Sunday, October 01, 2006

Guidelines For Every Good Little Activist/Radical:

Due to the current administration's attempts at turning dissenting Americans into Enemy # 1, I have placed a VERY IMPORTANT link at the bottom of this post. IT IS A MUST READ!!! Know your rights before the 'men in black' pay you an unexpected visit.

***NEVER talk to the FBI, or other state officials, and don't allow them into your home without a warrant. People have a right to an attorney and should NEVER GIVE ANY INFORMATION other than their names, as required by law, to the authorities.

***Never think that you can outwit them or that you can put them off by giving them seemingly insubstantial information, and never tell them lies. Everything you say can and will be used against you, or someone else. Once a lawyer is involved, the state generally pulls back, since it has lost it's power to intimidate.

***Phones and the internet are essentially public forums in this day and age. Do not say or write anything that you would not want the authorities to find out about.

For much more......GO Here