Saturday, October 07, 2006

'World Can't Wait'/L.A. 9/5/06

Pic # 1 : Better view of march going across Hwy 101
Pic # 2 & 3 : Worker's from high atop building show support!

Sidenote: Faux News showed up to film the rally at the end of the march. Faux News was greeted by not-so-happy activists who not only yelled obcenities at them, but drenched the cameraman in something that looked like a milkshake! Faux News hightailed it out of there so fast, they were no where to be found! And the report on t.v. that the Faux crew told afterwards was so far from the truth it made my head spin....but that's what they do best! They claimed that 'The World Cant Wait' march was filled with nothing but criminals & anarchists! Try telling that to the countless number of elderly marchers, war veteran marchers, children marchers, etc, etc.
I'm still pissed I missed the best photo op ever of the Faux News crew drenched in milkshake!! I'm sure there will be more opprotunities!