Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Tale Of The Little Wisp Of A Cloud

Here is a story by Subcomandante Marcos, enjoy!

Once upon a time, there was a cloud who was very tiny and very lonely and used to stray far from the big clouds. She was very little, barely a wisp of a cloud. And whenever the big clouds made themselves rain so as to paint the mountains green, the little cloud would come flying to offer her services. But they scorned her because she was so small.

"You have nothing to give," the big clouds used to tell her. "Your so little."

They made terrible fun of her. Then, very sad, the little could would try to go off somewhere else to make herself rain, but wherever she went, the big clouds would push her aside. So the little cloud went even farther off until she came to a very dry place, so dry there wasn't a single branch growing, and the little cloud told her mirror (I forgot to tell you this little cloud carried a mirror so she could talk to herself when she was alone):

"This is the perfect spot to make myself rain because nobody ever comes here."

The little cloud made a great effort to make herself rain, and finally let out one little drop. That is, the little cloud disappeared and turned herself into a little raindrop. Little by little, the little cloud, now a little raindrop, came falling down. All on her lonesome, she fell and she fell, but there was nothing waiting for her down below. At last, the little raindrop splashed down all by herself. Since that desert was so very quiet, the little raindrop made a lot of noice when she splashed down, right on a stone. It woke up the Earth, who asked:

" What's that noise?"

"It was a raindrop falling," the stone answered.

"A raindrop? That means it's going to rain! Quick! Get up! It's going to rain!" she warned the plants hiding underground from the sun.

And the plants got right up and took a peek, and for a moment the whole desert was covered in green, and then the big clouds saw all that green from afar and said:

"Look. There's a lot of green over there. Let's make ourselves rain on that place. We didn't know it was so green."

And they went to make themselves rain on the place that had been a desert. They rained and rained and the plants grew and everything seemed to turn green at once.

"It's a lucky thing we're around," said the big clouds. "Without us, there'd be no green."

And nobody remembered then the little wisp of a cloud who let out one raindrop whose splash woke up the sleeping ones.

Nobody remembered, but the stone kept the little raindrop's secret. Time passed, and those first big clouds disappeared and those first plants died. And the stone, who never dies, told the new plants who were born and the new clouds who arrived the tale of the little wisp of a cloud who let out a little raindrop.