Monday, October 30, 2006

Oaxaca Under Attack

The struggle in Oaxaca began May 22nd when the teacher's union went on strike, demanding the removal of Governer Ulises Ruiz, among other things.
Today, Oaxaca is in a state of emergency, with the people being brutally repressed by the bastard, Ruiz.
This weekend, the goverment sent in it's federal police & rightwing paramilitaries to attack the peaceful, protesting people of Oaxaca. Armed with teargas, bulldozers, helicopters, tanks, & high-powered weapons, they face off against The People, armed with nothing more than sticks & molotav coctails.
The APPO (The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca) are defending their barricades against the brutal police & paramilitaries.
In at least one instance, around 300 police were forced to back down from advancing on a barricade by close to 1,000 protesters.
The killing of protesters & innocent bystanders has began.
Sadly, IndiMedia reporter & NY documentary filmaker, Brad Will, was killed by gunshots fired from rightwing paramilitaries while reporting & filming from the scene.
Brad's video camera was running the entire time he was shot. To watch this video, CLICK HERE. Warning: Disturbing footage.

Brad will be greatly missed, but we are forever grateful to him for his courage to be one of the few journalists willing to risk it all for the world to see & hear Oaxaca's pain & oppression.


" At this moment, 5:15 in the afternoon, the people of Oaxaca are heroically resisting the brutal aggression of the federal police (army in police uniform), which is taking over the city of Oaxaca, with teargas and pepper spray, bulldozers, helicopters and tanks.
Radio University is in danger of being taken over in the same manner, although it is protected with barricades. In many cities throughout the country, mobilizations in defense & solidarity with the Oaxacan popular movement are taking place.
Detained companeros are being taken away in helicopter. There are house searches and violence in the city and surrounding area. The delinquent and criminal governer of the state, Ulises Ruiz, refuses to step down. There is confrontation in the Technological University because of the people's resistance, and numerous injuries from gases.
We emphasize that the resistance is a peaceful resistance of the masses.
We reiterate our call for solidarity from the sister chapters of In Defense of Humanity, and all people of good will. We ask you to protest at the embassies and consular offices of Mexico in your respective countries, against the repressor Vicente Fox."

Mexico's Lower House of Congress has called on Ulises Ruiz to step down from office!
They voted overwhelmingly in favor of a motion calling on Ruiz to step down.
PRI members of the Chamber of Deputies failed to support Ruiz, with most abstaining & a few voting against the motion.
Still, confrontations between state police & protesters contine.