Tuesday, October 03, 2006

People Of Oaxaca Facing Immenent Attack

What started 4 months ago as a protest by the people of Oaxaca to demand that crooked Governer Ruiz step down, mainly involving teacher's, has turned into quite a violent & volatile situation.
Many leftist & Indian groups have supported the cause & have joined in with the teacher's, errecting barricades all around the city, & participating in sit-ins. If you are not familiar with the entire situation/story, check out NarcoNews, or check out my previous posts on Oaxaca.
The situation is intensifying, & President Vicente Fox may use force to break up the protests. Not only do the people of Oaxaca need our help, but we need to get this information out. And yes, I am speaking to the countless blogs that have never even whispered one post regarding the situation in Oaxaca! (But here's some blog heroes that do...(Angry White Kid , Para Justicia Y Libertad! , The Unapologetic Mexican)

From Indymedia:
" Dear Friends,
An amazing struggle is now being threatened with obliteration. The people of Oaxaca are facing an immenent attack by the federal goverment which will result in senseless bloodshed...
A terrifyingly tense situation is occuring in Oaxaca with military aircraft flying over Oaxaca's city center Sunday, apparently performing reconnaissance for an eventual attack, and groups of armed individuals violently assualting barricades erected by the popular movement of Oaxaca...
Sunday night a confrontation erupted between sympathizers of the APPO and townspeople aligning themselves with Ruiz's political party, PRI, when APPO members attempted to erect a barricade in the neighborhood of Brenamiel. It is reported that hundreds of people fought in the streets. Three adolescents were gravely injured by the PRI faction.
After 4 months of conflict, the teachers of Oaxaca and the APPO maintain their demand that Ruiz must go; he must resign or be impeached. Ruiz is accused of a bloody wave of repression that began with his arrival to office 2 years ago that has included murder, disappearings and rape of people denouncing his authority...".

From Narcosphere:

" Oaxaca has been subjected in the past few days to acts of random violence perpetrated by the all-but-destroyed governer. The sounds of gunfire and helicopters were heard all night on October 1st. In response, a general response of the citizens of Oaxaca is underway. Apparently federal intervention is on hold once again, despite the immediate circling of a helicopter during the Brenamiel attack."


Small bombs went off on Monday at 3 banks in Oaxaca. T.V. stations showed minor damage & graffiti calling on Ruiz to resign, scrawled on the outside of one of the banks.

For up to date information regarding Oaxaca, please visit NarcoNews