keeping it's citizens oh-so-safe.
So now the US goverment perceives journalists, bloggers & online activists who spit the truth, which is oftentimes negative by nature, as "enemy propagandists". I knew this was coming, but it sickens me all the same.
The White House will target American citizens for propagating information they deem harmful to the interests of the US goverment, then classify them as enemy combatants. This is codified in Section 948a of the Military Commissions Act of 2006.
Goverment teams will work under the direction of the Army Web Assessment Cell, hunting for "documents, pictures, and other items that may compromise security", & then orders the parties to take the "offensive" content offline.
Once again, the US goverment tries it's hand at silencing dissent. How un-American is that??

PROTECT DISSENT!...After all, it is the highest form of Patriotism!

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